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Shoei FAQ
Q: Is it possible to buy Shoei products directly via this site? Yes.

To offer maximum protection a safety helmet must be the correct fit. There is a tendency for customers to choose an oversize helmet to achieve initial comfort. A trained dealer will ensure that the correct size is selected, making adequate allowance for “bedding down”.

Q: Is a crashed / dropped helmet still safe to wear?

Current safety helmets are designed to absorb the energy of an accident by being destroyed. Even a small impact can damage the integrity of the shell or the inner liner. Quite often this damage may be unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Therefore, any helmet involved in an impact should not be used again.

Q: Does Shoei provide racing support?

Shoei helmets are worn by some of the worlds top racers and Shoei does provide some amateur racing support too.

If you are interested in Shoei sponsorship please contact Shoei Safety Helmets. Due to the overwhelming number of request for sponsorship they receive each year, they unfortunately cannot help all the racers that deserve support.

Q: How do I clean the helmet properly?


All our interiors are washable! If you own a helmet with a detachable interior, just remove it and wash it in lukewarm water. Please use a mild soap. If your helmet is not equipped with a detachable interior, please put the whole helmet into lukewarm water. After washing, the helmet must dry without the use of any drying tools like hairdryers, etc. In a warm and dry environment the drying time should take at least 48 hours. But again, PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY DRYING TOOLS as they may damage the inner liner of your helmet.


Please clean the outside of your helmet with water and a mild soap.

As Shoei helmets are painted, it is also possible to use car polish to keep the paint in a good condition.

Please do not use cleaning sprays or liquid window cleaner as they may damage the polycarbonate parts of the ventilation or your shield.


It is very important not to use any cleaning sprays or liquid window cleaner on your shield. Please clean your shield only with lukewarm water and a mild soap.

Tip: Put a wet towel on your shield, leave it there for some minutes and insects can be removed easily.

Q: Can I paintbrush my Shoei helmet?

It is possible to repaint your Shoei helmet. You can use any colours which are not Nitro based. Please make sure that no aggressive fumes will enter the inside of the helmet.

You can also attach stickers to your helmet. They do not have any influence on the shell material.

Q: Why is Shoei using different chin strap locks?

Our helmets are either equipped with our One-Touch-Buckle or the Double-D-Ring. Neither of them is safer than the other. For our comfort oriented models we prefer the One-Touch-Buckle. Once you have adjusted this kind of chin strap lock you can open and close it very easily. Our sport orientated models come with the Double-D-Ring. The reason is simply that Grand Prix Racers are forced to wear that system during the races and these helmet models have their origin on the racetrack.

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