What Are The Top-Rated Windshields For Harley Davidson Street Glide?

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If you love to ride a motorcycle and love to go at high speed, you must have a windshield. What exactly does a windshield do, you may ask? Well, it provides extra protection on the road as you ride your street glide. It will protect you from certain elements like rain, dirt, and debris away from your body and especially your face.

It will also lessen the wind, and you will be less exhausted if you choose to ride for extended hours. With that being said, you can now understand how important it is to choose the best windshield for street glide.

With the help of this article, you will be deciding on the best product according to your preferences for your bike. Additionally, read until the end as there will be a buying guide to make things clearer for you.

7 Top Best Harley Davidson Street Glide Windshields Reviews


Amazicha Smoke Tint 6

Amazicha Smoke Tint 6″ Windshield


Amazicha 7

Amazicha 7″ Smoke Wave Windshield

XMT-MOTO Large ATV Windshield XMT-MOTO Large ATV Windshield

Klock Werks Flare 2014-2021 FLH Windshield Klock Werks Flare 2014-2021 FLH Windshield

PBYMT Side Wings Air Deflectors Windshield PBYMT Side Wings Air Deflectors Windshield

XMMT Clear 13 XMMT Clear 13″ Wave Windscreen Windshield

Jade Onlines 9 Jade Onlines 9″ Black Wave Windshield


1. Amazicha Smoke Tint 6″ Windshield

Starting with the first product in this list is one of the best seller products called the Amazicha Smoke Tint 6″ Windshield.

This product is designed to be used for your Street Glide but can also be used with other Harley Davidson bikes such as Touring, Electra Glide, FLHT, FLHTC, and FLHX. You can utilize these models with this product easily but make sure they are from the year 1997 up to the year 2013.

You can also choose from various other options provided for this product that range from different prices depending on what the product offers. Remember that this product cannot be used for Road Glide and Road King models.

However, the one I’m going to be talking about is this aftermarket 6 inches smoke windshield that is mainly compatible with your Street Glide, so keep on reading.

Moving on to the features of this product, the main aspect of this product is that it can deflect wind so you can have a better, more comfortable and safe ride every time on your bike.

You will be glad to know that this product can also protect the rider from wind and even from throwing up rocks on the road as you ride. Additionally, the windshield has a windscreen height of about 6 inches.

These measurements have been taken from the middle of the bolt of the shield. This product is highly recommended for Street Glide models since it is mainly designed for 2006 up to 2013.

Make sure you are following the description before buying this product to work effectively. Other than that, this product has been manufactured using high-quality polycarbonate, which will assure you that this windshield has a lengthy existence and is highly durable, so it can protect you on the road every time.

You will be happy to know that this product can be installed handily without using extra hardware. Just use the ones already available at home, and you are good to go.

In addition to that, this product does not come with an installation instruction manual, so you might have to watch videos to do it yourself or consult someone to do it for you.

There have been numerous objections regarding this product, saying that it does not fit well on their motorcycle. It is also of cheap quality since it can get scratches easily.
  • Provides extra protection
  • Easy to install
  • Deflects the air skillfully
  • Affordable
  • It does not fit perfectly
  • Cheap quality
  • The screen is not clear

Altogether, this is a tremendous option for you as it will provide additional protection on the road from dirt rocks and even deflect the wind so you can hear the engine as you ride.

Other than that, there are some fitment issues, so make sure to read the description before buying. And the windshield is not see-through. This is something the company should look into.

2. Amazicha 7″ Smoke Wave Windshield

This is another outstanding product from the Amazicha brand, and it is called the Amazicha 7″ Smoke Wave Windshield. This product is an aftermarket 7 inches smoke wave shield that can easily be utilized for your Street Glide.

Additionally, you can use this product for your other Harley Davidson motorcycles, such as Touring, Electra Glide, Ultra Limited, Tri Glide, FLHT, FLHXS, and FLHTK, which is tinted.

Make sure you match these descriptions to use this product on your bike, so you do not end up having fitment issues. You will be glad to know that this product is effortlessly compatible with models from 2014 up to 2021. The features of this windshield are made out of the outstanding quality of polycarbonate material.

With the help of this material, your windshield will be able to hold its strength and dimension stability for a long period, so you can use it for long rides on your motorcycle.

It will make sure to protect your body from any kind of dirt, debris, and even small rocks. To add to that, this product has excellent wind deflection capabilities, so it will be 100% reliable.

It will assure you a comfortable ride throughout your journey no matter what kind of roads you drive on. Besides all that, the windshield has a 7 inches windscreen that is mainly measured from the middle of the bolt on the screen so you can have a better idea.

Other than that, you can install this product easily with the help of available hardware at home since this item does not require any additional parts to be installed.

It will come out ready to use out of the box, and it does not include an instruction manual with it. You might have to consult someone or research to figure out how to install it.

Disappointed customers mentioned that this windshield is extremely weak and easily distorted. This means that it can be quite dangerous to ride on the road.
  • Extra protection
  • Affordable
  • Projects from wind
  • Easy to install
  • Extremely flimsy
  • It can be deformed quickly
  • Inaccurate forming and molding

Various users highly suggested the product since it showed excellent results for them. It will surely protect you from wind and dirt. However, the company must work on their product to make it more durable to safeguard their customers as they ride.

3. XMT-MOTO Large ATV Windshield

This remarkable product with excellent quality XMT – MOTO ATV windshield will be able to provide your Harley Davidson Street Glide with amazing looks.

This XMT-MOTO Large ATV Windshield has the capabilities to protect you from a high degree of wind, bugs as well as dirt, and rocks as you ride on the road. The great thing about this large windshield is that it will most certainly cover the handgrips, face area, and torso area once you install it on your bike.

In addition to that, you can also adjust this product with the help of the hardware included to match the height and angle of your body when you are seated on the bike.

Furthermore, this item comes with 7 and 8 inches of hardware and 1 inch of handlebars to install on the bike. Other than that, you will be glad to hear that the adjustable mounting can be operated with most ATV handlebar structures.

Besides that, you should keep in mind that it does fit your Street Glide and all the other Harley Davidson Motorcycle models from the gear of 1970 up to 2013.

However, this item is not suitable for Dyna Wide Glide from the year 2006 up to 2008, Fat Boy from the year 2007 up to 2011, and Screaming Eagle from 2008 up to 2011.

The XMT – MOTO Motorcycle Parts company assures you to provide the most excellent products since their number one priority is to produce products that hold their quality and assure to provide before and after-sales services so you can shop with them again with reliance.

On a side note, though, please check the measurements of this product before you purchase it, so you do not end up with fitment problems.

There have been several cases in which people said it is difficult to install because the instruction manual is not provided.
  • Easy to mount
  • Protects from wind, bugs, and dirt
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Easily adjustable to match the height
  • Difficult to install
  • No instruction manual provided
  • Defective parts

With that being said, you can certainly figure out how the quality of the product and the features make it stand out more. It will protect your body so you can have a safer ride. It is best to contact them to provide an I instruction manual with the product to be easier for you to install.

4. Klock Werks Flare 2014-2021 FLH Windshield

The Klock Werks Flare 2014-2021 FLH Windshield is another amazing choice for you, as it will surely protect your body when you ride your Harley Davidson Street Glide Motorcycle.

This product is an innovative design with amazing and unique features, making it stand out more. The main purpose of this feature is that you can add downforce at the front of the bike, which makes the ride more comfortable.

Some hips are placed at the outer edge of this windshield, which will re-route the air. In addition to that, it also has a flip inch which is located at the top of the Windshield Flare. This is particularly designed to push the air up and back to be extremely clean.

This feature precisely does that it will make sure that there is less amount of turbulent air for the rider and the passenger since that can be quite uncomfortable when you are riding on the bike.

Besides all that, this product is manufactured with a tough coated polycarbonate substance that will assure you to provide excellent performance and safety since it will be extremely durable.

Moving on, another thing you should know about is that the windshield bags can work perfectly with this product. If you are uninformed of what I am saying, you should know that Harley Davidson also sells three pouch windshield bags mainly constructed for vents.

This product can function skillfully with 6.5 inches mid or 8.5 inches Tall, 10.5 Inches Tall, and 11.5 inches Tall windshields. Make sure to check the measurements of your bag with this windshield, so you do not face a fitment problem.

Lastly, this is noteworthy because the Klock Werks Company highly recommends that you pick a height of their windshield that you can look over comfortably.

There are many criticisms about the wind sound since it does not block it, which can be quite noisy and delivers a poor quality product.
  • Easy to install
  • Improves the ride quality
  • Able to reduce head buffering
  • Make sure there is no bobblehead
  • Wind sound is too loud
  • Poor quality
  • Scratches easily

There you go with another outstanding product. You can adjust it according to your height since it will be easier to look over when riding. People also recommend shopping directly from the company to provide you with a promising product as there will be fewer problems.

5. PBYMT Side Wings Air Deflectors Windshield

This product is a PBYT air deflector windshield compatible with Harley Davidson Street Glide. It can also be used for Harley Davidson Touring, Electra Glide, and Tri Glide models.

Keep in mind that this PBYMT Side Wings Air Deflectors Windshield can be used mainly for models from 2014 up to 2021. If your model is on the older side, you should choose a different product to match the description of your motorcycle.

This product consists of unique and impressive features that will make you want to purchase it for sure. With that being said, this product contains an adjustable side wing windshield. This features an unlimited modifiable friction pivot that grips the wing in position so you can authorize the air wherever you require it to.

In addition to that, this windshield can also deflect the air away from the rider’s elbows and the upper torso area. This feature will ensure to keep your body cool even on hot summer days so you can have a comfortable ride all the time.

Moving on, you will be happy to know that after purchasing this product, you will be backed up by the 24-month warranty provided by the PBYMT Company.

To add on, they also recommend contacting them as soon as there are any issues regarding the product so they can provide excellent performance quickly after they confirm the details you have provided viewing the product.

Other than that, make sure to check the product thoroughly, as the package includes a pair of black side air deflectors for the left and the right side of your motorcycle and 6 x mounting screws. The instruction manual is not included with this product, so you should contact the company to get one.

In some cases, people receive a damaged product and the wrong parts for the product, which can be truly disappointing.
  • Easy installation process
  • Fits perfectly
  • High-quality product
  • Mounts accordingly
  • Defective product
  • Delivered wrong parts
  • Missing parts

Overall, it is a great product that you must try on your bike since it is easy to install and makes the ride extra safe and comfortable. However, the company must manufacture their product accurately and check them before delivering so there cannot be any defects or missing parts.

6. XMMT Clear 13″ Wave Windscreen Windshield

Coming to the sixth product in this list, the XMMT Clear 13″ Wave Windscreen Windshield is specifically manufactured to be utilized on Harley Davidson Street Glide.

It can also be used on Harley Davidson other models such as the Electra Glide, Ultra Classic, and Trike models. You can use it from 1996 up to 2013 models of Harley Davidson for perfect fitting.

Do keep in mind that it is a 13 inches windscreen windshield. The measurements have been taken from the middle of the bolt of the shield so you can have a better understanding.

Furthermore, this item is designed with high-quality ABS plastic material. This means that it makes it extra durable and adds to the product’s lifespan.

Another great thing to add is that the edges of this windshield have been trimmed and polished accurately so you can have an excellent finish.

It will most certainly make the appearance of your motorcycle even better once you install it. This product can also deflect the wind to have a comfortable ride throughout.

And also, make sure to protect the bike and your body from dirt or thrown up rocks. Besides all that, do keep in mind this product does not come with an instruction manual and mounting hardware.

However, you should know that the holes are pre-drilled, so you do not have to modify anything yourself. Just make sure to consult professionals before installing yourself.

This product has mixed feelings since it does not mount or fit well with some motorcycle models. Other than that, the pre-drilled holes are also inaccurate.
  • Good quality product
  • Easy to install
  • Delivers excellent performance
  • Extra protection and comfort
  • It cannot mount well
  • It doesn’t fit certain bikes
  • Pre-drilled holes might need to be drilled again

Altogether, this product has a lot to offer and can be adjusted easily so you can have a more clear ride as it will certainly block wind or dirt coming your way. Make sure to check the measurements of this product and match them with your bike since fitting this product is a common problem.

7. Jade Onlines 9″ Black Wave Windshield

You have finally reached the last product on this list. This Jade Onlines 9″ Black Wave Windshield is primarily constructed for Harley Davidson Street Glide Motorcycle models. But it can also fit on the Harley Electra Glide and Ultra Limited.

It is highly recommended to be used for 2014 up to 2019. If you have other models or the same models but want to know if it can get with different years, then it is suggested that you should contact the company to have a better understanding.

Moving on, this product has a high-quality PVC plastic material that makes it extra durable. It can also deflect wind to have a more comfortable ride every time you ride on your bike. You can also choose the smoked black style to make the appearance of your bike so much better.

Other than that, this product is easy to install, and it also has a qualified warranty. You will also be happy to know this product can be returned and refunded right away if you are not satisfied with the product.

Just so you know, this product cannot be used for the Ultra Classic model at all and does not come with an instruction manual.
  • Great for long rides
  • Affordable
  • Directs the wind accurately
  • Durable
  • No instruction manual
  • Fitment issues
  • Scratches easily

To conclude, this windshield will work incredibly for your motorcycle since it will provide extra protection since it can direct the wind well and make sure to prevent dirt or rocks from coming your way.

However, the most common issue with this product is that it does not fit well with some bikes. You need to check the measurements before buying.


How Do I Measure A Windshield On A Street Glide?

When you plan on measuring the windshield, make sure to take it from the center of the windshield bolt since it will give you accurate measurements. It is also important for you to have a windshield that is slightly below your sight so you can see clearly.

What Is The Best Way To Put A Windshield On A Harley Davidson Street Glide?

The easiest way to put your windshield on a Street Glide is by mounting it inside the Harley Davidson bike and making sure you see the groves and the faring are placed aligning well.

If it is placed wrongly, you might be cutting off the sidelight torques on them. After that, you will screw them in place tightly, so it doesn’t move around as you ride.

How Do I Stop Helmet Buffeting On A Street Glide?

The first thing you want to make sure to stop helmet buffeting is by purchasing a curved windshield at the top since it will prevent wind from going up to your helmet.

You should also look for a larger windshield about 7 up to 9 inches tall, so the wind does not hit directly on your head. Take the appropriate measurements beforehand.

Another way you can try is by getting a taller seat, so the wind will not be able to hit your head because of the windshield. And lastly, you can also try using wind deflectors.

How Wide Is A Street Glide Windshield?

Different windshields will have different width sizes. However, you should look for a windshield that has a width of 22 inches, and the edges are polished as well as rounded accurately so you can have the best fitment on your Street Glide.


I expect now you can conclude which one is the best windshield for Street Glide. Although all of these products are remarkable, I would still propose the Amazicha Smoke Tint 6″ Windshield since it will provide extra protection to you while you ride and make sure to deflect the wind and prevent dirt as well as thrown-up rocks from hitting your face or your body.

Nonetheless, no matter what product you choose, just check the measurements before buying since the common problem that people face is with the fitting.