What Are The Top-Rated Knee Guards For Motocross & Dirt Bike Riding?

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When buying a knee brace for motocross, you might find it very similar to a medical brace. However, there are a few important differences. The motocross knee braces are built to protect your knee, whereas the medical ones are made to help your knee heal.

In the past, however, riders had started to wear the medical knee braces during motorcycle rides because not only did they help heal, these would also provide protection.

This is where the knee braces for motocross first began, and in the present day, these are specially designed to give you the best motorcycle ride possible.

This article will talk about some of the best motocross knee braces you can buy to keep your knees safe during a motorcycle ride. These products are high quality and from trusted brands, so you can be assured.

7 Top Best Motocross/Dirt Bike Knee Braces Reviews


Leatt Brace X-Frame Knee Braces

Leatt Brace X-Frame Knee Braces

POD Unisex Adult K4 Knee Braces POD Unisex Adult K4 Knee Braces

Leatt Brace C-Frame Pro Carbon Knee Braces Leatt Brace C-Frame Pro Carbon Knee Braces

EVS Sports Axis Sport Knee Braces EVS Sports Axis Sport Knee Braces


POD Unisex-Adult K8 Knee Braces

POD Unisex-Adult K8 Knee Braces

Asterisk Ultra Cell 2.0 Knee Protection System Asterisk Ultra Cell 2.0 Knee Protection System

Mobius X8 Knee Pads Mobius X8 Knee Pads


1. Leatt Brace X-Frame Knee Braces

This Leatt Brace X-Frame Knee Brace is a very technical product, making it the top product on this list.

This knee brace is made to allow for adjustments in the leg width, which can be done using pads. This will help get you the correct fitment for your knees; therefore, ensuring maximum safety during riding, as the knee brace will not slip off.

Not only this, you will also be able to adjust the angle that the brace will lock out. You should remember that if you have an existing injury already, that you should not be extending the knee brace entirely straight.

You cannot do this with many knee braces, but this product will allow you to do that, therefore making it a great option for those with existing injuries.

This product is made from high-quality carbon composite materials. This will help to keep the product as lightweight as possible. Because the knee brace will be so light, this will avoid any discomfort and make movement much easier when you’re wearing them.

A knee cap protection is also featured. This means that there is enough material in the brace to protect your knee cap perfectly if a blow happens, so all of the force will be absorbed. The inclusion of metal hinge components proves that the product is high quality, as plastic hinges aren’t as good.

However, there are complaints that the knee brace is too small for wearing, which makes the function of the brace invalid because it will never fit properly. The small size will also make it very uncomfortable to wear, making the bike ride very uncomfortable. So before you purchase this product, remember to check if it fits you properly.
  • Leg width adjustments
  • Lightweight
  • Knee cap protection
  • Too small

A high-quality product from a trusted brand, the Leatt X Frame has all that is required to give you comfort and protection in the best way.

2. POD Unisex Adult K4 Knee Braces

A highly comfortable pair, the POD Unisex Adult K4 Knee Braces are the most popular product of this not very well-known company but is definitely worth the purchase.

This pair is more performance-based to assist racers, as it not only gives protection, but the construction helps make riding much easier.

The material is a glass-reinforced polymer frame which makes the product very lightweight. For this reason, you might even forget that you are wearing them, making them highly comfortable to wear and not restricting any movement, making riding much more comfortable. The weight is only 620 grams.

These knee braces are also modular, which means that this pair will allow you to replace any parts if you wish. This is great if you ever find any parts that have worn off or don’t fit perfectly.

Because you will be able to customize the fit according to your liking easily, you can get the best fitment for yourself, which will be why they provide the best protection.

A human motion technology will help keep the sound of these knee braces down. There is a comfortable range of motion with 25 settings for knee extension range for motion stops. Not only this, but the pads are also replaceable, so if they wear out, you can always buy new ones.

However, in these boots, where the straps are compressed into the skin, you might find some itching that will stay there for days. This is a customer concern; however, this can be solved by wearing long socks, as the straps will no longer press onto the skin, so remember to do that if you buy this.
  • Performance-based
  • Lightweight
  • Modular
  • Human motion technology
  • Straps might compress and cause itching

This performance-based pair will help the riders get the best performance because of how comfortable these knee braces are.

3. Leatt Brace C-Frame Pro Carbon Knee Braces

Another Leatt product is the Leatt Brace C-Frame Pro Carbon Knee Braces, another customer favorite. This provides the best protection and is a very comfortable product, giving you a good balance between the two.

It features a single dual-hinge which is best for riders that prefer the more aggressive style. This will help you give a better feeling of the bike and improve mobility and grip for your legs. You can also adjust to what degree you want the hyperextension to be. There are multiple settings, all to provide you with different fits.

Because of this, you can easily get the perfect fit for yourself for maximum protection while riding. These C Frames are also much narrower than X Frames, making them much easier to slip into your boots when you’re wearing them.

The high-quality carbon composite material has a breakaway point above the calf, which will help deal with the force in a severe crash.

Because there is extra space on the inside of these knee braces, this makes them perfect for those with larger legs because there is much more space, making them comfortable.

However, the strap system might cause these knee braces to be tightened much when wearing them to avoid slipping down. But when you do him, painful pressure points might be created, so considering the customer feedback, this might not be the most comfortable product to buy.
  • Single, dual-hinge
  • Improved mobility and grip
  • Adjustable hyperextension with multiple settings
  • High-quality carbon composite material
  • Best for those with larger legs
  • Painful pressure points might be created when tightened

You can easily adjust these knee braces for them to fit perfectly, which will help you get the best protection in any event.

4. EVS Sports Axis Sport Knee Braces

An affordable option, EVS gives the best protection out of many more in the market. This EVS Sports Axis Sport Knee Brace features an injection-molded aluminum/polypropylene material to make the braces with the highest caliber.

This high-quality material will help to make all of the force during a crash situation, so it helps protect your knees in all kinds of situations. An aluminum hinge monocoque will give a low-profile frame. This makes the braces very lightweight, also making wearing these very comfortable.

Apart from this, movement is also easier for the best ride. An all-new fit will allow these braces to fit better than any other product, and many customers have praised the fitment. The braces will not move up and down after putting these boots on, making these very comfortable even though they are not lightweight.

The knee brace fitting perfectly ensures that there will be no slippage when wearing them, so your knees will be perfectly protected. A Thermo Fit Liner makes these knee braces very comfortable to wear due to the interior.

For this reason, you will never have to deal with any pain or discomfort which might be experienced when using other products.

This knee brace does not protect the knee from hyperextension. Because of this, your knee might get injured, which destroys the reason for buying the brace in the first place. So if hyperextension is an issue you want to avoid, this product is not right for you. These are also not the most comfortable knee braces compared to others. These are also heavier than other options.
  • High-quality injection mold aluminum/ polypropylene material
  • Low profile frame
  • Perfect fitment
  • Thermo Fit Liner
  • It does not protect the knee from hyperextension
  • Not the most comfortable ones
  • Heavy

The high-quality material and the excellent fitment will ensure that your knees are always protected no matter how hard the blow might be in an unfortunate situation.

5. POD Unisex-Adult K8 Knee Braces

If you like to ride more aggressively, then the POD Unisex-Adult K8 Knee Braces are best. Firstly, these braces feature a high-quality carbon fiber frame. This material helps to make the product very lightweight, making the braces very comfortable to wear and carry around.

This material also ensures that the knee braces are strong enough to protect your knees against injuries should a lot of force hit you during a serious accident.

This product is also very rigid to stay the same over time. You will get a fit on the upper leg which is unparalleled. This product also features a biomechanical ligament system.

A progressive dampener system is another inclusion. This will increase pressure to help slow down the extension if your leg ever extends. This will help to make the leg extension much safer.

Moreover, a five-year guarantee is provided so you don’t have to worry about the product not performing well after purchasing it, as it can always be exchanged or returned. The POD K8 is also FCA certified, so you can be ensured that it meets all the safety standards.

I did not find many drawbacks for this product, and it has received mostly positive feedback except that it hasn’t been widely reviewed, so one cannot be sure about the performance.
  • High-quality carbon fiber frame
  • Lightweight
  • Biomechanical ligament system
  • Progressive dampener system
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Fewer ratings

Being FCA certified and comes with a five-year guarantee, you can be ensured that this product will perform the very best in an accident and will also last you very long.

6. Asterisk Ultra Cell 2.0 Knee Protection System

The Asterisk Ultra Cell 2.0 Knee Protection System is another comfortable product to make you feel like you’re not even wearing any braces.

The core safety features of the brand are all included in this set of braces. There is not a separate knee cap, but instead, you will get full coverage when wearing this product, as all of your knees will be properly covered and protected.

These will also fit very well, and you can easily slide them under your boots, which is great as some knee braces are too thick, making slipping them under the boosts quite hard. These knee braces are also very comfortable to wear. In addition, they also feature a hinge system.

This makes the movement very easy and natural, making riding when wearing these as comfortable as possible. The construction will help give you your knee joint’s natural rolling gliding motion. Much research has been put into developing this product, ensuring that these are very high quality.

It also features a Thermo Formed Padding. This will also form your leg shape using your body heat. This and heat buildup will also be reduced as the moisture will be wicked away from the skin when wearing these. A standard adjustable strapping and velcro release straps are also included, and the product is low profile.

Again, I couldn’t find many drawbacks for this pair because of the low amount of ratings. Even though it is positively reviewed, one can still not be sure how well it will perform as there is less proof.
  • Fits well
  • Full coverage on knees
  • Hinge system track natural movement
  • Thermo Formed Padding
  • Reduces heat build-up
  • Fewer ratings

The high-quality manufacturing makes the product very comfortable to wear, and the hinge system will help make movement very natural, which is great.

7. Mobius X8 Knee Pads

The special design these Mobius X8 Knee Pads offer will help protect against three types of different injuries. These are lateral bending, hyperextension as well as lateral rotation.

As these are the most common injuries that might result in a motorcycle accident, you can be ensured that your knees and legs will be safe when riding.

It took seven years of development to get such a high-quality product by Mobius and is a very trustworthy option. It also comes in many different sizes, so you will never have a problem with fitment. Remember to get the correct size for yourself to fit perfectly, which will help keep the knees as safe as possible.

These braces also feature dual-hinge systems, which help give a huge range of motions, making them much better than single hinge systems.

Because you can move your knees when wearing these braces so naturally, it will be very comfortable to wear this pair. These braces are big, soft, and have very comfortable straps, so wearing these will never feel uncomfortable.

Apart from this, these straps also have many adjustments to help these fit perfectly onto your knees, which helps make everything very comfortable. The full coverage will also help to give some of the best protection you will get.

The level of ventilation you’ll get with these knee caps is very low compared to other knee caps. This might cause heat to build up inside, making things very uncomfortable. Sweating might occur, which might make things uncomfortable.
  • Protects from three different kinds of injuries
  • It comes in many different sizes
  • Dual hinge systems
  • Big, soft, and have comfortable straps with many adjustments
  • Full coverage for maximum protection
  • Low ventilation might cause heat build-up

This product not only features better options for motion, but all the size options and adjustments will help you get the perfect fit for the best protection.


Do Knee Braces Work For Motocross?

Yes. Knee braces are very helpful. In fact, according to studies, knee braces can reduce ACL injuries by 50 percent and reduce MCL injuries by 700 percent.

These braces will not help dissipate the blow’s force. Instead, they will protect the knee against any injury. Modern-day braces are not for medical treatment but instead for sports performance.

These are made to be very lightweight, so these will not only keep the knees protected but also make it easier to perform sports without having the braces hold you down.

The modern-day braces are also built to support human motion instead of restricting it, so this is another reason these will help with sports performance.

It would help if you remembered that you do not put them on in the wrong way or use the incorrect size, as then these won’t be as effective as they should be.

How Many Straps Do Motocross Knee Braces Have?

Mostly, knee braces will have four straps as usual. Two of these are needed to do much of the work. The most important straps are the one which is below the knee and the one directly above them. These are the most important ones as they will support the hinge to help dissipate any force that comes towards it.

The other straps are more for providing support and leverage. It is recommended that you strap the brace in the same order every time.

First, strap the one directly below your knee. Then, strap the one which is above your knee. After this, strap the one placed on your thigh and, lastly, the one below your calf. This will keep the knee safe and help the brace perform effectively.

How Do I Properly Wear The Motocross Knee Guards?

To get a safe motorcycle ride, you should remember to wear the knee brace correctly. You should remember to wear the knee guards over an underlayer and avoid wearing them directly over the skin. This should be avoided because it might prove very uncomfortable for the entire ride.

You should remember to get the knee guard, the perfect size for your knees. If you ignore this, you might find that the straps are either too long or too short.

Tighten the bottom strap first, then go from downwards to upwards. Remember never to tighten the velcros too tight. If you do this, you might find it very uncomfortable.

Why Do Knee Braces For Motocross Feel Uncomfortable When Riding?

All motocross riders know that knee braces will feel awkward and uncomfortable when you first wear them. This is because the space between the bike and your knees will be changing, which will change how you feel when riding the bike.

You should learn to cope with this until you’re comfortable wearing the knee brace, as it will help protect your knee against any injuries.

You’ll find after some time that the knee braces don’t feel awkward anymore as you’ll get pretty much used to them as most riders do. Wearing braces that are the wrong size might also create discomfort, so you should remember to avoid this.


When getting the best motocross knee brace, there are some key features to consider. The first one is if the knee brace is lightweight. If it is, then it will make the knee braces much easier to wear and help promote movement.

Also, get one that has a low-profile design. It is a functional and high-quality product if the knee brace has an anatomically designed hinge system.

The knee brace should also have stops for hyperextension that are adjustable. Apart from this, the width fitting should be adjustable so that it fits onto your knees perfectly without any issues. You have to ensure that all of the key features have been looked at in-depth to get the most functional product for yourself.

Also, if you already have a knee injury, remember to consult a physician before riding a dirt bike, as in some situations, this might not be safe. Considering all of the important features of a knee brace, the best and most highly recommended product is the Leatt Brace X-Frame Knee Braces.