IRC NR53/NR58 Motorcycle Moped Tires The Motorsport Spirit

IRC NR53/NR58 Moped Tires

NR53/NR58 Moped Tires – $32.95 – $41.95

0341-0008 – NR53 – 2.25-17 – Front – $32.95

IRC NR53/NR58 Motorcycle Moped Tires Specifications

. Universal Moped Tires
. High-quality moped and small cc motorcycle tires
. Front and rear application
. Tube-type

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About IRC Gear

It All Began in 1926

Everyone dreams of founding a humble company and setting out to create a best-in-category product. Expand that desire a bit to think about what would happen if that same company grew at a dramatic rate because everyone wanted that superior product. Take a look to the future and foresee that company 78 years later, still producing that same great product, growing at a very rapid clip. You have just read the short history of IRC. For us, that product is bicycle tires.

Technology – schmechnology

IRC’s path to success has been one of considerable investment in technology. Time and brainpower are the main resources mined at the R&D Center in Nagoya, Japan. Within this complex the white lab coats toil endlessly in an environment devoted to improving upon their previous efforts. Fruits of this labor can be found in every IRC tire we make.

It’s really the motor that counts

That may be true, but it doesn’t deter riders concerned about improving their performance from coming to IRC for leading edge products. Athletes such as Ryder Hesjedal, Chrissy Redden, Wade Bootes, Liam Killeen, Randy Stumpfhauser, Sue Haywood, Travis Brown and Roland Green seek out IRC for that little advantage. That advantage might be an extra bit of traction on the last climb or one less flat, but it’s what separates the person on top of the winner’s podium from everyone else.