Reviews On 7 Top Best Types Of Motorcycle Handlebars For Handling

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There are many factors about handlebars that will affect riding. The grip position, as well as the shape, will help define the riding position of your bike. This will also affect how to motorcycle will turn around the corners. Also, it will change how much effort the rider needs to put in and also especially how comfortable the riding experience will be.

These will also affect the overall look of your motorcycle, and there are many types of motorcycle handlebars that you can choose from. Here are some of the most popular options among motorcyclists, which are the best and handling as well as convenient. I have also added links to buying the handlebars if you wish so.

7 Different Types Of Motorcycle Handlebars Guide


TC Bros Black Powdercoat Finish Drag Bars

TC Bros Black Powdercoat Finish Drag Bars

TC Bros Black Tracker Handlebars TC Bros Black Tracker Handlebars

Alchemy Parts Motorcycle Beach Bars Alchemy Parts Motorcycle Beach Bars

Emgo Steel Clip-On Handlebars Emgo Steel Clip-On Handlebars

Demon's Cycle Black Mustache Drag Motorcycle Handlebars Demon’s Cycle Black Mustache Drag Motorcycle Handlebars

Krator Z Bars Replacement Handlebars Krator Z Bars Replacement Handlebars

‎CELOMT Batwing Ape Hanger Handlebars ‎CELOMT Batwing Ape Hanger Handlebars


1. TC Bros Black Powdercoat Finish Drag Bars

The TC Bros Black Powdercoat Finish Drag Bars are straight bars that have an aerodynamic design. This will help you to go at much higher speeds than usual, so you can ride as fast as you want. These also have a few variations, for example, high drag, zero drag, and low drag. The slight backward bend allows the rider to lean forward downwards slightly.

This is why these are most popular among racers, especially as they allow you to ride so fast. These are mostly preferred by bobbers, cruisers, and choppers and are very commonly seen n street races.

These drag bars are amazing at wind resistance and have originated from London. Even installing these handlebars is actually very easy. The stock wiring can be easily used to get these into place.

The product I have mentioned here has a very attractive look and also feels very convenient. The design is pretty narrow, therefore helping with the aerodynamic quality. Moreover, it has a thick black coating which helps make the product much easier to handle as well as durable, and these will last you long without wearing off.

These will change the look of your entire bike positively, and these also come with a sticker and drink. Because the coating is pretty thick, you might need to sand it down a bit so that the throttle does not stick.

It is important to keep in mind that these will still be tight and might not snap back as they should. However, overall, the customer feedback on this product has been very positive.

The issues with this product are that you might need some modifications in order to get this product to fit properly. Therefore installation might become a lot more work than you would expect it to be. Also, there are some complaints that the product ordered came out larger than expected.
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Have different variations
  • Can go at high speeds
  • Great wind resistance
  • Good look
  • Need to make modifications to help them fit
  • It might not come in the right size

Buying drag handlebars will help improve wind resistance so much you will be able to go as fast you want without any resistance due to the handlebars.

2. TC Bros Black Tracker Handlebars

The TC Bros Black Tracker Handlebars have their name because these were made for track racing originally. These are neutral-shaped as well as versatile, making them very convenient to use.

Mostly, they feature a very low profile as well as a gentle slope right in the center. In addition, you can also easily install these by using the stock wiring of the motorcycle, with no need of going to the mechanic, which will save you money and time.

These handlebars are well known for how comfortable they are. In addition, these are also easy to operate, helping make the riding experience much simpler and better. These are the most neutral type of handlebars.

Also, these will also fit many different bike styles, so you don’t have to worry about the fitment with these handlebars. The product I have mentioned is made from 7/8 inch OD, 00.0095-inch wall premium American steel tubing.

Along with being perfect for handling, this material makes these handlebars very strong and durable, so these will also last pretty long without ever needing to replace them for a really long time. A CNC mandrel bender build makes the handlebars very high quality while also giving them an amazing symmetry for your convenience and the perfect look.

The exterior is also high quality, covered in a satin black powder coat finish that will help against any wear and tear, keeping the handlebars looking good over time, so you won’t have to buy new ones.

Before buying these, you should check the specifications as well as the fitment for your specific bike. These also have a pretty good shape in terms of helping you ride your bike, and handling the bike is made much easier.

However, there are some complaints about this product arriving scratched. Moreover, these may also be too thick, so you might have to sand them before installing them properly if you wish it like that. Also, keep in mind that sanding them will also need you to repaint them before installation. These can also scratch kind of easily.
  • Neutral shaped
  • Easy installation
  • Durable
  • Great look
  • It might not arrive in the best condition
  • Need to sand it before installing
  • Might get scratched

The comfortable shape of these handlebars will make handling your bike much more easy and convenient.

3. Alchemy Parts Motorcycle Beach Bars

The Alchemy Parts Motorcycle Beach Bars come in a number of different designs. These can be the classic ape hanger or the flat track style. You can choose whichever coast you want, for example, the chrome or the black powder coat.

These are the perfect set of handlebars for women as they are designed specifically for them to make riding and to handle the bike much easier, as it will require lesser power.

The shape is such that these handlebars do not go up but are instead curved towards the rider, so handling is different. Also, they don’t have a rise height, and if they do, it is very little. A long and wide-sweeping pullback is another feature.

In addition, with beach bars, you can easily ride the bike lying back comfortably. Moreover, you can easily relax your hands on these handlebars.

Usually, most beach bars will have the hands placed in a slightly open position with them resting apart, and these will be a bit wider than your shoulders. The hands will sit on a low to mid-waist level.

The product mentioned here is a universal fit and will fit one riser bike. You will need to extend the cables in order to install this product. Also, check the measurement before purchasing the right size. The build quality of these beach handlebars is very high.

Therefore these are very strong and will also keep themselves safe from wear and tear, so lasting you long. These are made from high-quality steel, keeping them safe from rusting, for example.

In addition, these will help you get into a very comfortable position for riding, therefore avoiding any strain that could be placed on your muscles or issues like hand fatigue. This product is also not very outdated and was recently launched therefore is made of the best quality up to date, and is very reliable.

However, I did not find many ratings for this set of beach bars, which means one cannot be sure about the quality and how well these bars perform, so buying them is a bit risky.
  • Best for women
  • Can ride laying back
  • Strong build quality, high-quality steel
  • Comfortable riding position
  • The low number of ratings

With helping you to ride in such a comfortable riding position, these handlebars will avoid any problems caused by faulty handlebar placement, and these are specially designed for women.

4. Emgo Steel Clip-On Handlebars

The Emgo Steel Clip-On Handlebars are low positioned. This requires you to lean forwards when riding your bike. Therefore these are best for higher speeds. These will usually mount directly on the front forks of your bike.

Moreover, these are a two-piece set up, and this is helpful as you can always adjust these to be closer or away from the rider. Some motorcycles will use faux clip-on bars.

These look like a true clip-on, but these are not adjustable. Clip-on handlebars were basically designed to be easy to attach and remove. This will be very helpful for you if you switch between bikes usually. Also, if you want the same handlebar setup and use multiple bikes frequently, then this is a great option.

Attaching to the bike frame, the bikes these are best suited to have tinier frames which aren’t for larger bikers, so bigger handlebars are not needed. These also make for something to place your mobile or GPS.

The product mentioned here is a heavy-duty 7/8 inch handlebar. This is a universal fit, therefore, making it suitable for many different bikes, allowing you to switch between whichever vehicles you wish.

Moreover, you can buy these in two different coats, the chrome or the powder-coated gloss black finish. The two clamp blots that they come with will ensure that these handlebars stay in place all the time, even though these can be removed very easily. The welds are also of great quality.

However, these clip-on handlebars will not fit every motorcycle. Therefore it is important to check the fitment with your vehicle type before purchasing one. Also, I did not find many ratings for this product; therefore, I cannot be sure about the quality of the product and how well it will work.
  • Low positioned
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Can place your mobile or GPS on these
  • Heavy duty
  • Stay in place all the time
  • It will not fit every single motorcycle

With being easy to remove and install, you can easily switch between bikes while using the same handlebar placement.

5. Demon’s Cycle Black Mustache Drag Motorcycle Handlebars

The Demon’s Cycle Black Mustache Drag Motorcycle Handlebars look like a twirled mustache, thus the name. If you take a look at it from the headlamp, you will be able to see the mustache shape.

The handlebar is shaped in a way that it goes away from the clamp and pulls back in a curved manner. Compared to the stock handlebars, mustache handlebars are much narrower as well as have a lower placement.

Therefore, these are a good option if you’re looking for narrow-shaped handlebars. Also, to install these, none of the stock wires or cables need to be removed. The mustache handlebars mentioned here are black Mustache Drag Handlebars.

These are compatible with Harley Davidson motorcycles. With a 4-inch rise, this is a low-profile handlebar, and you will not have to deal with any strain on your hands when riding the bike.

Moreover, it has pre-drilled wiring holes, and these will help make the installation process much quicker and easier, as no extra steps such as drilling will be required.

The one-piece technology helps make the handlebars much safer as well as high quality. These have a very sleek and sophisticated design and have a very smooth radius bend at the top. In addition, these are sharp right angles at the bottom.

The finishes are either chrome or gloss black powder coat. Therefore you can choose whichever look you’d like. There is no pipe in pipe construction or any welded joints in the design because these are more likely to fail.

Instead, the one-piece steel construction makes it much more reliable. No joints are present in the 1 inch to 1.25-inch transitions. You will also not face any problems getting the wires through the bars.

However, these don’t have any dimples, so you might need to grind them a little bit in order to get them to the perfect fit for installation.
  • Lower placement
  • Pre-drilled wiring holes
  • Easy installation
  • One-piece technology makes them much safer
  • Need to modify for installing

These handlebars are constructed in the best way possible, keeping in mind the common issues of the shape of handlebars to give you the safest and highest quality product possible.

6. Krator Z Bars Replacement Handlebars

The Krator Z Bars Replacement Handlebars look like opposite Zs on both inner ride ends. These have an angular shape and are not very wide or tall. These are straight and also will not pull back towards you. These are 90-degree angle bends at the peak and the base. There are two variations for these handlebars, the Maynard and Zed bar.

The Maynard has a low rise bar where a perpendicular and steep angle type will replace the z angle, whereas the Zed bar is different, even though the Zed Bar has a perpendicular angle just like the other one. The lower inner rise makes these handlebars more suited for narrow motorcycles.

There are many varieties available for custom motorcycles. The low-profile design aids in making the position much more comfortable for riding. This is best for bikers who want a very easy to handle and versatile riding style, and this will work on most motorcycle types. A Keystone design is also present, which has an inner curve that is horn-like.

The Frisco design, on the other hand, is curvy and tall and is popular among bikers with cruisers. The product mentioned here is made of heavy-duty steel and has a diameter of 1 inch. Moreover, these handlebars are a little under shoulder height. In addition, you can also use these with the stock cables and brake line.

However, the welds in the bottom part might get in the way of the handlebar risers, but this isn’t a commonly reported issue.
  • Angular shape
  • Low profile makes it comfortable
  • Easy to handle and versatile
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Welds in the bottom might get in the way of handlebar risers

The design of Z handlebars makes these handlebars very easy to handle, and they’re also very comfortable.

7. ‎CELOMT Batwing Ape Hanger Handlebars

The ‎CELOMT Batwing Ape Hanger Handlebars are named so because you can hang on to them as apes do to a branch of a tree. Of all of the types of handlebars, this is the tallest one. These start at the height of 12 inches and can go up to a height of 16 inches. Sometimes, the height may even go up to 24 inches, which is kind of insane.

These are more style-oriented handlebars, and there is not much focus on control, comfort, or ergonomics. These will just make you look cool when riding the bike. Usually, chopper and cruiser fans prefer these handlebars, and they use these to characterize their motorcycles.

Baby Apes or Mini Apes Hangers are also available, and modifiers love these. The Baby Apes version is also called Buckhorn. These are very long and swept back, and the angle makes it so that you have to lean back and hang on to them.

These need the practice to handle them properly. The chumps, Breezer, and buckhorn designs are basically the same design in a smaller style. So if you enjoy cruising, then a set of ape handlebars are the best choice for you. These will also help with stability.

However, I look for some drawbacks and I found that these are not the most comfortable type of handlebars.
  • Style oriented
  • Different smaller scale designs are available
  • Best for cruising
  • Not very comfortable

If you are looking handlebars for cruising with different designs then you can definitely go for these. Comfortability could be an issue so you might have to check that.


What Is The Legally Accepted Height For Motorcycle Handlebars?

The legal handlebar height depends on which state you’re in. two of the states allow a maximum handlebar height of 30 inches. One state allows a maximum height of 15 inches which is measured starting from the fastening point of the bike.

One state has a maximum height of the operator’s height level. One state allows them no longer than 16 inches, and 16 states do not have any height limitations at all. The most common limit is the 15-inch height. However, you should check with the laws of the state you’re in before getting the right handlebars for your bike.

Are Ape Hangers Too High To Use?

With ape hangers, you can get very close hand/eye coordination. However, ape handlebars are usually associated with raked-out forks, and this is because the design makes them slow to turn. However, fork and handlebar flex can also be increased, which does not make precision steering possible.

Usually, anything that is above the heart level will cause fatigue and pain in your hands if you ride long distances, so ape handlebars can be a bit painful. It is better for states to have some laws regarding the handlebars heights to prevent the issues caused by such high handlebars.

Are Higher Motorcycle Handlebars More Comfortable?

Usually, as you are stretching out, more of your torso is exposed to the wind when riding a bike with higher handlebars. This will require more muscle to hang on to the bike, especially when you go on longer rides, so higher handlebars are more likely to strain you out.

However, according to some people, for as long as you have your hands in the correct place, higher handlebars can actually be quite comfortable. Generally, if you want the handlebars to be more comfortable, you should have the handlebars at least as high or a bit higher than the saddle.

Which Width For Handlebars Should I Get For Myself?

To get the right width of motorcycle handlebars, you should measure first. The measuring should be done between the two protruding points that are in front of your shoulders, and you can ask a friend to do it.

When choosing a width, you should remember that a narrower handlebar will make the front end twitchier, and it will be easy to maneuver. If a wider handlebar is used, the stability of the front end will be much improved, helping you to feel much calmer than with narrower widths.


When choosing the right handlebars for your motorcycle, make sure that they are adjustable as well as comfortable. A gel grip could be used to prevent vibration as well as hand fatigue, which are common issues that riders face during longer rides. When going on longer rides, full suspension is the best idea because your ride will be made much more enjoyable and comfortable.

Remember that your hands are placed at a very comfortable level on the handlebars when riding, which is something you should keep in mind when choosing the types of motorcycle handlebars. All of these handlebars will give you different experiences when riding, but one of the most commonly used and popular ones is the drag handlebars.