Fox Racing Men’s 2010 Raceframe Motorcycle Off-Road Roost Deflector Body Armor Leading Performance!

Men’s Raceframe Dirtbike Roost Deflector Body Armor $119.95 – $149.95

06045-001-003 – Raceframe – Black – Sm – $119.95

Extra Body Armor Accessories:

– Select Raceframe Shoulder Attachment Kit –
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Fox Racing Men’s 2010 Raceframe Motorcycle Motocross Roost Deflector Body Armor Specifications

The most advanced roost guard on the planet is here. Through revolutionary patented processes and a unique blend of high performance materials, the Raceframe has immediately become the new standard. Featuring seven smart flex points, adjustable rubber shoulder straps, an integrated buckle system, and a Lycra lined biofoam inner liner, the Raceframe comfortably molds to the most aggressive attack positions on the planet.

. 2-way co-molded chest plate hinging system for maximum comfort & fit (Patent
. 5-way co-molded back plate hinging system for maximum comfort & fit (Patent
. Easy to use waist strap acetal buckling system integrated into chest plate
. Low-profile sublimated Lycra lined biofoam connecting system

Sizing Note:

. Small – Weight: 50-85 lbs; Height: 4’3″ – 5’4″
. Medium – Weight: 85-150 lbs; Height: 5’2″ – 5’11”
. Large – Weight: 150-210 lbs; Height: 5’8″ – 6’2″

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