Review On 7 Top-Rated Motorcycle Backpacks With Helmet Holders

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Choosing the correct backpack is a pretty important task. You need to be able to distinguish between products that are good and not. In general, a backpack should be able to house all of your possessions safely and securely. When you add a helmet holder to the mix, things get a little complicated.

It is difficult to find a product that can do both things. This article aims to track the best motorcycle backpack with helmet holder, and you are going to see a compilation of the top available in the market right now. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it.

7 Top Best Motorcycle Backpacks With Helmet Holders Comparisons


FANCYTIMES Helmet Backpack With Large Capacity

FANCYTIMES Helmet Backpack With Large Capacity


Badass Moto Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

Badass Moto Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

SEDICI Sicilia Backpack SEDICI Sicilia Backpack

Seibertron Waterproof Large Capacity Backpack Seibertron Waterproof Large Capacity Backpack

ArcEnCiel 25L Tactical Motorcycle Cycling Backpack ArcEnCiel 25L Tactical Motorcycle Cycling Backpack

Yolpoco Motorcycle Large Capacity Helmet Backpack Yolpoco Motorcycle Large Capacity Helmet Backpack

FANCYTIMES Waterproof Motorcycle Helmet Backpack FANCYTIMES Waterproof Motorcycle Helmet Backpack


1. FANCYTIMES Helmet Backpack With Large Capacity

Arriving in the first place, taking the lead over its competitors, regardless of how few of them are, is this Backpack from the Company FANCYTIMES.

Although the brand’s name does not inspire any confidence, it has managed to make a product that has earned the top spot on a highly curated list. So, I find that impressive. The backpack has a 100% nylon weave.

This is important because it allows the backpack to be light while not compromising on durability at all. The nylon also has excellent air transfer. This is great for people who carry electronics in their bags. The main focus of this backpack is the helmet holder on the back.

Well, the manufacturer made sure to make it compatible with a wide array of helmets. The style of this backpack is adjustable, which means that any helmet you put in there will have a tight fit.

The bag also has typical accessories holding functionality, such as water bottles, glasses, and small equipment. There are dedicated pockets present on the front and the sides to get this done for you.

As electronics are carried in backpacks, one must have the peace of mind that it is safe inside the backpack. Well, how does a separate laptop compartment sound to you? With foaming in that part, you will carry your laptop easily and without any issues.

There is a hook and loop fastener too, which will eliminate any risk of it sliding out. This truly is a brilliant addition, and many of you will like it.

Buyers complained that the inner layer of the bag is not that durable. They complained about holes forming in the mesh, which the company should look into as soon as possible. As the product is advertised as being waterproof, this would affect that.
  • Full nylon build
  • Adjustable helmet holder
  • Dedicated laptop compartment
  • Pockets for small accessories
  • Inner mesh is not durable

Apart from one or two users complaining about this problem, the rest of the 100 buyers were happy and content with the product they received and how it performed.

2. Badass Moto Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

If you are interested in buying something that consumers have more widely tested, this Badass Moto Motorcycle Helmet Backpack is for you. With more than 400 positive buyer ratings, it is one of the more popular options on this list.

Let’s take a closer look at its feature set and see if it is worth it. Normally, multifunctional backpacks are designed to be bulky. As their purpose is to handle as much weight as possible, their looks are compromised.

Well, not everyone likes that. Badass Moto has listened to that minority and has created a product that is not only minimal looking but has great space allocation.

The company claims that this backpack can carry up to four days of travel gear, which seems almost too good to be true. There is a dedicated compartment for laptops and many pockets to hold water bottles and motorcycle accessories.

There is plenty of space to store what you want, and you will most probably never run out of space. As the backpack has a helmet storing area, it needs to be made that the helmet will be properly housed. The company has included a removable helmet bag that attaches within seconds, making space to handle your helmet when you need it the most.

You don’t have to keep the net hanging when not in use which means that its lifespan will be improved considerably. You also don’t have to worry about not being able to fit your helmet. If it is a full-face one, then it will fit easily inside.

Unfortunately, the stitching on some of the units is pretty poor, with it failing with a couple of weeks of usage. This indicates a quality control leak inside the brand, which must be investigated and solved as soon as possible.
  • Minimal looking design
  • Spacious interior
  • Removable mesh for helmets
  • It can fit all sorts of full-face helmets
  • Stitching may not be up to par

Although there is a very small risk when ordering this backpack, I suggest that you should take it. Badass Moto has created a solid product, and there is no denying that.

3. SEDICI Sicilia Backpack

If you are skeptical about products that don’t cover your helmet properly, you will appreciate the coverage provided by the SEDICI Sicilia Backpack. Although the product has the lowest number of ratings, I can assure you that it is underrated. After checking out what it can do, you will find out just how good this backpack is.

This Sicilia backpack has been built to last. Although the manufacturer did not state the exact material used, they have named it. Called the Hyper Core Plus, it is extremely strong and will not give up on you, no matter what you do. Strength and style, it is difficult to find both in a single backpack.

Well, SEDICI wants to abolish that rarity with this ergonomic product. You will look cool and not lose any functionality, which is a huge advantage of this bag.

Unlike the previous product, which uses a mesh to hold the helmet in place, the helmet cover on this backpack is made up of the same material as the bag itself. So, it will be protected just as well as your items inside the bag. The helmet carrier itself is elastic.

So, the size of the helmet does not matter. Whether it be a full-face or open one, you can carry it easily on this backpack. The manufacturer has added a waist belt, which has small coin packets, which are secured with a zip entry mechanism.

The chest securing strap is also pretty good. Its height and width can be adjusted, allowing you to get a perfect fit from your backpack.

The only thing that may beware, buyers, such as you, is that this backpack has very few ratings. This makes buying it a risk because there is no proper way to determine if the manufacturer delivers its claims.
  • Hyper Core Plus build
  • Ergonomic and practical
  • Elastic helmet carrier
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • Fewer ratings

Although there is a risk in buying this helmet, it must be noted that the people who did leave feedback were extremely satisfied with what they received. So, you should consider it.

4. Seibertron Waterproof Large Capacity Backpack

If you want to make a one-time purchase and not take any risks, you should consider buying this Seibertron Waterproof Large Capacity Backpack.

With close to a thousand happy buyers, it is the most popular option in this article. It has some amazing features, which all of you will appreciate. This is the first product in this article that is offered in two different color variations.

You can choose from black and khaki. Both of them look pretty cool. Apart from the color, these backpacks are completely similar. The backpack is made up of 900D polyester. 900D means that it is made of 100% polyester. In layman terms, the backpack is durable and completely waterproof. So, who is this backpack for?

Anyone who owns a bike and carries a bag, this is something that you should most definitely have. You can fit any helmet in this backpack, whether a full-face one or from a sport. If you wanted, you could even carry a basketball. This also gives you a good idea of just how spacious the helmet holder is.

The strap system is pretty secure, and unless you take your backpack out, it will not move at all. One thing that manufacturers tend to cut costs on is the zipper.

It gets unusable after a couple of months, defeating the entire purpose of getting a waterproof backpack. Well, Seibertron aims to do things differently. This product utilizes an alloy zipper, which is durable and will last longer than the bag itself.

Unfortunately, some users did not have a memorable experience with this backpack. Although the product is advertised as waterproof, they complained that their contents were soaked, even after a light rain. It is possible that the zipper was not closed fully, but the manufacturer should investigate it.
  • Two-color options
  • Spacious helmet holder
  • High-quality alloy zipper
  • 900D polyester material
  • Waterproofing may not work properly

As people normally don’t take their backpacks out in the rain, it cannot be confirmed if the issues were isolated or it was indeed a design flaw. If you buy this backpack, it would be better not to test it out in the rain.

5. ArcEnCiel 25L Tactical Motorcycle Cycling Backpack

If you are in the market for a backpack that has a stealthy design, then there is a good chance that you might have given up. There are close to zero products on the market that fit this description.

During my research, I came across this ArcEnCiel 25L Tactical Motorcycle Cycling Backpack. It fits the requirements perfectly and is an awesome product.

You should take a look at what features it brings to the table. This tactical backpack is made up of 100% nylon. Even the lining is nylon. It is durable and has decent water resistance. The company claims that the nylon has military-style specifications. It can be breathable, durable, and scratch-resistant.

The bag is pretty spacious too, with a storage capacity of 25 liters. That is not evident when you take a look at it, thanks to the extremely compact design. Have you ever heard about a hydration bladder?

Well, it is a small bag which can be stored in a bag, from which you sip water. It is perfect for long hikes and adventures. Well, the rear pocket of this helmet is designed to handle a 2.5L bladder.

You will not have to take a break every time you need a bottle of water. The helmet has a Molle system design. You can mount stuff like glasses and flashlights without filling in the space of the bag. This means that you can carry more stuff.

For convenience and comfort, ArcEnCiel has padded the straps, making it more comfortable during long journeys.

The brand advertises that it includes a rain cover and a tactical patch in the same purchase. Many buyers expressed their profound disappointment when one, or both of them, were missing from the box. Whether it be on purpose or not, this issue must be alleviated as soon as possible.
  • Military-style nylon used
  • Can store a hydration bladder
  • A lot of mounting points
  • Padded straps
  • Missing rain cover and tactical patch

If this backpack did not have this problem, it would have scored a much higher place in this article. It is a great product and checks all the right boxes of a premium product.

6. Yolpoco Motorcycle Large Capacity Helmet Backpack

You are going to love this sixth product. Coming from a brand called Yolpoco, this Yolpoco Motorcycle Large Capacity Helmet Backpack has some pretty nifty features that will make your experience with it more convenient and perhaps even more memorable. Let’s start with the helmet carrier, as it is the focus of this article. The carrier can carry all sorts of helmets.

Whether you ride a bike or want to carry a basketball, there is more than plenty of space to transport it safely. The straps are adjustable, so you will not have to worry about the helmet being loose. The manufacturer claims that this backpack is waterproof. It may be water-resistant, but I am sure the term waterproofing is inaccurately used over here.

This is possible, thanks to nylon, which does an excellent job at repelling water. Nylon is also pretty durable, which has been established multiple times during this article. The bag is also breathable, which means that there will not be heat accumulation in it. The zipper, on the other hand, is made up of a high-quality alloy.

It is strong and will work smoothly, even after taking a beating. You will not have to worry about running out of storage space with this amazing backpack. It is spacious and has a separate laptop compartment, so other items will not damage it. From books to boots, all can be carried in this backpack. It can be used for many different applications.

The backpack has fewer ratings and no feedback from customers. The people who left a rating, all 11 of them gave this backpack a solid five stars. The smaller number of buyers also means that it has not been tested properly. There is a small but possible chance that you might be taking a risk with this product.
  • Nylon build
  • Water-resistant
  • Alloy zipper
  • Spacious interior
  • Adjustable straps
  • Fewer ratings and low number of feedbacks
  • Not properly tested

If you are willing to live on the edge, then you should buy this product. There is a high probability that the backpack you receive will impress you.

7. FANCYTIMES Waterproof Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

Finally, arriving in the seventh and final place of this article is a product from FANCYTIMES. Yes, that’s right, the manufacturer was able to earn two spots on this list, which is pretty impressive. Let’s see if this FANCYTIMES Waterproof Motorcycle Helmet Backpack is any good. The backpack has some pretty impressive features, such as good heat dissipation.

To make a strong backpack, manufacturers generally pull out all the stops to achieve that. One feature that they sacrifice is heat dissipation. The interior of the bag can get pretty hot. This is harmful to things such as electronics.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. The sponge mesh design ensures that you will have excellent airflow at all times. Some features make this backpack extremely convenient to use.

For example, the chest strap is adjustable, which is good for people who bike with their backpacks on. This ensures better stability. A reflective strip has also been built-in, so other people on the road will be able to see you at night.

The helmet holder itself has adjustable straps. They can be adapted to be used with any type of helmet. The manufacturer made sure that every inch of this bag’s interior and exterior space could be used to its full potential. There are many pockets, which can be used to store books, a laptop and even clothes. The laptop compartment has a magic strap too, so it does not slide out.

As with other backpacks on this list, users complained about the straps giving in much quicker than usual. That is not all. There were quality control concerns too. A user received a product that did not have adjustable straps on one side. The manufacturer should look into these complaints and solve them as soon as possible.
  • Extremely durable
  • Excellent airflow
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Multi-pocket design
  • Quality control issues
  • Straps may fail earlier

The first FANCYTIMES product was so good that it does not even look like this backpack is from the same brand. The manufacturer should improve its quality control and make sure that users receive usable products.


How Do I Carry A Helmet On A Backpack?

I will be talking in regards to the backpacks which were listed above. The process is quite simple. There is a dedicated space to keep the helmet, normally on the outside. You may notice straps. They will wrap around the helmet.

You can then tighten them up, allowing you to get a secure fit in them. If the tightening is done properly, you will not have to worry about the helmet falling off. This is the case with most helmet backpacks on the market.

Can A Motorcycle Helmet Fit In A Backpack?

So, you are looking to save some money by utilizing your current backpack by trying to fit the helmet inside it. I am afraid that you will have little luck in doing so.

Unless your bag is large, it will be difficult to push the helmet in and then do the hardest part of all, close the zipper. The experience will not be pleasant even if you do, with the helmet pushing hard against your back.

How Do I Strap A Bike Helmet To A Backpack?

When you don’t want to buy a whole new bag, a more sensible approach is to get straps to get the job done. They are pretty inexpensive. You could clip the strap around the whole backpack.

It is recommended to use rubber straps because they can be used with all sorts of helmets and can also be used with different sizes of bags. Although the fit will be good, it is not comparable to a dedicated helmet backpack.

How Should I Pack My Motorcycle Helmet?

Are you still looking for alternatives to getting a helmet backpack? Well, there is one thing that one must take care of. For example, if you take a helmet and put it inside a bag, it is good to get scratched.

To prevent that, you should get a helmet cover. This bag can also be used to cover the helmet when not needed. This is good for people who ride occasionally. The helmet will retain its look.


So, you finally read through this article and still cannot decide which product to choose. Well, I am here for you. The best motorcycle backpack with helmet holder is the FANCYTIMES Helmet Backpack With Large Capacity. It wins against the competition and checks all of the boxes of an extremely high-quality product.

With a lot of space and a durable build, you can use this bag for years on end without it falling on you. Regardless, all other options on this article are pretty good too. You can choose any one of them, and have a memorable experience. I hope the included buying guide helped you in deciding which product is suitable for you.