Reviews On 5 Top-Rated Windshields For Honda 1800 Goldwing

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It can be quite challenging riding your motorcycle on the road, especially at high speed, because the wind keeps on hitting your face, which might make your helmet move around, road dirt, and thrown-up rocks making it even harder.

This is why you will require the best windshield for 1800 Goldwing so it can provide additional safety and you can have a comfortable as well as an enjoyable ride every time.

With that being said, keep on reading this article as I will be providing you with all the necessary details that will assist you in understanding and making your decision easier.

To add on, there will also be a buying guide at the end of this article, so make sure to read this article in its entirety.

5 Top Best 1800 Goldwing Windshields Comparisons


National Cycle VStream Clear Windscreen Windshield

National Cycle VStream Clear Windscreen Windshield

Psler Motorcycle Windscreen Windshield Psler Motorcycle Windscreen Windshield

Memphis Shades MEP4871 Gradient Black Windshield Memphis Shades MEP4871 Gradient Black Windshield

Show Chrome Accessories 20-518 Clear Sweptback Windshield Show Chrome Accessories 20-518 Clear Sweptback Windshield


Slipstreamer S-267 Windshield

Slipstreamer S-267 Windshield


1. National Cycle VStream Clear Windscreen Windshield

The main reason why the National Cycle VStream Clear Windscreen Windshield is considered to be one of the best products is because of its performance as well as its durability.

Various users find it quite effective and make their rides safer and more comfortable. This is the first thing you would look into before buying it.

As I have mentioned, this product’s durability is manufactured using the thick, strong hard-coated polycarbonate material. This is why it makes it super strong and reliable.

It will ensure that it does not have any scratches on it or break easily during an accident. Keep on reading to find the more amazing features of this product and make it different from their competitors out there.

Speaking of scratches, this product has a scratch-resistant Quantum hard coating and FMR hard coating, which mainly depends on the shape and size of the windshield.

This feature just makes it stand out even more. It will certainly hold its shape and last for a long time. This is because this product has been covered by the National Cycle and has an exclusive 3-year warranty for lasting for a long time without breaking.

Other than that, this product is likely to replace the stock windscreen on various models. It can also replace it for models that do not have fairings.

In addition to that, this windshield will come with a mounting bracket system, so you do not have to buy it separately. Moreover, coming to the measurements of this product, the height of this windshield is about 22 inches which are 55.9 in centimeters.

The width is approximately 26 inches, which is 66.0 centimeters. Do keep in mind that this product has been measured vertically.

It means that the measurements are taken from the top of the fairing until the top of the screen and horizontally, which is taken from the back from the widest point of this windshield.

Some people said it did not do much in deflecting the wind, which can be quite uncomfortable. It also has a vent cutout that is too large, which makes a weird whistling sound.
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to adjust
  • Fits perfectly
  • Made with durable materials
  • It might not deflect the wind
  • Vent cutout is not accurate

Altogether, it is a great choice for those who want to produce their face from wind and different elements and add on a great look on their motorcycle. However, the vent cutout needs some changes since it is hard to deal with.

2. Psler Motorcycle Windscreen Windshield

Coming to the Psler Motorcycle Windscreen Windshield, this product is made with high-quality acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic. This means that it will last for a long period, as it will not break or get scratches on it easily.

The great thing about this product is that it is a transparent windshield, so you will see through it clearly, unlike some other windshield that makes it hard to look through.

This product is mainly designed to fit the Goldwing GL 1800 but mainly from 2001 up to 2017. Make sure your motorcycle follows this description if you want the most accurate fitting, or else it would be a hassle for you.

Furthermore, the product is best applicable for wind deflection as it will provide extra protection against the wind every time you go for a ride.

You will be getting one windshield which includes the air vent with it. That vent hole is placed in the middle of the shield. This will make sure to work effectively, and you will surely notice a change as soon as you install it.

Speaking of installing, it is an easy process that can be done within a couple of minutes on your own. Just make sure you have all the required parts and watch videos on it to be done smoothly.

On another note, this windshield will assure you to deduce the wind noise as well as helmet buffeting. It will make sure to protect from debris, rocks, and bugs on the road.

And lastly, the height of this product is about 63 centimeters which is considered normal for your motorcycle height.

One common problem with this product is that the vents do not open, making it hard to deal with. Also, because of the clear windshield, you can easily see scratches through it.
  • Affordable
  • Fits nicely
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable
  • Scratches easily
  • The vent does not move
  • Requires too many modifications to fit

Overall, a great product that is made with high-quality materials and will protect your face from hitting the wind or dirt. However, there have been various complaints about this product, saying it requires too many modifications just so you can fit it on your bike.

3. Memphis Shades MEP4871 Gradient Black Windshield

The Memphis Shades MEP4871 Gradient Black Windshield is one of the best choices for your Honda 1800 Goldwing as it is extra durable and makes sure to protect you from all kinds of elements that you might come across on the road as you ride your bike.

It will most certainly protect you from wind and ensure to prevent your helmet from buffeting as that can be quite uncomfortable as well as dangerous.

This product is available in various gradient colors, but it is also available in clear and solar. You can choose the one you like according to your preference and what might look good on your motorcycle.

Furthermore, this high-quality windshield can easily replace the OEM ones without any issues. You will be happy to know that this product is made of DOT-approved 3/16 inches Lucite.

This means that this product can provide excellent durability and optics when you are riding with it. Besides all that, this is an OEM style, and you can find this fit in two choices, such as the standard height and 2 inches taller.

Keep in mind that the vented models of the windshield include an OEM-style vent that will have a mechanical open and close feature. This means that you can adjust it accordingly whenever you are riding. However, the ones with the vent hole do not include a vent.

Other than that, the dimension of this windshield is about 24.0 inches in length, 5.0 inches in width, and lastly 24.0 inches in height. Make sure to match these measurements with your motorcycle, so you do not have a problem fitting it on.

Numerous complaints about this product were about the fitment. It did not fit well with some bikes. Make sure to check these measurements before you purchase this product.
  • Easy to place
  • It makes it easy to see through
  • Stabilize in wind
  • Adds extra inches
  • Fitment issues for some bikes
  • Instructions are hard to understand

There you have it, another considerable choice for you so you can have a long ride without having to worry about any wind or dirt hitting. But the issues with the fitting should be taken seriously by the company and provide accurate measurements.

4. Show Chrome Accessories 20-518 Clear Sweptback Windshield

The fourth product in this list is this Show Chrome Accessories 20-518 Clear Sweptback Windshield that is clear, which makes it easier for you to see through on the road as you ride your bike.

This product is mainly designed to fit all Honda GL 1800 Goldwing manufactured in 2001 up to 2017. Make sure to check this product’s information and match them with your motorcycle so you do not end up buying a product that does not even fit well.

Other than that, you should also know about the important measurements of this product so you can decide whether it will fit your bike or not. With that being said, this windshield is about 3 – ½ inches taller as well as 3 – ½ inches wider than the OEM windshield.

Besides that, this product also has a 3/16 inches thick yet transparent layer of Lucite, which is DOT approved. The great thing about this feature is that with the acrylic finish, you will have optical clarity and hardness, which will make sure not to break easily so you can have a safe and comfortable ride at all times.

Lastly, the vents on the windshield will surely adjust the airflow on it so it does not hit your face and cause wind buffeting, which can be dangerous for you on the road.

With the help of this feature, you can also go at a higher speed with no hesitations at all. You will most certainly see the difference between OEM and this product as soon as you install it and go on a ride.

Some people said that this product is certainly not scratch-resistant, and the height is not good for some bike riders. This can be uncomfortable to ride with.
  • Easy to install
  • Blocks the buffeting
  • High-quality product
  • Noticeable change
  • Not scratch resistant
  • Height can be quite uncomfortable

Well, another great product will make a noticeable change right after installation is done. It will make your bike look attractive but will certainly provide great performance as well. Just make sure the height is suitable for you as it was uncomfortable for some people.

5. Slipstreamer S-267 Windshield

The last product on this list is this Slipstreamer S-267 Windshield, which are made by using a high-quality product to ensure you get the optimum performance out of it.

Various riders prefer using this product on their bikes because of the dark smoke screen since it adds to the appearance of the bike, making it look more luxurious.

You need to note that this product is made using the same .177 Lucite aircraft quality acrylic used for the GL 1800 shields. This just means that this windshield will be extremely durable and reliable on the road, so you can ride carefree. You can also go for long rides at high speeds without any tension.

Moving on, this product can easily prevent all kinds of dirt, bugs, debris, or thrown-up rocks from hitting your face and body. This can be serious as you will feel uncomfortable and end up with an accident. It is also made to be wind deflective, so it does not cause wind buffeting, making your helmet vibrate a lot during your ride.

Other than that, this windshield is so much stronger and rigid than the OEM shields out there. This just means that they have a sufficient ability to provide airflow so you can have a smooth ride all the time. Moreover, this is an 11 inches version is 50 % dark smoke, so you can have an elegant look on your motorcycle.

You can also find other versions, such as the 19 inches version, which is crystal clear, and the 19 inches version that is vented that is delivered with OEM quality as the GL 1800. Besides, you will also get a guide with this product that will make your installation process more effortless.

You might have to add on extra modifications so you can mount it easily on your bike because, for some people, the holes were inaccurate, which made the installation process extremely troublesome.
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent protection from wind
  • Adjustable shield
  • Requires additional modification
  • Holes are inaccurate
  • Scratches easily

Overall, this is an outstanding option for you as you can adjust it according to your preference. Most importantly, with the durable material, you will be protected at all times to have an amazing experience riding your bike.

However, check the measurements before purchasing since some people have issues installing it. You might also have to modify this product a lot just so you can fit it in your bike well.


How Do I Install An 1800 Goldwing Windshield?

Installing the windshield on your 1800 Goldwing is easy if you have all the requirements. Make sure to read the instructions or watch videos before installing.

The first thing you want to do is loosen all the four screws on the bike and make sure the rubber rings are in place; then, you will place the windshield on the bike and start securing it with the four Allen screws.

Make sure to firmly tighten them using a wrench, so it does not move around when you ride your bike. Now you will place the plastic covers that go on the shield.

You will need rivets at the back to secure them in place. Once you hear the clicking sound, it means that they are secured in place. Now you are all done.

Are 1800 Goldwing Windshields Worth It?

Yes, 1800 Goldwing windshields are worth it. You will get the most effective results when you ride your bike on the road as these shields can prevent wind deflection and dirt, bugs, thrown-up rocks, and other kinds of elements that might come your way.

You will be able to ride at a faster speed without worrying about any of these elements at all.

How Do I Clean An 1800 Goldwing Windshield?

You can clean your windshield using a variety of cleaning products. The best one for cleaning is the F4 Customs designed to clean windshields. You can also use Plexus as well as White Diamond.

You can use either paper towels or Windex to clean the shield completely. You will let it sit on the shield for a couple of minutes and then wipe it away. It is easy to use and will come off easily, ensuring that every form of dirt is completely off the shield.

Does A Windshield Slow Down The Goldwing?

No, the windshield does not slow down the Goldwing at all. However, it will most certainly slow down the wind blast to protect you from wind buffeting.

The main purpose is to protect you from road elements and the wind so your helmet does not vibrate too much, as that can be uncomfortable and can cause accidents on the road.

How Do Windshields Help Against Buffeting?

With the help of windshields, you will not be getting hit by the wind on your face directly as the shield will make sure to prevent it. The shield will protect your body and make sure the airflow is as smooth as possible and spreads around evenly.

If you do face this issue, then it is best to place a windscreen spoiler so this way you can deflect the wind that might come over your head.


I hope now you can choose from this list the best windshield for 1800 Goldwing. Although all five of these are incredible products, I would suggest buying the National Cycle VStream Clear Windscreen Windshield as it has all the required features that people look for before buying.

It is durable, wind deflective, and also makes sure to protect you from dirt and other road particles. Before buying a windshield, make sure to read all the information provided and do more research if required because you want to spend your money on the most effective product that will deliver safety and comfort all the time.