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Since 1979, our company has set the standards for motorcycle apparel- for quality, innovation and technology. Our designs are hard-core, because our staff of motorcyclists is hard core.

Our marketing and product development staff currently owns and rides more than 40 motorcycles. Many thousands of riding miles are put into the development of every First Gear product. One staffer is a genuine “Iron Butt” member, having taken his trusty BMW over 6,500 miles in 7 days! Another travels to New England to ride and test gear in the 90 degree and 90 percent humidity summer days to the 30 degree wind whipped winter days. The great thing about this is that we get to ride in the rain and cold of two extremely different regions, a nice change from the extreme heat and dryness of our summers. These climate extremes let us develop and evaluate new systems and technology to help make your next ride more comfortable. In addition, you’ll find First Gear staff members at most major and smaller motorcycle events across the country, listening to the needs of real riders like you.

Our collection features a number of innovative new designs, for riders of all makes and riding styles. Whether you cruise 5 miles or 5,000 miles in sun or rain, heat or cold to your favorite motorcycle destination, there’s First Gear apparel designed with you in mind.

Our patented innovations mean that First Gear offers you more features and performance than any other motorcycle apparel line. Here are some technical specs which you will find in our products.

Cargo Storage System (CSS): This exclusive system is ingeniously concealed under the front chest pockets. Multiple compartments and an elastic key lanyard make it easy to carry along all the necessities of the road.

CE-Certified: The CE is the standardization body made up of European nations setting standards for transportation. This is like the United States’ DOT certification. The U.S. does not address standards for clothing as does the CE.

Core-Comp™ Armor: A new articulating armor system which is engineered and constructed similar to a helmet liner of compressed polystyrene pellets. Core-Comp is so light, riders don’t know it’s there and it absorbs an incredible amount of impact. IFW suggests replacing it after any “compressing” of the armor is experienced.

Cuff Vent System (CVS): Patented ventilation at the sleeve cuff, using a two-way closure zipper that doubles as a vent.

EVA Foam: A lightweight closed-cell plastic foam material that provides good shock resistance.

Five-ply Nylon Thread: This thread cannot be broken nearly as easily as the cheaper cotton thread. FIRSTGEAR uses the best five-ply nylon thread available.

Hiprotec Comfort Armor: The slimmest, most comfortable CE-approved (Europe’s highest standard) armor available. Patented snap-in, positionable fastening system.

Hypertex™: High-performance textile riding garments that use any number of technical abrasion resistant synthetic materials such as Koslan, Cordura® and Dynax.

Insulated Liner: Removable liners in either jackets or pants that have insulation material to keep a rider warm in cold weather yet can be removed for warm weather comfort.

Kwik-Dry™: A specially tanned leather which resists water absorption and prevents shrinking or staining. Kwik-Dry garments are not 100% waterproof, but prevent any water damage in the event the garment is directly exposed to wet riding conditions.

Leather-Tex™: A lightweight but strong combination of Hypertex nylon and full-weight leather that provides maximum abrasion protection and flexibility.

Lumidex: Heavy ballistic nylon interwoven with 3M™ reflective thread to provide a heavy duty fabric that reflects light at night, but does not stand out in the daytime.

Map Pocket System (MPS): This patented pocket system allows convenient storage and quick access to road maps (not to be used while in motion). (U.S. Patent 5,884,338).

Safe-Stitch™: An overlock stitch technique that sews two panels together and then requires a second fold and additional stitch. This gives the seam an extra level of strength in abrasion situations that a simpler and cheaper sewing technique would not provide.

Sheltex™: A waterproof breathable membrane that is either hung between an outer shell of nylon and an inner liner or bonded to the backside of the garment’s external shell.

Skiving: A quality process shaves down the raw edges of leather before being sewn so the seam lays flatter and does not leave any raw leather exposed. Skived seams are stronger, lay flatter and shed water better than unskived seams.

Sleeve Vent System (SVS): Allows air to enter the wrist area of a jacket and move up the interior of the sleeves to the upper torso and shoulder area providing a cooling effect. The SVS was developed to supplement the TVS and works particularly well when riding behind a fairing. (U.S. Patent #5,105,477).

Temperfoam™: A visco-elastic “slow recovery” open cell foam that absorbs shock but is very comfortable to wear inside garments.

Thermoliner™: Removable liner constructed of perforated aluminized mylar bonded between polyester fiber and nylon taffeta, reflects body heat inward and permits humidity to escape to provide maximum warmth with minimal bulk.

Thermoneck™: Cold weather protection that extends up your neck and chin, integrated into our Thermoliner.™ The soft collar feels good against your neck and stows back into the jacket when not in use.

Top-Grain: The premium top layer of the hide that has the best strength and flexibility compared to the lower “split” layers.

Torso Vent System (TVS): Torso Ventilation System unzips to reveal perforated leather or nylon panels, front and back, which allow air to pass into the jacket front, circulate around the torso and exit out the back, providing an air-conditioning effect. (U.S. Patent #4,608,715 and Patent #5,845,336).

Zipper Integrated Performance System (Z.I.P.S.): Zippered connection between jacket and pants for increased protection

Corporate Headquarters
13203 Rosecrans Ave., Suite C, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Tel: 562-229-3113
Fax: 562-623-0766

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