Reviews On 6 Top-Rated Training Wheels For Dirt Bike

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Training wheels are most commonly used for children to help them learn to ride quickly and safely as it will help them stabilize themselves while pedal wheels easily. It is necessary to start with the best training wheels for dirt bikes before riding them without any extra wheels on.

It will help you balance yourself properly so you don’t get into an accident, as safety should be the number one priority for you and your loved ones. This article will help you to choose the right training wheels accurate for your dirt bike, whether it’s your first time purchasing it or if you are looking for a change.

6 Top Best Kids Dirt Bike Training Wheels Comparisons


RoyalBaby Freestyle Bike With Training Wheels

RoyalBaby Freestyle Bike With Training Wheels


DRBIKE Adjustable Training Wheels

DRBIKE Adjustable Training Wheels

Schwinn Beginner Bike With Training Wheels Schwinn Beginner Bike With Training Wheels

Hardline Products Wheels-4-Tots Universal Training Wheels Hardline Products Wheels-4-Tots Universal Training Wheels

BYP MFG INC Adjustable Height Yamaha Training Wheels BYP MFG INC Adjustable Height Yamaha Training Wheels

BikeMaster 342241 Training Wheels BikeMaster 342241 Training Wheels


1. RoyalBaby Freestyle Bike with Training Wheels

It is important to teach your kids to learn to ride a bike with training wheels as it can be dangerous to ride without any proper training. The main purpose of training wheels is to help you balance well when you start riding.

The features of the RoyalBaby Freestyle Bike with Training Wheels are by far the most appropriate choice for you as it is easy and super quick to assemble within 30 minutes.

Just by securing a couple of screws here and there, as 95 percent of the job is already done beforehand so it will not be a hassle for you when assembling.

In addition to that, the instructions given in the manual they provide are really easy to understand and follow through. Furthermore, the company has made sure to provide the best safety for you and your loved ones as the bike comes with training wheels attached to it.

It also has a safe grip and handbrake with the front coupler brake and a rear coaster brake, which will provide you with double safety and brakes easily.

The product also has wide 2.4-inch pneumatic tires and a heavy-duty steel frame with a non-slip resin pedal that will help you stabilize easily on the bike while you ride. It comes in various designs and styles so you can pick and choose according to your preference.

Moreover, there are multiple size options that are appropriate for your child. Keep in mind that height is also one of the important factors to consider before purchasing.

Moving on, riding a bike is one of the best outdoor activities to stay healthy, fresh, and active. The bike comes with a bike bell for better safety of your surroundings as well as yours, and it also comes with a water bottle that can be attached at the bottom of your seat so it will keep you hydrated.

This product has soft seats with handles, so they will be easier to grab while teaching. Lastly, for protection from accidents or falling, this product consists of two brake systems with an exclusive brake lever so you will have a better grip and a full chainguard system that would not get tangled in the tires and makes it easier for you to pedal as well as stop.

Do keep in mind that many have complained the bike might be dangerous over time as it will lose its grip and can cause some accidents.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Varies size options available
  • High-quality products used
  • Heavy bike difficult to pedal
  • Unable to go uphill
  • Front wheels might lock sideways

It is an excellent activity to keep your kids active and healthy; it is also a great learning experience for them to keep them busy. This product is going to help the learning experience become fun and worthwhile. However, it is important to choose the right size for you according to your height and weight, so you don’t regret or have trouble riding.

2. DRBIKE Adjustable Training Wheels

This product is different than the one we discussed earlier, as it does not come with a bike, so you will only be purchasing the training wheels for the bike. One of the greatest things about DRBIKE Adjustable Training Wheels are that they are easy to install and remove from your bike; they can quickly adjust from 0-6 inches.

This product is designed for all kinds of bikes, such as single-speed bikes from 10 – 16 inches, so if you own these certain bikes, then this product is perfect for you, do note, though, these wheels cannot be installed on bikes with derailleurs.

Furthermore, when talking about the features of this innovative design, it is unique and super reliable. The wheel’s size and diameter are 10.2 inches and consist of 10-inch pneumatic tires, so it will be easier to balance yourself ride safely.

In addition to that, the wheels are covered with new plated ABS steel with 3.3mm thickness on stainless steel bracket arms which will prevent it from chipping or rusting and more stability.

Another great thing about this product is that it offers you a lifetime warranty on the axle and wheels furnished with ball bearings, durable and reliable. It will run smoothly no matter how much speed you are going for.

Moreover, this one will keep you safe and secure as the wheels will mount to the frame instead of the engine, so it will protect and prevent any damage or accidents if the bike collides with something on the road.

Lastly, as the wheels are easy to install and remove but will be pinned in place strongly and use locking collars to place preload on wheel bearings, it will be less likely to cause any issues. The company mentioned that these wheels would not need any additional nuts for installation.

This product is only available for specific kind of bikes and does not install on HUFFY bikes with derailleurs. So if you do not own this, then the training wheel might not fit on your bike.
  • Easy to install and removed quickly
  • It comes with off-road tread
  • Prevent damages as it mounts to the frame
  • The bike is not included
  • Poor instruction manual
  • Not a universal size

This product is quite easy to install and it can removed with ease. The company should work on the instruction manual and their sizes. Overall this product is good to go.

3. Schwinn Beginner Bike With Training Wheels

This choice is perfect for beginners and can be used later on without the training wheels when your child is finally confident enough.

The great thing about the Schwinn Beginner Bike With Training Wheels are that it can still be used even when your child grows older as it consists of easily adjustable seats without the need of any tools and removable training wheels so you can manage accordingly to the weight and height of your child.

The features of the bike are distinctive and unchallenging for your child to understand as well. The bike comes with a parent push handle to guide the bike so you can push while your kid is riding as you walk or jog. It can also be removed and placed easily.

Moreover, the wheels are fully protected as the bike is entirely surrounded by a chain guard; it also includes front and rear fenders to keep the road dirt off of your bike wheels.

Another remarkable feature about this product is that the bike is included with the water bottle mounted on the top of your push handle, which makes it easier to reach and keeps your child stay hydrated.

As I mentioned earlier, as the child grows, the seats can be adjusted accordingly since it consists of the rapid-release seat post and alloy saddle, which is not only comfortable but can be replaced and suitable for anyone without the need of tools or assembly.

Multiple people have complained that the training wheels are too small, which makes them lose their balance, so it can be risky.
  • Easily adjustable seats according to height and weight
  • Removable training wheels
  • Push handle
  • Poor quality
  • Need to assemble on your own

I must say these are the one of the best ones in the market right now with easily adjustable seats and removable wheels.

4. Hardline Products Wheels-4-Tots Universal Training Wheels

This is the perfect choice for kids for those who love challenging and active power outdoor activities as it will keep you energized and entertained at the same time.

The Hardline Products Wheels-4-Tots Universal Training Wheels are mostly suitable for 50cc entry-level motorcycles. It is also easily adjustable for Terrain and Rider’s Skill level as it is more durable compared to their competitors out in the market.

In addition to that, it is specially designed with wheel distance tolerance in the axle in order to protect and captivate terrain impact. This equipment is easily adjustable on a bike type, including the wheel height mounting position, so it is easier for you to sit and ride without feeling uncomfortable.

You don’t have to worry about the installation either as it comes with simple, easy instructions to follow and can be removed rapidly as well.

Moreover, it makes your bike runs smoothly as it provides you with a fair amount of balance, speed, power, and durability. It is worth mentioning that stock footpegs will stay in position and will not come loose or distress your balance.

To add the feature, such as heavy-duty steel axle material, CNC machine, and stamped components, brass alloy air stem, and including sealed ball bearings which adds to the incredible quality and durability of the 8-inch pneumatic on and off training wheels.

Many people have complained that the product is usually missing some parts which make it difficult to assemble.
  • Fit in different types of bikes
  • Easily adjustable
  • Fit well with terrain and rider’s skill level
  • Poor and cheap quality
  • Not exactly durable
  • Missing parts of the training wheel

Overall it’s a very good product to go for but you should check the missing parts drawback before buying this one as you wouldn’t like to miss any part of the wheel.

5. BYP MFG INC Adjustable Height Yamaha Training Wheels

This Product is Designed and Manufactured by BYP MFG INC, and as it is stated by them that safety is their main priority, so it is appropriate to say that you would not have to be worried about safety at all.

Do keep in mind that the bike is not included with the adjustable height Yamaha training wheels. It is one of the most comfortable products that you can count on as it is easy to install and remove.

It is worth mentioning that this training wheel fits well with every kind of Yamaha TTR50’s out there, so if you do own this bike, then you are good to go. Coming to the features of this product, it has a reasonable price, and the wheels are easy to set up with basic handy tools and the manual instructions provided so you can be done quickly.

Moreover, the wheels include extending pins for footpegs and extra mounting hardware so you can pedal with ease as you can remove one bolt from the footpeg to mount in order to install a longer one. The wheels also include a strong steel axle which adds to the durability of the wheels and safety while riding.

An important feature for safety is that the wheels will clamp with the frame instead of the engine, which will prevent any scratches or damages from happening if they touch the road. The wheel can be adjusted accordingly from 0 up to 5 inches with a wheel lock to stabilize, and it is also acceptable for all terrains for an extravagant experience.

One downfall of this product is that it is suitable for Yamaha bikes ONLY.
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Good for terrains
  • Easily Installable
  • Only fits on Yamaha bikes
  • Cheaply made
  • Weld might break easily

Although it is a great product and safe for everyone and at a reasonable price, the negative aspect might make you scratch it off your list as it is available only for Yamaha bikes, but if you do own one, then I can assure you with my thorough research that this product is absolutely suitable for your bike.

6. BikeMaster 342241 Training Wheels

When it comes to teaching your kids the basics of riding a dirt wheel, the BikeMaster 342241 Training Wheels are the perfect choice for you as it will help your child learn from the basics and make them fully confident to finally ride a bike without using training wheels.

It provides you with maximum stability and confidence without any stress about breaking or causing accidents. This product is designed with basic instructions that you can easily understand and assemble.

Moreover, the features include an appropriate mounting system that will prevent causing any damage to your bike or the training wheels. The wheels are included with ¾ inches of cold-rolled steel axle that will protect it from rusting and chipping and have a shiny look.

These are bolt-on wheels with off-road pneumatic tires which will not only make your bike run smoothly, especially on bumpy roads, and makes your bike speed up but also prevent any dirt from sticking on the wheels.

This product, however, is ONLY suitable for Yamaha bikes.
  • Good on bumpy roads
  • Mounts easily
  • Durable wheels
  • It is not adjustable
  • Only available for Yamaha bikes

Overall this product is an amazing option for you as it will help your child learn the basics quickly and help them stabilize them, but however, it is only available for Yamaha bikes. This is something that the company should take into consideration and work on to make it possible for different bike styles too.


How Do I Install Training Wheels On Dirt Bikes?

Different brands will have different ways in which you can install. These brands will provide you with instruction manuals that you can follow step by step.

However though, before installing the wheels to the bike make sure you add the axels on the wheels first. Then you can adjust on the appropriate place on the bike, which is usually placed below the footpeg or the rear wheel area.

Why Are Training Wheels Not Touching The Ground?

It is always important to place your training wheels at least one inch above the ground and from the bike rear tire. This is because it will be impossible to keep the weight on the rear tire of the bike, and due to that, the bike will not have traction or braking control.

Since the bike’s training wheels consist of a rear coaster brake that will stop the bike, so it is essential to have the rear tire touching the ground.

At What Age Should I Remove The Training Wheels From Dirt Bike?

Most people would recommend removing it as soon as possible since it can become a habit and you only want them to learn instead of using it forever.

However, it is essential to know that if your child is ready for a balance bike and can stabilize themselves and are confident, that is when it’s appropriate time for you to remove the training wheels.

How Do I Adjust My Training Wheels On Dirt Bike?

This is not a difficult job as it will only take you a couple of minutes. Do keep in mind that before adjusting, it is important that you place your training wheels to the rear axle of your bike and secure it tightly in place.

Then with the help of an adjustable wrench, according to your preference, whether you want the wheels to be lower or higher, start tightening the axle as much as you can so it is secure and safe for you to ride.


As you all know, children love to play around with whatever they can find; for many children out there, riding a bike can seem a playful and productive hobby to adapt. However, it is the adult/parent’s responsibility to make sure that they are completely safe.

I think that I have laid out really good options for you, but If it were up to me, I would choose the RoyalBaby Freestyle Bike With Training Wheels as the best training wheels for dirt bikes since it is the perfect gear to ensure that your child can play and learn how to ride a bike without any fear of injuring themselves.

At the end of the day, the first priority when it comes to children’s is their safety, and I can confidently assure you that with proper training wheels, you will have nothing to worry about.