What Are The Top-Rated Comfortable Motorcycle Boots For Walking?

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The highest quality boots will help you get a new look and perform well. When getting boots for your motorcycle, it is important to get a pair that will protect your feet against injuries, as there are many more important things to consider than just the look. The best motorcycle boots for walking will be not only stylish and safe but also comfortable.

Since these are made to protect your feet and ankles in the event of any injuries, these motorcycle boots might be constructed from materials that make them pretty uncomfortable to wear; for example, they might be too heavy, so restrict movement and make it hard to walk.

For this reason, you should look into the material and features of the boots and get a pair that is comfortable to wear as you will be riding your bike in them and be walking while wearing these.

7 Top Best Comfortable & Commuter Motorcycle Boots Reviews


TCX X-Blend Waterproof Boots

TCX X-Blend Waterproof Boots

Harley Davidson Men's Brake Light Riding Boot Harley Davidson Men’s Brake Light Riding Boot

Durango Men's DB510 11 Durango Men’s DB510 11″ Harness Boot

Alpinestars New Land Gore Tex Men's Motorcycle Street Boots Alpinestars New Land Gore Tex Men’s Motorcycle Street Boots

Forma Adventure Low WP Boots Forma Adventure Low WP Boots

Harley Davidson Men's Scout Motorcycle Harness Boot Harley Davidson Men’s Scout Motorcycle Harness Boot





1. TCX X-Blend Waterproof Boots

The top product for the best motorcycle boots for walking is the TCX X-Blend Waterproof Boots. These boots will perform perfectly whether you are on or off the bike.

These are built to be very weather resistant. Therefore you will be safe wearing these in any weather, as not only will your feet be safe, these boots will also do a good job of protecting themselves from harsh conditions.

In addition to this, the material is waterproof, making them perfect to use in the rain. There is also a lining to keep your feet from getting cold in winter. For this reason, you don’t have to be worried about feeling uncomfortable riding your bike wearing rain boots.

Instead, just get this product. To avoid the toes from going numb, you can wear these boots and thermal socks. There is also a firm armor at the ankle which will protect your feet from getting hurt from sideways during a huge impact, so your feet will be kept safe.

These also have a very thick sole, making them perfect for walking in. They are available in many different color options to buy the most suitable ones for yourself. They also come in many different sizes to help you get the perfect fit for yourself.

You cannot tuck your pants into these boots very easily because of how well these will stick to your legs, which might become a problem. They will also get very hot because of the membrane present inside them, making them unsuitable for summer use.
  • Weather-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Firm armor at the ankle
  • Thick sole
  • Many color and size options are available
  • Cannot tuck pants inside
  • Get hot during the summer

The high-quality construction makes these boots safe and weather-resistant and can last you very long.

2. Harley Davidson Men’s Brake Light Riding Boot

The Harley Davidson Men’s Brake Light Riding Boot is a lightweight and durable pair of boots you can get for wearing. These do not have a Western look but instead look more like work boots and are versatile to fit into any setting you can get into.

Moreover, the leather upper is 100 percent durable, so it will last as long as possible without wear and tear. The upper also has two zippers, making them very easy to slip on or off, so you will not face any issues about discomfort.

These also feature a cushioned sock lining. This will help keep your ankle and your foot as comfortable as possible, so you’ll feel much better wearing these, and this will also avoid any pain in the feet after prolonged usage.

You can also resolve these boots if you don’t prefer the stock insoles. The rounded toe box is also pretty roomy for comfort, and to avoid pain/the sole is also very thick and slip-resistant, making walking much easier. These are also abrasion and oil resistant and will also perform very well in the rain because of how waterproof they are.

The zippers are not very durable, so they might come off. After purchasing and wearing these boots will also take some time to help them break in. you might also find that these boots are loose around the ankle area.
  • Lightweight
  • 100 percent durable leather material
  • Cushioned sock lining
  • Can resolve these
  • The comfortable rounded toe box
  • Not durable
  • Take time to break-in
  • Loose around ankle

This is a very comfortable pair of boots if you want something that will not feel uncomfortable when riding.

3. Durango Men’s DB510 11″ Harness Boot

A higher pair of boots, the Durango Men’s DB510 11″ Harness Boot, is built to give your feet maximum protection when riding your bike. These are made to reach the calf and are also very stylish, and most people love the look.

The material is a premium supple leather material, and pool handles, making them very easy and simple to wear when you wish to go on a walk or ride. Your feet and legs will also be protected from the outside environment, such as dirt, debris, and mud.

Your ankle will also be given enough support for walking and kept safe from any injuries. The boots come in five different color options to buy the ones you prefer the most.

A non-removable insole is also featured, very comfortable pieces, so you will not feel uncomfortable for as long as you’re wearing these boots, and you will seldom face any pain after long-term usage.

Lastly, the materials used in the construction are premium and so high quality that these boots are much better than many others in the market.

The high eleven inches height makes these boots perfect for keeping your feet and legs protected from the outside environment. Ankle straps will help get the perfect fit for yourself, making wearing these very comfortable.

Even though the product is advertised as made of genuine leather, the leather used is man-made and not genuine. These boots will also be a little snug when out of the box, but that is the case with most leather boots.
  • High
  • Premium supple leather material
  • Five color options
  • Manmade leather material and not genuine

These leather boots have a high-quality construction using premium materials that protect your feet but help this pair last long.

4. Alpinestars New Land Gore Tex Men’s Motorcycle Street Boots

The most waterproof pair of boots that you could get is the Alpinestars New Land Gore Tex Men’s Motorcycle Street Boots.

Because it is so highly waterproof, you can take it out when riding your bike, even in the heaviest rain, and it will keep your feet completely dry while also keeping itself looking the same over time. The weather-resistant property is great for this reason.

You can even get a half-length boot option with this same product if you wish to save money or just don’t like the long boot option, which might become uncomfortable for some users. It also includes aqua guards, slippers as well as buckles. Your feet will get boots perfectly fitted onto them because of the Velcro.

These boots are very versatile, especially because of their ability to be used in all kinds of weather. Your feet will be kept warm when cold and cool when it is hot outside. There is also an accordion stretch fabric on the back and the front of these boots.

Since ankle protection is on both sides of these boots, your feet will be perfectly protected should an accident happen, so you don’t have to worry about that. There is also full-grain leather and a steel shank, making this a perfectly balanced product for walking and driving.

Since this material is synthetic leather, these boots are not the most breathable pair you could get. The boots are long but might be too high for some customers, but this problem can be solved by getting the shorter version.
  • Waterproof
  • Versatile for every weather
  • Ankle protection on both sides
  • Not very breathable
  • It might be too tall

These boots are some of the most protective options you can get in the market these days, which is a great reason to purchase these, as your feet will always be safe.

5. Forma Adventure Low WP Boots

Another great pair of high-quality leather boots is the Forma Adventure Low WP Boots. You can buy this pair in either black or brown, whichever you prefer.

Apart from this, the high-quality leather material used in these boots has been oil-treated to help make them as sturdy as possible and avoid any dirt built upon them, so they will be kept clean for as long as possible.

These also feature two adjustable quick-release buckles with Velcro closure. When you open the boot’s flap, you’ll find a gusset. This helps make this pair of boots very flexible, so you’ll have no problem taking these out in the rain.

You can also use trekking shoes because your feet will be balanced no matter how rough the terrain is. These are perfect for walking because of the inability to settle in the mud, so you won’t face that problem.

There is also a sufficient grip for the rough surfaces. The padding in the interior is soft and comfortable, so you’ll love wearing these.

There is also a shockproof PP Mid Dual Flex in the sole center. The exterior construction also makes these boots very strong and changing =the gears of the motorcycle will not be made hard because of wearing these.

Though these boots are great for walking, you might find them to feel a bit tough when wearing these on your feet. However, this is because of the high quality and durable materials. But if you still prefer a more comfortable option, these boots are not for you.
  • Oil treated leather
  • Two adjustable quick-release buckles
  • Perfect for walking
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Tough on the feet

This is the best option to get if you want to be walking on different terrains, for example, the mud and rough terrains, as you will be able to walk easily, but your feet will be clean and safe.

6. Harley Davidson Men’s Scout Motorcycle Harness Boot

These Harley Davidson Men’s Scout Motorcycle Harness Boots are one of the best options for riding. This is because these feature a medium-height shaft.

These also include a hundred percent leather uppers and a lot of leather support, and these boots are also very flexible to wear. These are also very wide, so those with bigger or wider feet will not face an issue getting their feet in.

With those with wide feet, not many boot options allow users to get a not-too-tight fit, which might lead to a lot of pain, especially after prolonged use, but it might not be a problem with this product.

These are about a half size large. Because the fit is pretty roomy, you can even add your insoles if you wish so, to help customize these shoes and help make them very comfortable.

This is s a great option if you don’t find the stock option for insoles very comfortable. As these boots are not too tall, you will also not face any discomfort, which comes from taller boots, especially because they might restrict movement and make it harder to tuck everything in.

Tucking your clothes in will especially not be an issue due to the wide fit. These boots are also very lightweight, comfortable to wear, and you won’t feel tired after wearing them. They also have an interior zip closure and sturdy and slip-proof outsoles.

These boots might get too big for some customers, making them uncomfortable to walk in. the stock insoles are also pretty thin and uncomfortable, but this can be solved by replacing them. The opening can also rub against the leg, causing discomfort.
  • Wide
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Too wide
  • Uncomfortable insole

The wide fit will be great for those with wider feet, but some customers may find this uncomfortable and hard to walk in.

7. ICON 3403-0918 BOOT SUPERDUTY 5 BLK 12

The ICON 3403-0918 BOOT SUPERDUTY 5 BLK 12 features a full leather upper and a steel shank soul and armor, which can be placed on both of the pointy bits of your ankle. Apart from this, this product also has a perfect heel counter.

Moreover, there is a tread pattern under the boots, which is very soft at the footpeg interface. Despite this, the performance of this shoe is quite amazing.

This is one of the most comfortable options you can get for walking, which is great because not many motorcycle boots will help you walk because of how heavy and uncomfortable they might be.

On the other places, however, it provides a good grip to make walking much more comfortable and safer. The style for this shoe is also pretty good. The construction is an aluminum one, so it will help the boots to last very long, even when exposed to harsh conditions.

Finally, the buckle is also very well made to help secure the shoe tight really well, making it comfortable for wearing and walking in as it will avoid slipping. The shoe is also very durable and will last you without any wear or tear.

This product is not widely purchased, and the customer feedback is also very low, so I cannot be sure how well these boots will perform and last you.
  • Full leather upper and steel shank soul
  • Comfortable
  • Soft tread pattern under the boots and footpeg interface
  • Buckles secure shoe perfectly
  • Aluminum construction makes it last long
  • Fewer ratings

The high-quality construction ensures that these boots will last you as long as possible, no matter how harsh the conditions are that you put these through.


Are Motorcycle Boots Good To Walk In?

Most motorcycle boots are pretty heavy, making them very uncomfortable for walking. You should get one made of a lighter material if you prefer comfort. However, these might not protect you that well if an accident happens. The ones made of heavier materials will give you added protection during an accident.

However, these will not be the best ones to walk in comfortably. Motorcycle boots are made strong and stiff to help perform their function the best.

For this reason, your feet might also get very hot when you’re wearing these, which might make walking more uncomfortable. However, it is important to remember that this is all for maximum protection; therefore, it is better if you find ways to cope up with it.

Are Motorcycle Boots Comfortable To Wear?

Motorcycle boots are generally uncomfortable; however, the best ones will also provide you comfort. To get the most comfortable motorcycle boots, you have to look for them before purchasing a pair. The most comfortable pair is the one which fits perfectly on your feet.

Remember that you get a pair with an inside that is very breathable and resistant. These should also be having adjustable closures because people have different leg shapes. You should also ensure that the forefoot is properly protected, just like the ankles.

The boots should provide movement of the ankles and should also have anti-torsion devices. All of these features will help keep your feet as comfortable as possible during a ride and keep them safe in case an accident occurs.

How Are Motorcycle Boots Different From Regular Boots?

Motorcycle boots are different from regular boots because they certainly provide more protection for your feet, making them the best option for a motorcycle ride. Because the motorcycle boots will cover your feet past your ankle, these will help protect against any ankle injuries.

Not only this, the material is so strong and resistant that it will protect your feet from getting burned by hot exhausts. This will allow you to continue riding in the future as your feet and legs will be perfectly safe. It is to be remembered that even though motorcycle shoes don’t give much protection, these are better than regular shoes in doing so.

Are Motorcycle Boots Worth It?

Motorcycle boots are definitely worth the purchase because they will keep your feet protected against any injuries. These injuries include fractures or even burns from the hot exhausts. Not wearing motorcycle boots leaves you at the risk of getting injured like this, which will affect your future rides.

The hot exhaust pipes and the motor are something to be wary of, as if your feet are not properly protected and get exposed to this, you could get some serious burns.

Motorcycle boots have protected riders from many serious injuries in the past and are made to perform their function well, so you just have to get the best quality ones, and you will be covered.


When getting the best motorcycle boots for walking, there are some important considerations. The first one is the material that the boots are made of. Many motorcycle boots come in different materials, so you should get a pair with the material most suitable for your feet and you.

Also, the material should be of high quality so that it doesn’t tear down or get worn out easily, as you want them to last long. A good material will also protect the feet against any water and dirt from the outside.

Apart from the material, you should check if the pair you’re buying is comfortable, especially after having worn these for a few hours. You can ensure this by checking if the boots have enough lining and insole padding.

Considering the many brands for motorcycle boots, you should choose a trusted one. Apart from all of this, getting one which is your style is also important as you should like your pair. Considering the important features for the best quality boots, I recommend the TCX X-Blend Waterproof Boots as the best motorcycle boots for walking.