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Since 1971, HJC has specialized in manufacturing motorcycle helmets exclusively. The combination of this extensive specialized manufacturing experience, innovative ideas, and reasonable pricing resulted in HJC’s success in worldwide markets. It is HJC’s continual goal to provide high quality, comfortable, and reasonably priced helmets to motorcyclists throughout the world.

As a direct result of this work ethic, since 1992, HJC has succeeded in maintaining the status as the #1 helmet brand in North America. More importantly, motorcyclists worldwide make HJC their brand of choice. (Refer to Motorcycle Industry Magazine, 1992~2003) And with a wide selection of helmets in the mid-to-high-priced range, HJC has expanded consumers’ choices in helmets.

In october 2001, HJC invited its entire, worldwide distribution network to celebrate its 30th birthday.

Wan Ki HONG reasserted its will to further strengthen the HJC image in terms of technological innovation in the coming years.
At the present time, more than 30 people are active in the research and development department, making HJC helmets even more efficient and comfortable.

The development of various manufacturing centres will handle production adapted to the various markets, particulary in Europe.

HJC is one of the largest manufacturers specializing in motorcycle helmets in the world and is distributed worldwide in over 20 countries.

For additional distribution information regarding Canada and the U.S.A., please call HJC America at: 1-562-407-2186.

HJC helmets are the best-selling helmets in the USA ! HJC has held this privileged position of market leader for 9 consecutive years.

This assessment is the result of the anual poll conducted each year by the highly respected trade magazine “MOTOR CYCLE INDUSTRY” and dates from December 2001.

This popularity confirms HJC in its will apply daily the most innovative technological solutions to the elaboration of its helmets, adapt its design ad easthetics to each continent, and ofter its customers the best possible service.

In this way, HJC has, over the years, become the premier worldwide manufacturer of helmets.

Among the helmets stocked by most retailers HJC has a lead of 82% vs 52% for the closest rival. This includes Shoei, Arai, KBC, Nolan, Fox Racing, Oneal, Icon, ThorMX, and other major brands!

In the survey for full face Street Helmets (on road), HJC enjoys a 56% dominance compared to 13% for the closest competitor. Again this includes all major brands!

In the dirt or MX category, HJC again regins supreme with a 50% market share, the closest rival coming in at 10%. This includes the top leading motocross and dirt bike helmets such as ThorMX, Fox Racing, Oneal, Shoei, Arai, KBC and Nolan.

In the new millennium, HJC has expanded its range with the introduction of the AC series high-end helmets. These models showcase our technical capabilities and innovations such as our advanced ventilation channeling system and our unique composite shell designs and have been proven at the highest levels of professional racing by top athletes in Motocross, Road Race, Snocross, and Freestyle Motocross. What sets our AC series apart is that it offers all the features of high-end helmets at prices the average consumer can afford, an accomplishment our high-end competitors have not been able to achieve. In addition to the AC series, our latest model is the Symax modular helmet which offers extensive rider adjustment options making the Symax a favorite among touring and cruising riders.

With the addition of the helmet models mentioned above, it should be clear that our continual goal is to be a true motorcyclist friendly brand, offering safe, comfortable, attractive, and affordable helmets.

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Corporate Headquarters
13203 Rosecrans Ave., Suite C, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Tel: 562-229-3113
Fax: 562-623-0766

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