What Are The Most Comfortable Touring Seats For Harley Davidson?

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Motorcycle seats aren’t all that comfortable and might cause a lot of backaches for most people, which is where a touring seat comes in handy. This way, you won’t have to change to a completely new bike just because you didn’t like how uncomfortable the seat was.

Here are some of the best Harley touring seats for your bike to help you enjoy longer rides just as much as shorter rides without any pain or discomfort. All the products mentioned here are high quality, comfortable and durable, therefore will last you long without any issues.

7 Top Best Harley Davidson Touring Seats Reviews


Mustang Motorcycle Seats 76036 Standard Touring Regal One-Piece Seat

Mustang Motorcycle Seats 76036 Standard Touring Regal One-Piece Seat

Le Pera Aviator Smooth Solo Seat LK-017 Le Pera Aviator Smooth Solo Seat LK-017

Mustang Motorcycle Seats 79006 Super Touring Deluxe One-Piece Seat Mustang Motorcycle Seats 79006 Super Touring Deluxe One-Piece Seat

Mustang Motorcycle Seats 76033 Standard Touring One-Piece Seat Mustang Motorcycle Seats 76033 Standard Touring One-Piece Seat

XFMT New Hammock Rider And Passenger Seat XFMT New Hammock Rider And Passenger Seat


SKWOOSH Classic Saddle Motorcycle Gel Seat

SKWOOSH Classic Saddle Motorcycle Gel Seat

Saddlemen Step-Up LS 806-04-172 Saddlemen Step-Up LS 806-04-172


1. Mustang Motorcycle Seats 76036 Standard Touring Regal One-Piece Seat

The Mustang Motorcycle Seats 76036 Standard Touring Regal One-Piece Seat is the most popular product in the market in this category. This seat will help give you the most comfortable experience because of its high-quality design.

The brand, Mustang is a leading brand for making aftermarket motorcycle seats. Therefore this touring seat is a reliable option you can go for. This seat cover has a high-quality material a beautiful vinyl which will help give you the most comfortable riding experience while on the bike.

The result is no back pains when riding even on longer rides. Because vinyl has some qualities similar to leather, many manufacturers prefer it. It may not be as good as durability is concerned, but vinyl is much easier to maintain than leather.

This means you won’t have to worry about cleaning the seat now and then, as the process will be simple and easy. The seat has a beautiful design to go with the look of your Harley bike.

Because of the high-quality materials this product is made of. It is also quite expensive. Therefore, you should know that cheap touring seats are not of good quality.

For example, seats with plastic base plates will not last long. However, these issues will not arise with this product. This seat is 17 inches with the driver’s seat, and the passenger seat is 14 inches.

When you’re purchasing a touring seat, it is important to make sure that the product you are buying has a high-quality base plate, includes foam, cushion, and waterproof.

This particular product is built to last you longer than most products would. Therefore you won’t have to get a new one after some time. It will also stay looking fresh without ruining the look of your bike.

However, this seat is narrow at the front, which many customers might not prefer.
  • High-quality Vinyl material
  • Comfortable
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Narrow at the front

The high-quality material and construction ensure that this product is worth investing in, and you should upgrade your stock touring seat to this one for maximum comfort.

2. Le Pera Aviator Smooth Solo Seat LK-017

The Le Pera Aviator Smooth Solo Seat LK-017 is another great option to invest in when upgrading to an aftermarket touring seat. This product has an amazing material, a handmade leather artisan from the house of La Pera.

This top-quality material will ensure maximum comfort for as long as you’re riding the bike. Not only will sitting on the touring bike become very comfortable, but you will never experience any pain or soreness even after long rides.

This touring seat has a seat size that is 13 inches wide and has a 5 inch back support. According to the design, this seat is the middle one to the other Bare Bones thin low and Monterey solo touring seat.

La Pera is highly trusted and has a 50-year of experience in artisan craftsmanship design. Therefore when buying products from La Pera, you can be ensured that each one is highly reliable. These products are handcrafted to make the perfect item.

Not only this, each of the materials is handpicked, for example, the soft leathers that are stretched above the smart foam, which is also handpicked, and the steel frames attached to them. This touring seat will fit the 2008 – 2019 Harley Davidson touring bikes. Therefore it is important to check compatibility before purchasing this product.

The base plate, which is powder-coated steel, is carpeted to help protect painted surfaces. This will help keep the product looking as beautiful as in the start for as long as possible.

Customers have loved this product, especially because of how good it looks and feels, thanks to the top-quality materials of this brand. This touring seat is a great investment to consider.

However, this touring seat may allow water to soak into the foam, which might cause you to become wet if you sit on it even long after the water is supposed to dry off. Therefore, this is unsuitable for use in the rain, and spillage should be avoided highly.
  • Handmade material
  • Handpicked materials
  • Powder coated carpeted steel base plate
  • Soaks water

This luxurious-looking and high-quality brand might just be what you need to enhance the look and feel of your Harley motorcycle.

3. Mustang Motorcycle Seats 79006 Super Touring Deluxe One-Piece Seat

Another Mustang Motorcycle seat product is the 79006 Super Touring Deluxe One-Piece Seat. Mustang is another great name for touring seats, and many customers trust buying from this brand.

This particular touring seat has a beautiful design that Harley owners love and might just be the best addition to your bike to help enhance the look, the perfect upgrade from your stock seat. Firstly, the material used is high-quality vinyl.

This makes the touring seat water-resistant. Therefore you shouldn’t have any issues riding it in the rain or ever have to fret should anything spill on your motorcycle seat.

This makes it very durable because the vinyl is long-lasting and has a long shelf life. This seat will last you long without wear and tear. The front and rear seats are 19 inches and 14 inches wide.

Furthermore, the front buckle drain features a solid construction which is another reason this touring seat is perfect for the rainy season.

The design and the dimensions of this seat are compatible with most Harley Davidson models, so there is a high chance this will fit whichever bike model you have. This might be the 2008 to 2020 road kind, electra glide, street glide trike, or tri-glide.

Whichever model you have, you still don’t have to worry about the fitment because even though this is pretty flexible, it will still provide a great fit for your model.

The rear seat provides support across the entire width and will help keep the passenger firmly in the comfort zone. State-of-the-art automotive interior designs were used for the styling of the product, so you don’t have to be skeptical about the look.

However, this is a bit narrow at the point, and there are some complaints about this product not being as highly comfortable as it should be, and it might cause you to become sore after a long ride.
  • Beautiful design
  • High-quality vinyl material
  • Fits many models
  • Not the most comfortable

If you want to enhance the look of your bike with high-quality material, then this is one of the best options.

4. Mustang Motorcycle Seats 76033 Standard Touring One-Piece Seat

A one-piece touring seat that customers have loved is the Mustang Motorcycle Seats 76033 Standard Touring One-Piece Seat.

This product features a high-quality cushion which will prove to be much more comfortable than the stock option, as most users report having a lot of pain after using the stock option on the Harley Davidson in a long ride.

With this product, however, you will not face any discomfort, whether it be for as long as you’re sitting on it or after getting off. In addition to the high-quality cushion, another feature enhancing the comfort of this product is how wide the seat is.

Many customers have reported issues with aftermarket seats not being as wide as would be comfortable, and they do not prefer narrow ones. This touring seat, however, is wide enough for the most comfortable riding experience. Moreover, the material is also a high-quality vinyl, which, as you already know, is a great inclusion for a touring seat.

In addition, this touring seat also has a narrow nose-like pointed front which makes it very easy for users to step on the ground, another feature to add to the convenience.

It should also be noted that the designs in Mustang seats are neat and will usually take care of any differences in heights and sizes of all the people that sit on them. Both tall and short users will find this convenient. For as long as you are okay with the average stock height, this is a good option for you.

The width is 14 inches for maximum support, as I already mentioned. The backrests will also be easy to install with this product, but you may have to purchase these by yourself.

The fitment range is also pretty amazing because this touring seat will cover all Harley Davidson seats except the FLHT, so you should almost never have a problem with compatibility.

However, this product does not come with any armrests or backrests, so you will have to purchase those yourself.
  • Wide and comfortable
  • High-quality vinyl
  • It covers all heights and sizes
  • No armrests or backrests included

A highly comfortable touring seat, this one is convenient for whichever passenger or rider sits on it.

5. XFMT New Hammock Rider And Passenger Seat

If you’re looking for a high-quality leather cover seat, then the XFMT New Hammock Rider And Passenger Seat might just be the one.

This is the best Hammock Leather Touring seat you should get for your Harley Davidson. Even when going on harsh and bumpy rides, this product will ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible no matter how bad the ride gets.

An integrated suspension framework is included, and the benefit to this is the minimized risk of falling off because of any impact, which is another reason making it so suitable for harsh roads.

The material is also very classy. A leather cover which is coupled with a comfortable foam interior just makes the product feel as soft as possible. You can be ensured about not having to feel sore no matter how many miles you ride your bike.

The exterior design is also notable. A plastic side frame for the seat, as well as some iron frames, will help to improve the durability of this product. This will help the touring seat look the same over time while also lasting as long as possible, so forget about having to replace this item anytime soon after purchasing it.

Not only this, but you will also get room to check how high you want to sit on it in comparison to the stock seat, so you can get it to the height most convenient for you.

This is a great feature to have if more than one person of different heights uses the same bike because it can always be adjusted accordingly.

If you’re still doubtful about the comfort of the seat, then the brand also offers a demo seat to try out before purchasing. However, you should consider getting an adjustable bracket to pair up with this for the longest rides for maximum comfort.

This product does not come with backrests. in addition, the seat cover stitching lines are not as neat and straight as they should be.
  • Comfortable
  • Integrated suspension framework
  • Durable
  • Adjustable to preferred height
  • No backrests
  • Improper stitching

High quality and highly comfortable product that can be adjusted however you like, the XMFT hammock rider is another comfortable option to consider.

6. SKWOOSH Classic Saddle Motorcycle Gel Seat

The SKWOOSH Classic Saddle Motorcycle Gel Seat gives you all the amazing comfortable benefits of gel to help improve your riding experience and make it as comfortable as possible. This will help avoid all of the soreness and pain that might occur after longer rides.

Moreover, sitting on the gel will feel very comfortable when riding as well. Moreover, a durable fabric covering will help the gel seat last you many years without wearing and tearing.

Therefore, you will have a seat that looks fresh and new for as long as possible without ever feeling the need to replace it. Moreover, this seat will not alter the distance to lower controls or pegs; therefore, your ability to ride will not be compromised.

Not only this but this product can also be folded whenever you wish and altered for later use. Another awesome feature is the cutaway down the center.

What this does is provide tailbone relief for the rider. This product is definitely built for the most comfortable experience for you. The benefits of having a gel cushion are that the gel will not only make you feel comfortable but also relieve any pressure on your bottom, making this perfect for long rides.

An air channel to direct airflow is featured, which will improve breathability, therefore, keep you cooler when riding. Therefore this is perfect for the summer.

The gel cushion seat covering will attach itself under the saddle’s horn. You can attach this yourself, and there is a Snap Strap attachment that will help give you more choices when you are riding.

With all the other amazing qualities of this gel cushion, this is also one of the easiest to maintain. You don’t have to do anything to maintain this, but if you wish to clean it, wiping it down with a damp cloth should be just enough.

I tried to find some drawbacks for this product and I was able to find that the elastic pads are not adjustable so you might check on this one before purchasing.
  • Comfortable gel
  • Durable fabric covering
  • Tailbone relief
  • Direct airflow
  • Easy to maintain
  • Elastic pads are not adjustable

It is hard to deny that the gel material makes this the most comfortable option you can get, especially considering the high-quality manufacturing as a specific design for comfort.

7. Saddlemen Step-Up LS 806-04-172

The last product on the list is the Saddlemen Step-Up LS 806-04-172. This product is especially great for those who like stunting every once in a while, as well as those who enjoy aggressive riding because of how stable the performance will be. Apart from this, long-distance touring will also be made a much better experience thanks to this seat.

This product will keep you an inch back and an inch lower than the stock seats, which will not only prove to be more comfortable than the stock options but also help you get better control over your Harley Davidson bike.

This product will fit many different Harley Davidson bikes, including the Harley Davidson FLHR, the Harley Davidson FLHT, and the Harley Davidson Touring models, FLHX and FLHR. You don’t have to worry about the fitment too much.

However, it is still safe to check compatibility before purchasing. Generally, the seats are not only comfortable but also feature a very stylish design which will enhance the look of your bike right after installation. Speaking of installation, it can be done in only 15 minutes because of how easy and simple it is.

All you have to do is unscrew your stock seats and push these ones in. this makes this product better than those with complicated installation procedures, as not everyone is experienced enough to handle that properly.

Moreover, the interior has an under carpet, which holds the touring seat properly in place. This will help it stay there properly without any risk of it going loose after some time. A saddle gel is also included inside this touring seat, along with progressive density foam, which helps make the seat as comfortable as possible.

The pillion seat is noticeably narrow, which many customers might not enjoy.
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish design
  • Easy installation
  • Narrow pillion seat

The ease of installation and comfortable material make this product a very convenient product that many customers love.


How Can I Make My Harley Touring Seat More Comfortable?

To make your Harley motorcycle seat more comfortable, a great idea is to invest in a seat pad. You can get a lot of different styles to choose from as well. If you don’t want to get those, however, you could purchase padded shorts.

These come with built-in padding to avoid getting sore when sitting on the bike. In addition, a simple way to avoid back pain is to take breaks regularly from sitting. Whenever you come to a stop, stand for a little while to help the pain go away.

What Is The Best Seat Material For A Harley Touring Seat?

The two main seat materials for touring seats are gel and foam. The gel is preferred by some users because it is able to withstand a lot of high-pressure force without getting compressed, which is why manufacturers really like it as well.

When pushed down, the gel changes its shape only. However, the gel gets displaced when changing shape, so the shock absorbed is affected. Therefore, getting a high-quality foam seat is a great option as well, but some manufacturers still prefer the gel.

What Is The Best Backrest For Harley Davidson?

One of the best backrests you can get for your Harley Davidson motorcycle is the Kuryakin 1670 Adjustable backrest. This is great as it will help to keep your body straight in short or long rides. This will help keep you comfortable without any issues.

In addition, the water-resistant vinyl material helps to ensure durability, and you can be ensured that this product will last you long. This backrest will match your motorcycle seat perfectly as well.


When buying a touring seat, it is important to know that not every seat is built for every rider because each individual has different driving needs. Some might want a low-profile product, while some might prefer comfort.

In addition, you should also be aware that aftermarket seats might look impractical on your bike. For example, they might look much bulkier, with a different fit compared to the factory one, therefore might ruin the look of your bike, in which case if you prefer looks, then sticking to the factory one is a better option.

Moreover, when replacing these seats, know that these are built to give you the best grip and comfort, perfect for a five-hour-long ride. Therefore they might be expensive, but according to some customers, they are worth paying for.

In my opinion, the Mustang Motorcycle Seats 76036 Standard Touring Regal One-Piece Seat for Harley Davidson is the best Harley touring seat and the most popular one in the market.