Reviews On 8 Top-Rated Motorcycle Helmets For Drag Racing

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To discuss the importance and meaning of a drag race helmet, let’s first get into what drag racing is. It’s important to talk about drag races if you’re going to buy a drag racing helmet; it just makes sense. It is a type of motor racing done between two competitors, usually always two.

Drag racing isn’t always between any specific vehicles. Racing cars specifically designed for such purposes are also used. The best helmet for drag racing for you can solely depend on what feels comfortable and which one fits the best. The tires used in these vehicles are specially designed to fit any rough tracks.

8 Top Best Drag Racing Helmets Comparison


Conquer Carbon Fiber Full Face Auto Racing Helmet Snell SA2020

Conquer Carbon Fiber Full Face Auto Racing Helmet Snell SA2020

Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Helmet Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Helmet

RaceQuip Full Face Helmet PRO20 Series Snell SA2020 RaceQuip Full Face Helmet PRO20 Series Snell SA2020

Conquer Snell SA2020 Approved Open Face Auto Racing Helmet Conquer Snell SA2020 Approved Open Face Auto Racing Helmet

HJC Helmets AR10 III Mens Auto Helmet HJC Helmets AR10 III Mens Auto Helmet

ZAMP FS-8 Drag Racing Helmet ZAMP FS-8 Drag Racing Helmet


Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet

Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet

AGV Corsa R Helmet - Sic 58 Replica AGV Corsa R Helmet – Sic 58 Replica


1. Conquer Carbon Fiber Full Face Auto Racing Helmet Snell SA2020

In the first place, I have Conquered Carbon Fiber Full-Face Auto Racing Helmets Snell SA2020. If you’ve ever known someone who dragged race or did it yourself, you will know about the conquer helmet.

The Conquer helmet covers the whole face and is considered the safest and comfortable racing helmet. It is appreciated by all the racing teams in drag racing.

To go more in-depth about its interior and specifications, the helmet’s interior is very adjustable and considered to be structured exactly how the racers would prefer it.

The helmet has fire-resistant powers, so in case of the vehicle crashing and resulting in fire, the conquer helmet will keep the racer safe from the head above.

The main head course is made of fiberglass and is comfortable to wear. It is lighter than most helmets to it gives the conquer helmet an advantage over the rest. The helmet has ventilation; wind can easily pass through and won’t suffocate the racer. There are removable parts as well in case of discomfort.

It has a tie around the jaw area, so its adjustable straps make it more convenient. Appearance-wise it’s very modern and professional; it available in different colors, and the patterns on it can be customized to the racers liking.

Although it’s so convenient and safe for many, the high price makes it not appeal to them as much as other helmets would.
  • Comfortable and has adjustable jaw straps
  • Removable interior pads
  • Lightweight and secure
  • The visor is hard to adjust, and some say it’s difficult to remove it on the spot in case of emergency

Overall worth the investment. If you love drag racing, a racer’s number one choice is always the Conquer helmet because of how pleasing it is.

2. Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Helmet

2nd place on my list is the Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Helmet; I put this at number two for the most basic reason. It’s comfortable, stylish, safe, and secure, and the best part is it’s affordable to all classes. The racers that are only just now starting in the racing world should go for the bell full-face helmet.

By the name, you can tell it’s a full-face helmet. While drag racing, you need a comfortable helmet, doesn’t disturb your eye vision, and the front eyeglass is wide enough to see through properly both left and right.

The bell qualifier has many advantages; it contains ABS shell, which according to my research, is very strong, unmovable, and can protect the head in case of any serious accident or injury.

As discussed before, the racer’s number one comfort is to look through his vision without any distractions; the bell full-face helmet has fog-free vision, so no weather situation can fog its vision.

It’s very durable. It’s washable; the insides can be removed and washed, also anti-bacterial free. It blocks out the surrounding noise, which is also to the racer’s advantage. Overall I can say it’s very comfortable and appealing to the eye, it’s also available in different colors and patterns.

Although the makers mention the helmet has voice canceling abilities, that’s not very promising as many have mentioned it doesn’t work as well as it’s introduced.
  • Ventilation flow
  • Washable interior pads
  • Comfortable and very durable
  • The noise-canceling claim is not up to the level it is bragged about
  • Just like the first helmet, it does not have a proper visor lock

Price-wise, its way better than the first helmet mentioned so if you are looking for helmet in low price then this one will appeal to the eye because of its low price.

3. RaceQuip Full Face Helmet PRO20 Series Snell SA2020

In 3rd place, I will discuss the features and specifications of the RaceQuip Full Face Helmet PRO20. Both the interior and exterior of the helmet is stylish and gorgeous.

The outer coating of the helmet uses a fiber-reinforced polymer material, which makes the helmet sturdy and durable compared to all the others discussed in this list.

In case of any mishaps and accidents, the helmet can still keep in shape while protecting the racer’s head. It is solely designed to provide complete protection to the drag racer. Usually, drag racing can be rough, and the competitors can stand eye to eye to compete and win.

People bet money on the opposite teams, so you can tell a whole lot of pressure spines down at the racers. So it’s always better to wear a full protection helmet. The interior of the helmet is very comfortable and what makes it so comfortable is the use of Nomex (R).

To level up the safe and secure factor along with the comfort factor, it has ventilation pockets both and the top and bottom of the helmet to make sure air passes through the helmet and keep the racer sane while the race is in progress.

Available in different sizes and beautiful colors and patterns along with all the other helmets, it’s also very appealing to the eye.

Everything helmet has drawbacks of its own this one happens to not have durable and removable inner paddings, which makes it harder to wear the second time around.
  • Has supreme security factors
  • Comfortable and modern
  • Excellent ventilation aspects
  • Available in many sizes
  • Does not have durable and removable interior pads

If safety and security is your number one priority, then the race quip PRO20 could come in clutch for you.

4. Conquer Snell SA2020 Approved Open Face Auto Racing Helmet

At number 4, I have the Conquer Snell SA2020 Approved Open Face Auto Racing Helmet; a bit different from all the previous ones I discussed, this one does not have a full face grip but rather a half-face grip. It’s completely open from the front face. Don’t be taken back by the fact it’s an open-face helmet.

You might be shocked to know it provides just about the same level of safety and security as the other helmets in its category do. The exterior of the open face Conquer Snell helmet is made of fiberglass; this makes it lightweight and solid, so it holds its shape a lot better during any inconvenience.

During a race, a racer’s number one priority before winning is keeping himself sane and stress-free. Anxiety and nervousness are common feelings every racer feels. With such emotions comes mistakes, and mistakes lead to injuries.

The helmet fits perfectly and is available in many sizes; from the front, it is designed in a way its covers hide the side frame of the face and come outwards a little bit.

This is what provides extra protection in the helmet. It has the most comfortable padding inside. It covers from the head to the chin, also going around the cheek area.

In addition to that, this helmet is also very hygienic; the padding inside can easily be removed and washed and is defiantly worth the 2nd use. It comes with a chin strap, which makes it not only comfortable but also adjustable.

Lastly, it does not provide the same security attraction as the full-face helmets do, so this is a drawback.
  • Has an adjustable chin strap
  • Comfortable
  • Washable and hygienic
  • It does not provide the same satisfaction as the full-face helmets do

Will I ever recommend this to you? Yes, I certainly will; if you step away from the half-face full-face controversy, it’s more affordable than all the other full-face helmets combined.

5. HJC Helmets AR10 III Mens Auto Helmet

At number 5 I have a product by HJC; it’s available in both white and black colors with sizes extra small and extra-large. This item weighs about 4 pounds and is made out of polycarbonate material.

Regarding a spending plan auto dashing head protector that doesn’t think twice about quality, it’s difficult to show improvement over HJC’s AR-10 III Mens Auto Helmet.

Built from a high-level fiberglass composite weave shell, this SNELL-endorsed protective cap flaunts an enemy of mist polycarbonate visor with removed posts, just as pre-introduced M6 terminals for head and neck restrictions.

Inside, its Fire Resistant Moisture-wicking Comfort Carbon inside, combined with the brand’s “Upheld Channeling Ventilation” framework, together takes into consideration a staggeringly agreeable protective cap, in any event, when worn for extensive stretches.

Though it secures the face and neck tightly, they fit no matter how perfect your face can get annoying over time; hence, getting used to such a type of helmet is necessary to gain full benefit from the product.
  • Pre-installed M6 terminal for head and neck restraints
  • Polycarbonate anti-fog shield with tear-off posts
  • Great vision
  • This one is a splurge because it is expensive to purchase compared to other helmets

This item is recommended because although it is a bit on the expensive side, it is a great investment for someone with enough skill and knowledge to use the helmet to its full potential to elevate their riding experience.

6. ZAMP FS-8 Drag Racing Helmet

At number six, we have the ZAMP FS-8 Drag Racing Helmet. I’ve listed this product after doing my research and I am pretty sure this is one of the best options in the market currently available.

The features that make this helmet super popular are worth a read. This brand has neck protection cushions which make it super comfortable, and for a drag racer, comfort is key.

Like all the other drag racing helmets, this one is also made of fiberglass material, giving it the advantage of being comfortable and lightweight. A neck comforter with lightweight material is popular at its peak in the market, of course.

Another great specification of the this product is the wide ventilation caps that give the helmet a great air source to pass through—giving the driver a sweat-free race and a comfortable experience.

It comes in different sizes, and Color’s one can even customize it to his liking, giving it an advantage over the other helmets with the customization feature.

Of course, with every good product come drawbacks. The users have mentioned that the helmets sit differently on the head and pressure the forehead a little too much; the sizing is questionable.
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Washable inner padding for hygienic purposes
  • Great specifications
  • It can be customized
  • Hard to unlock because of the D buckle, this makes it dangerous in case of emergency

This is a great recommendation to a drag racer who is new to the field and for drivers with neck problems. Overall a great purchase. The helmet tends to be more appealing to the eyes more so than other drag racing helmets.

7. Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet

The Bell Qualifies Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet is racing’s high-dollar, go all out auto hustling cover. Equipped for engrossing as much as 40% more energy “standard models”, this head protector includes a super lightweight shell made out of aviation-grade carbon fiber.

An aggregate of 14 admission and exhaust ports offer mind-blowing ventilation, as well. Presented with or without a streamlined jawline spoiler, Bell created this cap with assistance from an assortment of F1 groups and drivers and, despite its vigorous nature, weighs in at just 3.5lbs.

It comes in all sizes and different colors, with black as the standard color with a different flare design color across the helmet; it is by the brand bell. This brand is known to sell high-quality helmets that are durable and last a long time.

Helmets by bell are not easily damaged or scratched, but even after a minor scathe, the item stays perfect for long-term use, even if the scratch occurs after the initial stages of purchasing it.

Though a tad bit on the expensive side, this helmet can be uncomfortable for those not used to having their entire face covered during riding or find it uncomfortable or suffocating.
  • Cap displayed with discretionary colored safeguard
  • Lightweight Polycarbonate/ABS Shell Construction
  • Nutra fog II UV-secured safeguard is a click release safeguard for quick, simple, and apparatus-free safeguard substitution
  • This item is also amongst the more expensive ranging helmets

This helmet is highly recommended for people with a phobia of falling off and scratching or damaging their face in any way, shapes, or form during riding. It covers the entirety of the face and keeps it in place completely.

8. AGV Corsa R Helmet – Sic 58 Replica

This AGV Corse R Helmet – Sic 58 Replica is effectively one of the most mind-blowing I’ve investigated. I’ll let it out’s somewhat expensive, at the same time; at last, your security is the best venture you might conceivably make.

The cap is produced using composite carbon strands, which offer additional degrees of effect security while making the head protector as light as expected.

This is significant because you would prefer not to feel a lot of strain on your head and neck while dashing, as it could occupy you and conceivably even affect your judgment.

Moreover, these have a coordinated ventilation framework with extra-wide channels to keep the air inside new and agreeable for the wearer.

The internal parts of the protective cap are fixed with breathable textures covered with cleaning treatment to ensure that your cap doesn’t become home to microscopic organisms and other unsafe microorganisms.

Finally, the visor is produced using excellent polycarbonate that is amazingly clear and impervious to scratches and different sorts of effect harm. At last, the fast delivery framework incorporated into the cap permits you to trade out visors very quickly.

Shell shape is intended to boost streamlined execution and limit the danger of effect energies being directed to the collar bone.
  • Offering the vast majority of similar components as the first in class Pista GP R yet in a carbon-fiberglass shell with flexible vents
  • Another inside development gives a steady, sans pressure fit
  • A removable nose watchman and wind diverter are both included
  • Highly expensive

Real riders with heavy experience of riding and enough will to spend money on an expensive helmet like this one are highly recommended to try this product out if they’re going to spend money buying any quality helmet because this one ensures safety, style, and reliability more than any helmet for a professional rider ever before.


Is It Safe To Wear A Racing Helmet For Drag Racing?

Yes, of course, it is safe to wear a racing helmet while drag racing. It seems questionable if someone was to ask such a question without realizing the consequence of the aftermath if something was to happen. The reaching helmet is properly regulated to keep you safe out on the track.

Although it is a safe choice to make, in a professional setting, if the gear and equipment of the rider are not up to standard, complications may occur; hence, why I’ve put together a list with details and specifications about each helmet individually to guide any rider be it beginner or experienced to make the best helmet shopping choice there is, which is to ensure the stability of their riding experience.

What Kind Of Helmets Is Good For Dirt Track Racing?

Dirt track racing, if for the junior level, it’s not as intense as the average drag race, so any good lightweight helmet works just about fine, but no matter the intensity, it’s safe to wear a protective helmet no matter the race.

Having adjustable straps both front and back is important as well. There are many choices available among the helmets I’ve mentioned and briefed upon above.

Many factors contribute to purchasing the perfect helmet, i.e., face, structure, fitting, if it is breathable or not, the structure of the helmet, the build, how it looks on the person, whether it does its job protecting the face according to the environment of the race or not, how heavy the helmet is and many other factors contribute to buying the perfect helmet according to one’s own liking.

What Kind Of Helmet Do I Need For Drag Racing?

Almost all the racing helmets use a solid, secure shell that is also interesting and fun appearance-wise. It’s very important to use both the interior and exterior as high quality.

The solid shell definitely should be rock solid and protective to the feel, and the interior usually has a chin, cheek, and back head padding to keep you safe and protected.

Which Helmets Are Used In Karting?

Right now, the most popular and affordable helmet made of carbon fiber and ensures complete security, the RZ-44CE Carbon Fiber Racing Helmet is one of the types to be used for karting. The helmet is designed for rough and competitive use, so it’s perfect for karting.


Finally, I can talk about how the intensity of the race and choosing the right helmet can really affect one’s mental health. When you’re in a race of any kind, the first thing a person is nervous, scared, and probably stressed. Any mistake, mishap, or accident to the head can lead to permanent damage or sudden death.

So it’s very important to choose the best helmet for drag racing so that you keep yourself secure and safe during the competitive race. If you’d ask me about the best helmet then I’d definitely recommend the number product which is Conquer Carbon Fiber Full Face Auto Racing Helmet Snell SA2020.