When Should You Replace Your Motorcycle Helmet

Replacement – When Should You Replace Your Helmet?

Applies equally to HJC, Shoei, KBC, Nolan, Cirus, Cyber, Icon, Fox Racing, Troy Lee Designs, Thor MX and all brand of motorcycle helmets.

A safety motorcycle helmet’s useful service life, usually three to five years, is dependent upon the intensity and frequency of its use. Helmet replacement is recommended if one or more of the following points applies to the helmet.

1. The helmet was subject to an impact. Your were involved in any form of an accident with the helmet. If so, the helmet’s integrity has been compromised and will no longer provide the same level of protection it was designed to give. It is recommended that if you want to maintain maximum safety, to replace your helmet immediately. Money is not at issue here, we’re talkign about your life, the life of your children and family.

2. The comfort padding or the retention system has become loose due to heavy use, or they display signs of deterioration. The retention system is there to hold and maintain your helmet to your head. When this is compromised, the protection no longer exists. Regardless of how food the shell is, if the retention system is not there, you may as well not even be wearing your motorcycle helmet.

3. The synthetic foam padding displays signs of heavy use and the helmet feels too loose. You can test the effectiveness of the padding by fastening the retention strap and gently shaking your head. If the helmet moves, the padding is too loose. The padding is what sits between the hard outer shell and your soft head. Unless there is 100% integrity in this foam, you will not be receiving maximum protection.

4. There are cracks or compression in the EPS liner and/or white spidering can be seen on surfaces of the EPS liner. You see this, time to get a new helmet.

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