Excella OF-215/OF-217 Motorcycle Dirt Bike Tires High Value Low Price

OF-215/OF-217 Dirt Bike Tires – $37.95 – $102.95

0312-0017 – OF-215 – 2.50-10 – Front – $37.95

Excella OF-215/OF-217 Motorcycle Dirt Bike Tires Specifications

. Intermediate Terrain Tires
. OF-215 front tire delivers exceptional cornering performance and grip on all terrain
. Stiffer sidewall design increases turning response with less deflection on uneven terrain
. OF-217 rear tire profile is designed for increased contact area with maximum centerline
grip and traction
. Cupped design provides outstanding braking control, even at extreme lean angles
. Include stylish color hot patch
. Natural rubber compound and unique construction of front and rear tires provide
excellent performance over an extremely wide range of terrain – from mid-soft to mid-

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About Excella Gear

Every Excella tire has a lug pattern, profile and carcass especially designed for the application. Those intermediate terrain OF-215/217 Cross Comps, for example, have stiff sidewalls to reduce deflection, the fronts are profiled and patterned for exceptional cornering control, the rears offer maximum traction with a generous contact patch and the lugs both front and rear have a cupped design for outstanding braking control. The Excella OF-213 dual-sport tires are just as good. Speed rated for street use, they’ll deliver great traction, grip and stability over a wide range of terrain conditions and that natural-rubber compound will last. And for really aggressive dual-sport work the new Excella Enduro OF-219s come with a deep 15/32-in. tread to dig in on anything from hard pack to soft dirt. There’s a cupped pattern providing stability to go with that traction, the tires are FIM competition approved and they’re DOT speed rated to 92 MPH for the street.