Reviews On 7 Top-Rated Motorcycle Helmets Under $100

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Finding a decent helmet for use with your motorcycle is not an easy task. You need to make sure that sufficient safety features are provided, which will help you in case things get extreme.

It gets even harder when trying to find the best motorcycle helmet under 100. That changes today, as this article contains the top budget helmets that will not sacrifice too much safety and security.

I can assure you that these products cannot be beaten in the price range. Even a buying guide is included at the end of this article, which will help alleviate some of your questions or confusion.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it.

7 Top Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $100 Comparison


ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

GLX Unisex Adult GX11 Compact Lightweight Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet GLX Unisex Adult GX11 Compact Lightweight Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

YEMA YM-831 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet YEMA YM-831 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


TRIANGLE Matte Black Full Face Helmets

TRIANGLE Matte Black Full Face Helmets

YEMA YM-627 Open Face Helmet YEMA YM-627 Open Face Helmet

HELMO DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmet HELMO DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmet

Westt Torque Motorcycle Helmet Westt Torque Motorcycle Helmet


1. ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

Arriving in the first place, and taking an easy lead over all competitors, is the Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet by ILM. I have checked out a company’s product once before, and I was genuinely impressed.

The same has occurred here with this helmet. The helmet has been able to gather a rather impressive 5700 ratings. That is quite a lot and will also help confirm the issues commonly faced by the users—more about that in a moment.

The helmet is available in various colors, and you can choose from seven different colors and two different visor options. This allows you to get the helmet of your choice. The helmet is quite stylish. This can be deduced when its shape is seen and assessed.

I have some good news. The looks are not what make this helmet good. It has been designed for reducing drag and noise too. In other words, it has an aerodynamic design. The visors have been designed to be used for a long time.

They have an anti-scratch technology. They also provide an excellent view, thanks to the wide-angle design. You will have to worry less about vehicles in your peripheral vision and focus more on what’s ahead.

The helmet is perfect for use in all seasons. This can be concluded by the fact that the company has included a removable neck scarf, for the winters, in the box.

If you are worried about the helmet not being DOT approved, you should cheer up. The helmet easily crosses all requirements needed to get that certification.

The most common complaint that users had about this helmet was that it did not reduce the noise. This is surprising as the manufacturer claims something opposite. Although it depends on an individual’s use scenario, the company should look into these allegations.
  • Different color options
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Wide-angle visors for maximum vision
  • Included neck scarf for the winter
  • DOT approved
  • May produce sound at high speeds

The company should look into these reports of the helmet not working as expected at high speeds. Other than that, the helmet is pretty solid, and you will surely love it.

2. GLX Unisex Adult GX11 Compact Lightweight Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

Coming in second place is Another Great Contender from the Company GLX. The manufacturer has created a pretty solid product, which is reflected in the more than 3500 positive ratings it has received.

Let’s see what makes it so good. As most users would prefer a plain black helmet over other designs, the manufacturer has not offered anything else to the users. There is a glossy black, matte black, and camo option.

There are also four different sizes available, which will allow you to get the one that has the perfect fit. The helmet is DOT approved. It passes all safety requirements, which makes it legal for use in the USA. This is certainly good news for many of you.

This helmet, yet again, has an aerodynamic design, and it will reduce air drag considerably. It does not end there. The helmet will also provide you with excellent impact protection. This is something not found in cheap helmets. Well, GLX aims to shake up the budget helmet segment.

Let’s talk about comfort. The helmet has been designed to let as much air in as possible. There are ventilation panels that allow air exchange. You won’t feel like you are in a humid room after wearing this helmet for some hours. It is perfect for use on long routes.

The inner lining also absorbs moisture quickly, keeping you as dry as possible. The lining can be removed and washed, perfect for those who don’t want any bacteria formation. The manufacturer even offers a one-year warranty with the helmet, which is heard of in the helmet world.

Some users complained about the helmet being extremely uncomfortable. These users reported that the padding was very hard, making the helmet unsuitable for use, even for short periods.
  • DOT approved
  • Well-ventilated design
  • Removable and washable moisture absorbing lining
  • One-year warranty
  • Excellent impact protection
  • Very hard padding

As a small number of users reported the issue, the probability is that there may be a quality control issue in the company. This should be looked into and fixed as soon as possible. The helmet is perfect in all other ways.

3. YEMA YM-831 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Coming in third place is a YM-831 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet from the Company YEMA. The manufacturer has been on one of my articles before, and it makes excellent products. This one is no different as it has more than 600 positive ratings from consumers.

So, let’s see what features it brings to the table. Just like the previous helmets, this one is offered in different sizes. From small to XX-L, you will not run into issues like the helmet being too small or too large.

There are no color options available. Some of you may find this unacceptable, but once you look at the helmet, you will see that the black color looks perfect on it.

The helmet uses an ABS composite as the main material for the exterior. Now, this is not the best option out there, but for a price of 100, you honestly cannot expect more out of it. ABS is pretty good and is a popular option in the budget segment, and it is even used in some high-tier helmets.

The interior, however, has an EPS lining. It provides perfect impact protection as the helmet can spread out the force of the impact. As it is also DOT approved, you won’t have to worry about the manufacturer compromising any safety aspect.

The helmet has other great features too. The visor is scratch and UV resistant. It has a large field of vision, so you don’t have to worry about your peripheral vision too much.

The unique feature of this product is that there is space for your Bluetooth devices, so you can listen to music or calls without touching the phone. This is a great addition, and it also increases safety.

Buyers complained about the build quality of the helmet not being up to par. This may be due to the company’s use of ABS, which is not the most premium material out there.
  • Different sizes available
  • ABS material
  • EPS lining
  • Durable and long-lasting visor
  • Cheap feeling

For the price, you cannot demand more from a helmet. There are products out there that look and feel good but lack in the safety aspect. Plus, looks will not help when there is an unfortunate incident!

4. TRIANGLE Matte Black Full Face Helmets

Coming in fourth place is a Matte Black Full Face Helmet from TRIANGLE. I admit that the manufacturer’s name is quite unusual, and it does not look like it makes a helmet. But the reality is that the line-up is pretty solid, and this matte black helmet is here to prove it.

I think the name makes it clear that the helmet is available in one color option only. I prefer matte black over glossy because you don’t have to worry about fingerprints anymore. Plus, it gives off that stealthy vibe which the majority of people prefer.

The helmet can be bought in the size of your liking, and you can choose from XL, large and small. Just like the previous one, this helmet has an ABS shell. Unlike the YEMA helmet, which had a low-quality feel when holding it, the same is not the case with this TRIANGLE helmet.

The ABS has been upgraded with high-pressure thermoplastic technology. The helmet is quite lightweight. At a mere 3 pounds, it will not put any strain on the back of your neck. This makes it perfect for use on long routes. You won’t feel the need to take it off just because it is too heavy.

The padding used is comfortable and plush. It also does a great job at absorbing moisture, keeping your head and neck dry. It is removable and washable too. Your cleanliness needs will not be sacrificed if you get this helmet.

Buyers complained about receiving the wrong size helmet. This is a shipping issue which must be fixed by the company as soon as possible. Users cannot compromise on the size of the helmet, and it puts them at risk. So, the problem must be resolved.
  • Matte black design
  • Advanced ABS build
  • Lightweight
  • Removable and washable padding
  • Fitment issues

This is an issue the company should not take lightly. Although the rest of the helmet is pretty good, this issue should be considered because it may cost the company many customers. Other than that, the helmet is pretty good and deserves a spot on this list.

5. YEMA YM-627 Open Face Helmet

I know how hard it is to find an open-face helmet under the 100 range, and these helmets have been priced high, which makes finding one extremely difficult. Well, I was able to find one that is comparable to the more expensive options out there.

You may have noticed that the company is YEMA, and the manufacturer has been able to take up two spots on this list, which is quite incredible. The YEMA YM-627 Open Face Helmet is available in different sizes and two colors. You can choose from your all-time favorite matte black or simply white.

White helmets normally don’t look good, but this one has a good look. The thing with open-face helmets is that they are mostly not DOT approved, and they don’t meet the requirements for them to be legal to use on USA streets. Well, that changes with this YEMA helmet. It is DOT-approved and has excellent safety.

The open-face design means that you will not get claustrophobic while wearing a helmet ever again. The helmet has a dual visor design, giving you a greater field of vision while also enhancing safety in an unexpected mishap.

Moving towards comfort, the helmet uses removable inner lining pads, and they can be washed to be kept clean at all times. The company has provided an excellent ventilation system, which will allow an easy exchange of air.

This is great news for people who tend to sweat a lot. You can rest assured that your head will get all the air it needs to remain as dry as possible.

Buyers complained that the visor did not come down enough, which blocks the vision and poses a threat to the users who use it. This looks like a quality control issue and must be fixed by the manufacturer as soon as possible.
  • DOT approved
  • Dual visor design
  • Removable lining pads
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Visor does not come down fully

Although the company has made a decent helmet, it should look into the matter. If the visor does not come down, it poses a risk to the biker as it hinders them from seeing the traffic in front of them properly.

6. HELMO DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmet

I thought it would be better to step away from the popular brands and give underappreciated brands a try. It was not long before I found this Excellent Helmet from the Company HELMO. As is evident by the product’s name, the helmet is DOT approved.

So, you don’t need to worry about getting into issues with the authorities. Let’s see what it offers. The helmet is available in this one punk style theme. It looks pretty good and will turn heads wherever you go.

Normally, manufacturers provide good looks to make up for the poor safety offerings of a product. Well, I can assure you, with 100% certainty that is not the case here. You are getting one of the best drop impact protections out there under this price range.

The helmet has a dual visor design, just like the previous helmet. There is a clear one and a tinted one. Both of them work together to protect you from UV rays and the harsh sunlight that can blind people in certain scenarios.

Plus, the high quality of the visors also means that you are getting a view that will not have any distortion. You will be able to see everything clearly, without any obstructions.

If you are a racer or just like to travel at high speeds, you will love this helmet’s aerodynamic design. It reduces air drag considerably, allowing you to accelerate as much as you want, without any difficulties.

Although there were close to 20 people who left positive ratings, none left feedback. This means that the community accepted the product, but it is still not being tested enough. This makes owning this helmet a bit of a risk.
  • DOT approved
  • Dual visor design
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Unique theme
  • Not enough feedback

On paper, the helmet is excellent. It checks all the boxes you would require from a good helmet, but there might be some issues that cannot be confirmed until customers receive feedback. That is why buying this helmet is a bit of a risk.

7. Westt Torque Motorcycle Helmet

Finally arriving in the seventh and final place is a Motorcycle Helmet from Westt. The company has garnered an impressive 1400 ratings, most of which are positive.

Let’s look at what this helmet offers and if it deserves a spot on this article. The manufacturer offers different styles for this helmet. You can choose from Torque, Torque X, and Torque V2. This is certainly a different approach to selling the same helmet with different designs.

I will be talking about features that are common in all of these designs. The helmet has a dual visor design. Both of these visors have a scratch-proof surface, which means that they will look as good as new, even after months of usage. This also means that the vision will never be interrupted.

The helmet is also DOT approved, which means that it is legal for use on USA streets. There certainly is a piece of mind knowing that a helmet has been officially approved as a safety helmet.

The interior of the helmet is quite comfortable. The padding is also washable, which means that you can keep it clean at all times.

The helmet has ventilation sides too, and the constant exchange of air means that you will not have to worry about getting a sweaty head while riding for hours on end. The helmet can also connect to your phone to store medical data, which is another great feature.

Users complained that the size of the helmet was not as advertised, and they reported that even the largest size was too small for some heads. This is something to consider before you buy this helmet.
  • Dual visor design
  • DOT approved
  • Comfortable interior
  • Well-ventilated design
  • Size issues

The manufacturer has made a solid product and has smart functionality, which is not found in other helmets. It is a decent product, but if you have a large head, you may need to consider some other helmet. It is a solid product, which you will appreciate.


Should I Look For The Cheapest And The Safest Options Possible?

If you have no financial constraints, then I would advise getting a helmet that does not compromise on anything.

This includes fiberglass construction, excellent durability, and padding. Such helmets can cross the 500-dollar range. But if you cannot spend more than that, then the best options are the ones listed above.

Are Cheap Helmets OK?

Yes, they are, but it is recommended to have cheap helmets for temporary purposes only.

They can definitely not be compared to their expensive counterparts, but it is better than driving without a helmet at all. If you want a cheap helmet, make sure that the padding is thick and will provide a good cushion against an impact.

How Safe Are Open Face Helmets?

Let’s jump to the more serious questions. Well, open-face helmets barely cross the mark for getting DOT approved. If an incident occurs from the front of your face, then you can expect some pretty grave injuries. But, if they are from the side, then there is a good chance that you will walk away unscathed.

The thing about accidents is that you cannot predict where they will come from. That is why it is advised to get a full-face helmet. This way, you can have a piece of mind that you are not compromising on safety from any angle.

Are Helmets Worth It?

Surprisingly, this is one of the most asked questions online. I can assure you that helmets are worth it. There have been many studies, which had a common conclusion that helmets decrease the chance of injury by a huge margin.

Plus, riding without a helmet will lead to a hefty fine. So, it is better to spend a few hundred dollars to get the helmet of your choice.


Although there are hundreds of options when you are on a budget, you should be extremely picky about which helmet you should get. There should be no compromise on safety, as that is the main reason for getting a new helmet.

Well, I have saved you hours of research by listing the best motorcycle helmet under 100. I can assure you that all of the above helmets are guaranteed to be the top of the line in this category.

This has been confirmed by checking the ratings of each helmet individually. Out of all these options, I would recommend the ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet, which also earned the first spot on this article. It checks all the boxes of a decent helmet.