Reviews On 7 Top-Rated Brake Pads For Motorcycles

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The brake discs of the bike do not contact themselves directly. Instead, a small frictionless surface is placed specifically to create contact between the two, allowing the brakes to function. These pads, over time, begin to wear out, causing them to make the entire process of braking your bike a dangerous one.

This is why it is integral that you keep on changing the brake pads after a specific amount of time to avoid traffic accidents and injuries. What better choices to consider than the ones on this list, which could be the best motorcycle brake pads currently available.

7 Top Best Motorcycle Brake Pads Comparisons


EBC Brakes FA196HH Disc Brake Pad Set

EBC Brakes FA196HH Disc Brake Pad Set

EBC Brakes EBPCK1027 Complete Double-H Sintered Brake Pad Change Kit EBC Brakes EBPCK1027 Complete Double-H Sintered Brake Pad Change Kit

ECCPP Motorcycle Replacement Front And Rear Braking Pads Kits Set ECCPP Motorcycle Replacement Front And Rear Braking Pads Kits Set

Lyndall Brakes Z-Plus Brake Pads Lyndall Brakes Z-Plus Brake Pads

Zinger Brake Pads Zinger Brake Pads

Lyndall Brakes Gold Plus Brake Pads Lyndall Brakes Gold Plus Brake Pads

Race Driven Front & Rear Severe Duty Brake Pads Race Driven Front & Rear Severe Duty Brake Pads


1. EBC Brakes FA196HH Disc Brake Pad Set

The EBC is a well-known brand that is an independently owned and managed and top seller in the brake market, which prides itself on customer satisfaction, its products, and its success, producing the largest range of brake pads in the world in the UK. This is part of the EBC’s HH series, made for Americans by Americans.

The product specification is a FA196HH which comes in a set. It is made of ultra-high friction sintered copper alloy, which helps the product excel in various regions and areas. This EBC Brakes FA196HH Disc Brake Pad Set has maximum friction, which gives it the best amount of stopping power a bike can get.

This makes braking in a pinch easy, but that should not be a reason to go at dangerous speeds. Brake pads are made to be replaced now and then. This is just due to how they are used, wear and tear are part of the process, but this product offers a lot more bang for your buck, giving you a much longer usage period.

The same material is also very durable and provides the product with a long usage period before changing. The product also takes heat management very seriously. Moreover, these are equipped with stainless steel plates that act as heat radiators for the motorcycle.

The major concern that the buyers of this product have raised is the fact that the product does not fit inside their bike, meaning it must be compatible with a limited range of motorcycles, limiting its usage rate and consumer pool.
  • Good heat management
  • High-friction copper alloy
  • Long usage time
  • High stopping power
  • May not fit in certain bike models

An overall amazing product that delivers exactly what it says it does but may have a limited range of compatibility, so make sure to check if it can be installed on your bike before purchase.

2. EBC Brakes EBPCK1027 Complete Double-H Sintered Brake Pad Change Kit

The EBC is one of the best and most trusted companies when it comes to brake pads, so much so that their products have made their way onto this list again.

EBC’s Brake Pad is labeled as the company’s flagship product and is among some of the best brake pads available on the market.

They have even been recommended in many of Harley Davidson’s online forums. So you can be sure that the product quality is top-notch.

The EBC Brakes EBPCK1027 Complete Double-H Sintered Brake Pad Change Kit is also made of ceramic material, so you can rest assured that it will provide you with high-quality durability and a long usage period, making them an ideal choice to purchase.

These brake pads are sintered and do not come under the organic brake pad category. This means that they will last you longer than any other organic brake pad variants on the market right now. Not only that, but they will perform much better in all kinds of muddy terrain than organic ones.

Furthermore, they also have a Double-H rating. This means that they are H-rated both when hot and cold, which means they will work at the same efficiency regardless of their temperature. This allows you to use them easily and consistently in a variety of different conditions, be it wet or dry or hot or cold.

These particular brake pads do make some noise when they are brand new. This is because, as mentioned before, they are sintered brake pads. However, the noise should decrease after about 100 miles of using them. It does not go away completely, but it is not obnoxiously loud.
  • Double-H rated; good for different types of conditions for usage
  • Sintered brake pads so they can be used on muddy and rugged terrain
  • Long-lasting; because they are sintered
  • They are noisy initially, which goes down over time but not completely

Other than the noise, these brake pads are a very good recommendation. Their quality is top-notch, and the noise problem disappears after a while. So you can check them out.

3. ECCPP Motorcycle Replacement Front And Rear Braking Pads Kits Set

If you are someone who severely hates your brake pads making noise, then the ECCPP Motorcycle Replacement Front And Rear Braking Pads Kits Set might be of interest to you.

Like all other ECCPP automotive replacement parts, these are among the highest quality ones available on the market. The main reason is that they are not made of metal and leather-like most brake pads. Instead, they are made of Kevlar-Carbon Fiber that features an anti-noise shim.

They also have no rotor galling. This gives these brake pads their reputation for being as quiet as they are whenever they are used, even in the case of polished rotors. Along with their anti-noise, they are durable and provide the user with a decent period of use before being worn out and needing a replacement.

With the sheer stopping power they provide, this is amazing. These brake pads made of Kevlar-Carbon allow them to provide you with some very impressive stopping power.

What this does is that it makes your brakes more predictable to use. This allows you to have more control over your bike when you are riding it, which is most important when it comes to motorcycles.

Moreover, they are also more reliable than the standard organic brake pads you may find. Again, this is because of their Kevlar Carbon Fiber material. They allow for efficient braking in conditions or terrains that you might want to ride your bike in. They also come for both front and rear positions.

However, despite having Carbon Fiber as material, they do not last very long. I would have thought that they should have lasted longer because of this very feature due to how good carbon fiber is at standing high temperatures. However, this is a problem with these, and you should be aware of it.
  • They make no noise
  • Kevlar-Carbon Fiber material allows for strong braking power
  • Come in both front and rear positions
  • It may not last too long compare to other products on this list

These kinds of brake pads are those that I would recommend to you only if you want something that works right for as long as you have it. Because you better be ready to spend some money sooner than you think with these on but while you have them, you will have a good experience.

4. Lyndall Brakes Z-Plus Brake Pads

Lyndall is a company originally established in 1998, and with over two decades of experience, they are one of the most trusted sources of motorcycle spare parts.

This is because of their consistency with making high-quality products. The product I will be talking about right now is the Lyndall Brakes Z-Plus Brake Pads.

As you probably already know, stock brake pads on Harley-Davidsons or many other bikes, in general, do not have the most reliable brake pads when it comes to rough usage in the toughest of terrains where they tend to fade. The reason for this is that they are made of Kevlar-Carbon Fiber. This puts them in the category of organic brake pads.

The Kevlar-Carbon allows them to perform most efficiently in their optimum hot temperatures, which also helps in making them last a lot longer.

This product does not allow for brake fade in any way. As the pads get worn out, the user may experience loss in braking, which is known as brake fade. This is not an issue with the product due to the long life it lasts.

Due to these brake pads being organic, they provide very little to no sound. So you will not have to deal with the squeaking that you normally get in the sintered brake pads.

The material also allows you to have much more control over your bike while you are riding, allowing for a very strong braking power. This can help you stop fast in any situation.

The only disadvantage with buying these that I can see is that the front and the rear pads do not come together. This is a bit of a disappointment that you have to buy each pair of these separately as these are really good pads in pretty much all other regards.
  • Do not make a lot of sound. Close to no sound at all
  • Strong braking power; Allows for more control on your bike
  • Long-lasting; Do not fade very fast
  • Made of Kevlar-Carbon Fiber
  • Need to buy front and rear pads separately

These are some solid brake pads for your bike. I would recommend that you buy one position but not replace the stock pads with these unless you have bought the other position. This might be a bit expensive, but it is worth it in the long run.

5. Zinger Brake Pads

The Zinger Brake Pad is an excellent choice of replacement for your bike touring. This is because these are designed specifically for touring Harley Davidson models.

First of all, these are sintered brake pads and not organic brake pads. They are made of ceramic which makes them highly resistant to fading.

This means that you will not have to replace brake pads for a long time after you have installed these. They provide for a very strong braking power in all kinds of terrain, especially on mountainous terrain.

The harder of these sintered pads may be harder on your rotors due to the harder material they are made of, but they make up for it with the good control they provide.

So you will not have to worry about giving your brakes a hard time. This brake pad is made specifically for Harley Davidson motorbikes, making it an ideal choice.

This is further expanded upon because it is compatible with various Harley models, making it a good choice to buy for a replacement.

They work extremely well in muddy and wet conditions because these brake pads are Double-H rated. This means it does not matter whether you drive your bike in the cold.

You will get a solid brake whenever you apply it. Both the front and rear come with the package when you order it, so do not worry about having to buy them separately.

Being sintered brake pads means that they are going to be loud. This is expected because the material used to make these is ceramic. Even though the noise dies down a little bit after being used for a while, it does not completely disappear.
  • Double-H rated; Work well in both hot and cold conditions
  • Sintered brake pads; Very long-lasting
  • The package comes with both front and rear brake pads
  • It can be hard or your bike’s rotors
  • It makes a lot of loud noise when used because of being Sintered

I would recommend these brake pads to those who go out on long travels on their bikes. Specifically, if you go to the mountains on your bike, you should think about replacing your stock brake pads with these.

6. Lyndall Brakes Gold Plus Brake Pads

If the name Lyndall feels familiar, it is not a coincidence because you read it right here. With their level of quality, it is no surprise that another one of their products makes this list.

So, let us dive deep into what makes these Lyndall Brakes Gold Plus Brake Pads just as good, if not better, than the one mentioned previously.

The Lyndall Gold Pads is another one of Lyndall’s great brake pads. It is among the best that you can get on the market right now. Unlike the Brakes Z-Plus Brake Pads, this brake pad is not an organic brake pad but a sintered one. This makes it vastly different.

These brake pads are made of very strong material that makes them resistant to fading easily. They allow for a lot more braking power than their organic counterparts.

This is the case with all sintered brake pads in general. This strong braking power shines with the control it gives the user on their bike, which is very important.

More specifically, they perform better than the stock brake pads installed in your Harley. They are very low on brake dust, so you will not have to spend much time cleaning that off your rims.

Although there will be dust after a while, it is a lot less than other similar brake pads that you may find.

The front and rear brake pads do not come together in one package and need to be bought separately, which bumps up the cost factor. However, these brake pads do still have quite a few downsides. They make a lot of noise. I mean, they have sintered brake pads, after all.
  • Sintered brake pads; allows for stronger stopping power
  • Low on brake dust
  • Easy to install
  • Provide more control
  • Make a lot of noise
  • Front and rear brake pads need to be bought separately

Among the sintered brake pads, they do pretty decently quality. However, again, the requirement for separately is still something you should be aware of before purchasing.

7. Race Driven Front & Rear Severe Duty Brake Pads

The Race Driven is a part of a group of brands that produce all sorts of products for people who are enthusiasts of riding bikes.

Specifically, they are known for never making any compromises regarding the quality of their products.

Race Driven is the one that makes the parts for motorcycles, and they are most famous among the dirt biking world of bikers.

The Race Driven Front & Rear Severe Duty Brake Pads are something that you might be interested in if you are someone who does a lot of off-roading or touring on your bike.

This is mainly because these brake pads are Sintered brake pads. This fact means that they will outlast any semi-metallic or organic brake pads on the market. This is because of their high resistance to fading due to large usage.

They work well in all kinds of terrain, whether desert plains or muddy dirt. Even high amounts of water, which can cause rust, do not affect the product. The sintered metal compound used to make these brake pads is exclusive to them.

The package comes with both front and rear brake pads, so you will not have to worry about buying any of these parts separately. The sintered compound’s durability also shines because the product can withstand even in the most extreme of conditions.

This is a nice feature considering the product needs this since it markets itself as an all-terrain product. It only makes sense to survive everything the terrain can throw at it.

The product is prone to making a lot of noise when being used. This coupled with the fact that the manufacturer has not clarified which bike models it is compatible with, can lead to a lot of confusion.
  • Excellent performance in all terrains
  • Exclusive sintered metal compound
  • Front & Rear Brake Pads
  • Noisy
  • Product specification not mentioned

A good product overall but due to it being noisy and the manufacturer not properly conveying the product’s compatibility makes it hard to recommend.


What Are The Types Of Brake Pads?

There are four main types of brake pads:

  • Semi-Metallic, which are 30 to 65 percent metal. They are cheap but loud. They do not function well in extreme, low temperatures.
  • Ceramic which are the most expensive, but produces less noise and lasts longer.
  • Low-Metallic are known to be noisy and let off a lot of brake dust but are good in heat transfer and braking.
  • Non-Asbestos Organic is made from organic materials that include fiber, glass, rubber, and Kevlar. These pads are quiet but can wear out fast.

How Often Should I Change My Motorcycle Brake Pads?

It is a good idea, in general, to change your brake pads every 20,000 miles; however, depending on the durability of your brake pad, this may not be the case. Brake pads can last a very long period and go even longer if subjected to normal riding conditions.

I recommend monitoring product wear. Once the pads get worn down to 1-2 millimeters or less, it is best to consider getting a replacement.

Can I Install New Brake Pads Myself?

Making repairs to the brake system of your bike requires a decent amount of skill, so it is not recommended for people with no experience to carry out this task despite most repairs being very doable.

If you want to do it yourself, make sure to have a repair manual to follow and research the installation process. Remember that it is okay for you to get professional help, and there is no reason not to, as any wrong step could damage the braking system, which could prove fatal during a ride.

Why Should I Change My Brake Pads?

Proper maintenance and replacing a worn-out brake pad keep the braking system functional and prevent brake fade.

When braking pads are worn, their ability to brake becomes compromised, leaving the rider, pedestrians, and other motorists at risk. The driver loses the ability to confidently control speed during the ride.

Furthermore, this could damage other parts of your bike. The rotor could get eaten up. The heat will burn your brake fluid, and eventually, all of this will ruin your calipers.


Brake pads are an integral part of the braking system of any motorcycle, and the inability to properly maintain and replace them can easily lead to serious accidents, injuries, and death, not just to the driver but also to innocent bystanders and other drivers well.

It is then your duty as a safe and law-abiding driver to constantly make sure your brake pads are in optimal functionality.

If they have worn out, then there is no need to fear as the EBC Brakes FA196HH Disc Brake Pad Set offers a quality replacement for your bike when it comes to best motorcycle brake pads, depending on the model.

It is an overall amazing product and something you should consider when looking for a braking pad.