Arai 2006 RX7 Corsair Ui Graphics Motorcycle Racing Helmets

RX7 Corsair Ui Graphics On-Road Helmets – $724.95

81-8570 – RX7 Corsair Ui – Panther – XS

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Arai 2006 RX7 Corsair Ui Graphics Motorcycle Streetbike Helmets

. Relaxed round-oval fit
. “Delta-3” top center intake scoop, scavenges more air to help improve airflow even
. Shell incorporates a reduced gap between the shield and shell to minimize wind
turbulence over the shield and onto the shell
. Chin vent design, with dual-pivot hinge mechanism, allows for a more easily operable
single span vent gate with an increased airflow capacity
. Enhanced organic shell shape, bottom trim and (non-removable) neck roll which curve
in at the bottom to give a more natural appearance, which also helps minimize wind
. Rubber breath guard, designed to better direct fresh air to the inside surface of the
shield while at the same time directing hot breath down and away from the inside
surface of the shield
. SNC “Structural Net Composite” shell construction, utilizes a patented shell construction
that incorporates a structural net reinforcing material, embedded between Arai’s®
exclusive Super complex laminated construction layers, which improves resistance to
shearing forces. This allows for more weight to be removed from the top of the shell,
both reducing overall helmet weight and improving the center of gravity
. Shell mold features to strengthen the shell, enhance airflow and overall appearance
. Type-8 diffuser design with redesigned and improved intake and exhaust ports to both
improve airflow and reduce wind turbulence
. “Dry-Cool” liner material, with a rich color and perforated satin feel, utilizes water cells
to improve moisture and heat transfer from your head into the airflow around Arai’s®
unique space frame liner. Leaves your head dryer and cooler at the end of a long or
hot ride and allows the liner to dry much faster in between rides Dimensions and
mounting method of both the cheek pads and head liner are the same as previous
RX-7RR series
. Removable liner/cheek pads
. SAJ side pods have a lower profile and are much more flush with the shell of the
helmet to provide a much cleaner look
. Meets or exceeds Snell and D.O.T. standards


.Smoked and tinted shields are designed for daytime use only and are not
recommended for night time use

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About Arai Gear

20 years ago, there was a big difference in helmets, so it was much easier to separate the good from the bad. Today, although more helmets look the same, there can still be a major difference between them. For example, people look basically the same on the outside. But this tells us nothing about the person on the inside. It’s the same with helmets. They’re all round, hard and shiny. And most carry many of the same certification standards that have now become the only way for many to judge a helmet’s worth. However, even though these helmets may carry the same decals certifying that they passed the minimum criteria for a given standard, it doesn’t tell you anything about what’s inside. The fit, the comfort. The quality. But Arai is different. Arai designs the best helmet we can for comfort, fit, and a host of other criteria. Then we submit it for safety standards acceptance (which we pass with room to spare). In other words, Arai designs its helmets first for you, the rider – and second to pass a standards test. Some helmet companies have their priorities wrong and do it the other way around.

A HISTORY OF INNOVATION: Over 50 years devoted solely to the advancement and innovation of helmet design and safety. Because of our many design innovations, Arai helmets have actually been exhibited in art museums.

FAMILY PRIDE: Mr. Hirotake Arai, a hat maker by trade, started his company over 65 years ago. He was a craftsman, a perfectionist – and a motorcycle rider. Today, his son Michio “Mitch” Arai, another lifelong rider, runs the company. And Mitch’s son, Akihito, is now the third generation. If your family name was on your product, how well would you make it?

HANDMADE: Every Arai helmet is virtually 100% handmade. Each craftsman signs the helmet shell along the way. And every helmet is hand inspected at least three times during construction. Not every hundredth helmet, or every tenth one – every single helmet.

THE PURE PURSUIT OF QUALITY: The only helmet company we know of with a single quality standard for all its helmets. No “special one-off” helmets for our A-list racers. Every Arai built for every rider has the same singular devotion to quality, comfort, and fit. (In the words of “Mitch” Arai,: “How can you say one person’s head is worth more than another’s?”)

UNMATCHED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: American riders have ranked Arai Helmets Number One in customer satisfaction in all seven J.D. Power and Associates Motorcycle Helmet Satisfaction Studies! Seven years in a row, no other helmet company has ranked higher than Arai.

UNMATCHED REPUTATION: Arai isn’t only the choice of countless motorcycle champions and racers – including all four U.S. MotoGP riders. Arai auto-racing helmets dominate the F1 grid, chosen by new champion, Fernando Alonso, Kimi Räikkönen in second, and four of the top five drivers … Sebastien Bourdais, winner of the last two ChampCar championships … IRL Indy cars’ Tony Kanaan and Dario Franchitti among others … And NASCAR® heroes like Jeff Gordon, Jeff Burton, Mark Martin, Greg Biffle, and Jamie McMurray. Quite an accomplishment for such a small company. There must be a reason.

THE BEST WARRANTY: The first helmet company to offer a full 5-Year Limited Warranty – 12 years ago! Only recently have a couple others extended their warranties past one year. (How many cheaper helmets can a typical rider go through in the lifespan of one 5-year warranted Arai?)