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Maple Motorcycle Jeans now became part of the MX Dirt Rider team!

Maple Jeans

1941 – Straight Cut Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans with Armour
1941 – Straight Cut Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans with Armour

1941x – Straight Cut Selvedge Denim without Kevlar
1941x – Straight Cut Selvedge Denim without Kevlar

Slim Fit Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans with Armour
Slim Fit Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans with Armour


Praise for Maple Motorcycle Jeans

Terje Throndsen – Oslo, Norway

“Christmas came early this year. Today I got my Slim Fit Maple Jeans, and I am stunned! Amazing quality, perfect fit and great design! I simply love my new jeans. One thing is certain, my Maple jeans will not only be worn when I´m riding! These babies are far too awesome to stay in the closet during winter season!

I’ve been wearing raw selvedge jeans from time to time for the last ten years, and I love all the different phases, from new and stiff, trough the period where they get shiny and the wears from my wallet, mobile etc. start to show, and finally the first wash when they really start to look used… Aaaw, the denim loving life, got to love it:) and I am really looking forward to become one with my maples! I have been wearing them every day since I got them!

Thanks for making these great jeans, Dave! And thanks for letting me buy them!”

John Eleftheriou – Australia

My jeans just arrived, and although I have no problem with delayed gratification and normally wait till I get home with new purchases, I had to race down to the toilet in the office to try the Maples on immediately.
And… ??? The fit is fan-freakin-tastic! You just know when you put on a pair of jeans and they just feel “right” in all the right places? That’s the Maples!
Not too high in the waist, but not hipsters either. Thighs firm, not tight and not loose. Same with calves. Leg opening big enough to go over boots, but not flared. Love the way they just come up into the small of my back, just like jeans I remember back in the 1970’s!
Not sure how much effort and time you spent creating the patterns, but you got it 100% spot on. I’m so glad I got the 1941’s (not the Slims). Seriously, I’d like to wear these out on the town, not just the bike! Thinking now should have also bought the non-armour version too! They have that timeless feel, a classic iconic cut, not just “this season” throw-aways.
Dave, mate, I’m not just pissing in your pocket to make you feel all warm and gooey. I read the testimonials on your site, and there is always a small element of doubt about their authenticity (is it just Dave writing them alone late at night, in a sweaty singlet, beer in hand?). Now, I have no doubts about the testimonials, and am happy for you to add me to the list.”

Rayan Bahlawan- USA

“These jeans are the one of the best fitting, highest quality, pairs of jeans I have ever seen. They are exactly what I was looking for. The armor is not bulky in the least, and is not noticable at all. Thank you for making them. They are worth every penny.”

Al Davis – Canada

“Dave, I love my jeans pal! Really! I have worn them all week, and into the weekend…
Dave, my Maples are my favourite new jeans to wear! Comfy, good looking, and so fucking dark blue! Haha! Wait til the end of this coming summer to see how nicely they have broken in. Wearing them tomorrow. Thanks man! Al”

Anton Johnsen – Denmark

“I got them and I just fitted the paddings. I gotta say, they are fucking awesome! trying not to sound too gay – not that anything is wrong with that – I feel sexy! and if that’s not what biking is all about I don’t know. Sex with yourself, your bike, the free feeling and whatever chick that is worthy of a ride (in my case that means my one and only girlfriend of course….).”

Charles Levan – USA

“5 Stars!
Maple Jeans Rock! David set out to make a killer pair of riding jeans and he succeeded 100%.
Great denim + features and a killer look! The shrink to fit is perfect and David is there for you with your questions.
Speedy delivery and top notch customer service.
As the saying says “You Get what you pay for”, and these jeans are worth every penny. Built to last and built to look good!”

Jarrad Green – Australia

“I got my jeans in the post. BEST JEANS EVER!!!!!!!!
Can’t thank you enough.”

Laurence Lawn – UK

“Really impressed with the jeans man, they’re even better than I hoped. Been sat in the bath with them on and they fit perfectly now. I even liked the presentation, nice touch. I really love the product and wish you every success with it, especially as you’re a home grown Brit company. Awesome stuff.”

Julian Thomson – Australia

“They turned up yesterday – I am over the moon with the quality and style. They exceeded my expectations, and those expectations had been set very high ….
Will shoot through a few photos soon
Julian – A very happy customer”

Dom Garton – UK

“They really are a quality jean. They are softening up nicely already which is really nice. The denim does like something straight out of the fifties.
Riding in them has been great. The kevlar lining/thick denim combo makes a massive difference with the wind and cold (in june!!! ) too.
Perhaps the ultimate result for you: I’ve had comments at work…’nice jeans, who are they by’ etc. ive worn them on ‘fashion’ shoots (where people are generally as shallow as you’d imagine) for the last two days. People are, without fail, amazed that they are kevlar lined bike jeans, with my hip armour in aswell(especially with the turn up showing the selvedge edge). It seems to be that there is an obvious quality to them that even none denim-heads can see.