Reviews On 7 Top-Rated Sounding Exhausts/Slip-On Mufflers For Harley Touring

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The main purpose of slip-on mufflers is to provide you with the best deep, loud sound that will come from the exhaust of your Harley touring motorcycle. And you definitely wouldn’t want to miss that, right?

Suppose you are unfamiliar with the fact that the combustion process can release harmful gases that will be bad for the environment and your exhaust. In that case, that will affect the sound and performance of your muffler.

But with the help and necessary information provided by this article, you will be able to decide the best sounding slip on mufflers for Harley touring. Make sure to read it till the end, as I will provide you with a buying guide to help you better understand.

7 Top Best Harley Davidson Touring Slip-On Mufflers Review


SHARKROAD Super Loud Version Chrome 4” Slip On Mufflers Exhaust Pipe

SHARKROAD Super Loud Version Chrome 4” Slip On Mufflers Exhaust Pipe

Vance & Hines 16763 Twin Slash 4 Rounds Chrome Slip On Mufflers Vance & Hines 16763 Twin Slash 4 Rounds Chrome Slip On Mufflers


DNA 4” Chrome Style Tapered Slip On Mufflers

DNA 4” Chrome Style Tapered Slip On Mufflers

Rinehart Racing 4 Rinehart Racing 4″ Slip-On Mufflers Chrome

HANDMO Slip-On Mufflers HANDMO Slip-On Mufflers

Cobra Neighbor Haters Chrome 4.5 Cobra Neighbor Haters Chrome 4.5″ Mufflers Exhaust Slip Ons

SHARKROAD Chrome 4.5 SHARKROAD Chrome 4.5″ Large Outlet Slip Ons Muffler Exhaust


1. SHARKROAD Super Loud Version Chrome 4” Slip On Mufflers Exhaust Pipe

Starting with my first product in this list, the SHARKROAD Super Loud Version Chrome 4” Slip On Mufflers Exhaust Pipe for Harley Touring is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to maximize their motorcycle’s power and sound.

It is stated that this product has the best loud version that will be aggressive and ferocious but not in an obnoxious way. The sound will be powerful and attract many people around you as you ride on your motorcycle.

Besides improving the sound, it will also give the most amazing performance as it consists of what they call the “3 steps structure”; 1.75″ to 2.5″ to 3.0″, these are the three steps pipe which will be located inside the muffler as they will work for quick flow which will eventually give you excellent performance rather than using the ones with stock baffled slip ons.

Another amazing thing about this product is that it will offer you the best firmer on touring. It will not only fit the 017-UP Harley touring models but also includes the street glide, Electra glide, road glide, king glide, and ultra-classic. Keep in mind that this design is not suitable for the tri-glide model.

If you are great at mechanical work, then the good news is that this product can be installed easily by yourself without requiring anyone else’s help. It is worth mentioning that this muffler only fits stock headers and is sold in pairs with hardware included, so you do not have to buy other necessary items separately.

And lastly, if you are not satisfied with the product, rest assured that you can easily return and get a refund right away. The company will also provide you with 24/7 customer service, so if anything is bothering you or you would like to have more information regarding this product, please feel free to contact them.

You should know that many people have complained regarding the quality of the product as many have experienced that it will rust quickly, which can be displeasing for anyone as it can ruin the appearance of their Harley motorcycle.
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • After-sales 24/7 service
  • Improves the sound and performance
  • Fits perfectly on Harley
  • Poor quality as will rust quickly
  • Size issues
  • Might start making a rattling sound

Overall this is one of the most trusted products by loyal customers as they had an amazing experience with it. It will make your Harley look even more appealing, however, due to the rusting, it might not be a great choice, and this is something the manufacturers work on right away.

2. Vance & Hines 16763 Twin Slash 4 Rounds Chrome Slip On Mufflers

The Vance & Hines 16763 Twin Slash 4 Rounds Chrome Slip On Mufflers are one of the most amazing products that will be the perfect choice for your Harley Touring.

These mufflers will make the quality of your sound extraordinary as it will make that deep rumbling sound as you go that will make people turn around and look. If you are not pleased with the sound, that is not a problem, as you can use the quiet inserts that usually come with the exhaust for the Harley street glide.

This way, you can ride without much noise but if you do prefer hearing a sound, then simply remove the inserts. Moving on with the designing of the product, well, first off, the size of the slip on is quite large, which is about 4″; this will make the appearance of your motorcycle even better and give you great performance.

They are not just big but also extra durable, so they can withstand any weather and not rust or lose their quality. With the help of the slash-cut pipes, you will be able to boost the power as it will offer an all-mechanical straight into the louvered baffle, increasing the energy and sound even more.

The value of this product is reasonable, and be rest assured as these slip ons will come in pairs together, so you will be enjoying the power, sound, quality, and performance all in one. It is worth mentioning that if your chrome is turning blue, then with the help of the Vance & Hines internal heat shield will prevent any discoloration of the chrome over time.

There have been various cases where the chrome started to peel off, and some even complained how the sound is still too quiet. Make sure that you test and check the quality before purchasing.
  • Deep pleasant sound
  • Heat shielding system
  • Comes with quiet inserts
  • Easy to install
  • Might not be loud
  • Chrome might start peeling off
  • Does not fit every bike type

This product has outstanding customer support from the company, so you can easily share the problems you are facing. The company should help their customers to be satisfied and improve the quality of their product.

3. DNA 4” Chrome Style Tapered Slip On Mufflers

The DNA 4” Chrome Style Tapered Slip On Mufflers are one of a kind and is referred by many users. This item weighs about 14 pounds and is made out of a 16 G steel triple chromed body with billet aluminum tips, which adds to the mufflers’ looks, making it stand out even more.

One of the great things about this product is that it comes with removable baffles and contains two ¼ inch bolts that hold in the removable tips. Keep in mind that these mufflers can fit in with all the 1-3/4 inch exhaust pipes, so if you own one, you are absolutely on the right path.

The total length is approximately 29 inches, the long baffle is 1-5/8 inches, the inlet is 1-7/8 inches, and finally, the outlet is 4 inches. Make sure to look into these measurements and match them with your motorcycle so you do not regret buying it.

Moving on, it is suggested by the company that it is best to replace the OEM mufflers with these slip-on mufflers as they will provide you with the best deep sounds.

It is approved and tested by many dealers who consider it best in the market that comes with two packs instead of just one with a reasonable price.

The company also mentioned that the discoloration is not due to the exhaust pipes or the mufflers as that can be due to tuning characteristics, can timing, etc., and is not due to defective manufacturing. So make sure to use the mufflers carefully and get maintenance done every once.

There are a few issues with the quality of the product, such as the pipes are dented, weak welds, and some people even having issues with the sound this muffler was making.
  • Easy installation
  • Loud sound
  • Better performance
  • Reasonable price
  • Crap quality
  • Weak welds
  • Displeasing sound
  • Issues with pipes

With this product, you can take your Harley for a long ride as it will be able to improve the sound and performance of your exhaust system. It is made out of good quality steel, so it will not rust quickly. However, it is important to look into the small issues and fix them as soon as possible as it can be dangerous when driving on the road.

4. Rinehart Racing 4″ Slip-On Mufflers Chrome

The Rinehart Racing 4″ Slip-On Mufflers Chrome are the perfect fit for Harley Touring; however, do keep in mind that this is mostly designed for models manufactured in 1995 up to 2016. When it comes to sound, this muffler provides you with the best distinctive deep sound that any other product will and makes people look around as you ride.

This product will make the sound better and add to the remarkable appearance, which will make it look brand new and aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, these mufflers are easy to install, which will only take about 10 minutes to do it all yourself.

Just make sure to read through the instruction manual provided along with the mufflers so you can have a better idea if you plan on doing it yourself or doing it for the first time. It is worth mentioning that these mufflers do not require acoustic tuning as the manufacturers also do not recommend using it at all when you are installing it on a catalyst-equipped pipe.

These mufflers are designed for and can be used with the OE head pipes; they will match the Rinehart racing’s slimline dual headers. It is suggested that if you want the best use out of these mufflers for the performance of your engine, then make sure to get a stage 1 air cleaner that goes along with it.

Many people have complained that the product does not fit their motorcycles and high prices.
  • Easy installation
  • Does not require any tuning during installation
  • Makes a deep, pleasant sound
  • Adds to the appearance of the motorcycle
  • Might not fit every motorcycle
  • Slow customer service
  • Expensive

This product is specifically designed for 1995 up to 2016 models, so it is very important to check it before purchasing. Many people have been misguided, which was a huge loss because the product is also quite expensive.

5. HANDMO Slip-On Mufflers

Looking for the top sound and excellent performing slip on muffler can be hard to find, but the HANDMO Slip-On Mufflers are another perfect choice. You will not only be getting one slip-on muffler but instead two.

This also includes essential hardware for installation and, most importantly, friendly after-sales service, so if you are confused or have any muffler-related questions, please ask them whenever.

Coming to the features of this product, these mufflers will be offering you the best quality deep sound with the help of a quality mesh net baffle that creates a deep growl rumbling sound that will not be too loud or too low. You can enjoy it as you ride.

It will be able to improve the horsepower, making it work with high flow air intake, fuel management, and correct tuning. In addition to that, these mufflers also increase the performance of your motorcycle; do keep in mind that the manufacturer of this product highly recommends tuning. Hence, it is up to you if you want it or not.

Moving forward, you will be making the appearance of your Harley Davidson Touring, which is already pleasing to look at, but with this product, it will be more appealing as you ride.

People will admire the looks. It is designed with the triple-layered polished chrome glory, which differentiates it from its competitors, and the quality is so good that it will not ruin the quality of the product.

It is worth knowing that this product had various complaints regarding the packaging as it was delivered damaged. If it happens to you, then contact the manufacturer as soon as possible.
  • Great performance
  • Cost-effective
  • After sales customer service
  • Deep and rich sound
  • Might be damaged when delivered
  • Might not fit well

Overall, the quality, the performance, and especially the sound is perfect. If this is what you are looking for, you should buy this product, but another great thing is that it also increases horsepower, making the motorcycle run smoothly and fast.

6. Cobra Neighbor Haters Chrome 4.5″ Mufflers Exhaust Slip Ons

Starting, the Cobra Neighbor Haters Chrome 4.5″ Mufflers Exhaust Slip Ons are the perfect fit for the 2017-2018 touring models. Hence, you need to check if your motorcycle falls into this category, and if it does not, it is best to choose another product from this list.

This slip-on muffler is perfect for riders who love the sound their muffler makes as they ride on the road and people are watching and admiring it as this muffler provides you with the best deep rumble, which will not be annoying at all.

Moreover, this product is large enough to fit your motorcycle, which is about 4.5 inches, so you can have the most out of it. It is stated that the perforated core exists in a trumpet bell shape which will allow the V-twin sound to pass through and grow to the fullest, making it sound different than any other muffler sounds out there.

You will be happy to know that these mufflers make a great sound, make the performance great, and style your motorcycle, making it look brand new. Just keep in mind that these mufflers have a limited lifetime warranty, but they will perform until they finally expire.

So people have mentioned that these mufflers are not loud enough as they might start to rust quickly from the inside, which prevents the pleasing sound from coming out.
  • Large size
  • Loud and deep
  • Reasonable price
  • Increases the horsepower
  • Rust quickly
  • Not too loud
  • Lift pipe might not work properly

With this product, you will be able to enjoy every single ride as you go on the road with people watching you and admiring your Harley Touring. It will give you a loud and deep sound and increase horsepower.

7. SHARKROAD Chrome 4.5″ Large Outlet Slip Ons Muffler Exhaust

Finally, coming to the last product in this list, the SHARKROAD Chrome 4.5″ Large Outlet Slip Ons Muffler Exhaust for Harley Davidson Touring will be the perfect choice for you as the Company assures you with the best quality products like the mufflers themselves.

They have many kinds of products that you can choose from for the best performance and which suits your motorcycle the best. Starting, a muffler needs to make a deep and rich sound that rumbles at idle and according to your speed. It is worth knowing that it is louder than any stock muffler, which will attract people and other motorcycle riders to turn around and admire.

Moving on, keep in mind that these slip on mufflers will only be able to fit the 2017-2021 Harley Davidson touring, which also includes street glide, road glide, road king, Electra glide, ultra-classic, and EVO versions but will not be suitable for the 2 in 1 exhaust or the tru glide or the freewheeler.

If you fall into these categories, you are good to go but if not, make sure to do more research and look for the right fit for your motorcycle. Furthermore, these mufflers have removable baffles, so if you love to hear an even louder sound, feel free to remove the baffles.

Lastly, good news for you, if you are someone who loves to do the job by yourself, then you can install these mufflers within a couple of minutes as the hardware will also be provided with the mufflers, so you do not have to purchase different parts separately, plus with the help of the instruction manual, the job will be even easier for you.

Moreover, if you get lost during the installation process or have questions about the muffler, please contact customer service. It will be available 24/7 to make things easier for you.

These mufflers might not be able to release the desired loud and pounding sound you want due to the baffles, and once they are removed, it might make a squeaky sound, so make sure to test the product before.
  • Easy installation process
  • Tuning is recommended but not required
  • Adds to the appearance of the motorcycle
  • Top quality pipes
  • It is not designed for every type of motorcycle
  • Not too loud sound

Finally, you can enjoy the ride, even more every time you go out with this product. It will be able to release a loud and deep sound according to the speed you are going. If this does not work for you, feel free to contact the manufacturer on the helpline to get better information and what you can do to fix this issue.


What Should I Look Into Before Buying Slip-On Mufflers?

When you are looking for the slip on mufflers, make sure not to miss any features of the product, as these will determine the performance of your engine.

Make sure to look into the model size, quality, sound intensity, weight, design, compatibility, and how it will improve the performance, such as your engine’s horsepower. With this information, you can choose the best one for you.

Should I Need To Remap My Harley After Installing Slip-On Mufflers?

If you want the best performance from your Harley motorcycle, you must remap your motorcycle’s fuel injection. However, if you own an exhaust that has a similar size, shape, volume, and design, then there is no need for fuel injection. Make sure to check if you will slip one of the 2:1 full systems, then remap your fuel injection.

Do Slip On Mufflers Improve Or Increase The Horsepower?

This is a common question that many people ask. It is stated that the slip on mufflers will not work to improve the horsepower or performance of the exhaust, but in some cases, people have noticed that it did work for them. However, the main purpose of slip-on mufflers is to enhance the sound used for decoration.


There you have it, riders. I hope this article helped you find and choose the best sounding slip on mufflers for Harley Touring.

Although all of these are one of a kind and will be efficient, I would personally recommend the SHARKROAD Super Loud Version Chrome 4” Slip On Mufflers Exhaust Pipe as it is one of the most trusted and recommended products which will also improve the performance and the sound intensity of your mufflers.

Make sure to read through all the features to match yours as some models are not suitable and would not fit some motorcycle models.