What Ate The Top-Rated Fuel Stabilizers For Motorcycles?

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As a motorcycle rider, you are probably already aware that leaving fuel in your bike’s gas tank is not such a great idea, particularly if it is ethanol mixed fuel.

This is because, in today’s age, gasoline contains roughly about 10% ethanol. This is bad because ethanol is essentially a catalyst for corrosion, water buildup, fuel injector clogging, and several other issues.

Ethanol can easily absorb water from moist air, whereas gasoline does the opposite, which can lead to the buildup of rust and corrosion.

One easy and cheap solution for this problem is a fuel stabilizer that can be added to your vehicle’s fuel tank before leaving it idle, which will help slow down the process of gasoline oxidation.

Here is a list of the best fuel stabilizer for motorcycles.

7 Top Best Motorcycle Fuel Additives Reviews


STA-BIL 360 Marine Ethanol Treatment & Fuel Stabilizer

STA-BIL 360 Marine Ethanol Treatment & Fuel Stabilizer

STP Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer STP Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer

Lucas Oil Products 10016 Complete Engine Treatment Lucas Oil Products 10016 Complete Engine Treatment

STAR BRITE Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment STAR BRITE Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment


Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment

Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment

Briggs & Stratton 100119 Fuel Treatment Briggs & Stratton 100119 Fuel Treatment

Royal Purple 11722 Max Clean Fuel System Stabilizer Royal Purple 11722 Max Clean Fuel System Stabilizer


1. STA-BIL 360 Marine Ethanol Treatment & Fuel Stabilizer

The first fuel stabilizer on my list is the STA-BIL 360 Marine Ethanol Treatment & Fuel Stabilizer that has been proven to do a good job at protecting your motorcycle’s engine from corrosion damage and the accumulation of water, which can be quite problematic. Thanks to its Vapor Technology, it can protect the engine above or below the fuel line.

Furthermore, it is especially efficient for smaller vehicles; thus, it is ideal for your motorcycle. Tend to ride your motorcycle in wet and water environments. You should keep this fuel stabilizer around because its ingredients can easily and effectively absorb all moisture from the fuel tank and the engine.

To get into details, this fuel stabilizer’s formula contains PEA system cleaners that prevent your engine from forming gum, varnish, rust, etc., by eliminating any water molecules.

It also enhances your engine’s performance by ridding it of any impurities, especially when you add this to fresh gas after every fill-up to ensure that your engine is operating at its peak performance.

Being an alcohol-free water remover, it can efficiently treat up to 320 gallons of fuel just from the 32 oz bottle alone and keep the fuel fresh for as long as 12 months. It is a simple product to use.

All you have to do is pour the fuel stabilizer into your tank according to the amount of fuel is in it (1 oz treats 1 gallon of fuel) and then run the engine for 5 minutes to treat the entire fuel in the system. This can be used for any vehicle, so you can ensure to keep your engine running smoother, cleaner, and stronger with every fill-up.

With all that being said, there is only one negative thing to say about this product, and that is the relatively poor quality of the bottle as it does not have good durability, which may mean that you have to keep the contents of the bottle in a separate more durable container.
  • Removes water contents
  • Prevents damage from corrosion
  • A good gallons dilution ratio
  • Not a durable packaging

If you are looking for a reliable and trusted brand of fuel stabilizer, then the Sta-bil 360 marine is a product worth considering. It is cheap and efficient in protecting your engine from damage caused by water buildup and keeps the fuel fresh for long periods.

2. STP Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer

Up next on my list is the STP Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer, and as its name suggests, it operates not only to stabilize the fuel but also clean the engine system.

It is one of the well-known fuel stabilizers for motorcycle engines and is manufactured using advanced technology that provides you with the best 5 in 1 formula.

This fuel stabilizer is engineered with top ingredients: kerosene, distillates (petroleum), hydro desulfurized light catalytic cracked, hydro treated light, and hydro desulfurized middle, thus giving it the title of the 5 in 1 storage formula. It is the perfect product for keeping the engine operating at its peak performance and fuel maintenance.

Compared with other fuel stabilizer products, this one contains twice the quantity of cleaning agents that effectively removes the engine’s harmful buildups.

In addition to that, this stabilizer possesses the properties to keep the fuel in the storage tank fresh, so you don’t have to worry about your motorcycle for long periods. This fuel stabilizer’s compatibility can be used for all gasoline engines, such as turbo and hybrid vehicles.

Another great thing about this product is that it is compatible with cap-less gas systems. And speaking of the benefits of this fuel stabilizer, it is worth mentioning that its formula is manufactured to reduce emissions and lubricate the entire engine system to minimize friction; hence, it also helps save gas!

In addition, this five-action fuel treatment is a great formula to use to prevent fuel system corrosion as it limits and prevents ethanol from accumulating in the system.

On the other hand, this fuel stabilizer has no option for a smaller size which means that you cannot choose a more affordable option.
  • Restores both engine, as well as fuel system
  • It contains double the amount of cleaning agents
  • Five action engine system and fuel system maintenance formula
  • Expensive and only one size option

Overall, the STP fuel system is yet another ideal option for restoring your engine’s peak performance and making the fuel storage clean and fresh.

3. Lucas Oil Products 10016 Complete Engine Treatment

Suppose you own a relatively older motorcycle model and would like to restore its engine’s full performance capability without going through intrusive mechanical procedures.

In that case, the Lucas Oil Products 10016 Complete Engine Treatment may be the ideal product for you. You can add this engine treatment formula in two areas of your vehicle: the engine oil compartment and the gas tank, to benefit from various cleaning and tuning features it provides.

In addition to that, you don’t necessarily need to have an old motorcycle as this engine treatment is compatible with every existing vehicle, regardless of how old it is.

As per the directions to use this product, they are quite simple, and all you have to do is pour this treatment formula into either your vehicle’s diesel fuel or gas tank and let it do the rest.

An entire bottle of this treatment formula (which is 21 oz) can be used to successfully treat about 21 gallons of fuel. Hence the recommended dosage for this treatment formula is roughly 1 oz per gallon.

One of the best things about this engine treatment formula is that it requires almost no special skills, and all you have to do is add it to your fuel tank for the treatment process to begin.

Furthermore, you can also add the engine treatment to your engine oil whenever you change your oil by combining the mixture in the ratio of 1 oz per quart of engine oil. This will improve the functionality and operational performance of your motorcycle, especially if it is an old model.

However, it is imperative to remember that the amount of formula added to your engine must be exactly according to the recommended dosage, as improper amounts can cause damage to your motorcycle’s engine.
  • Extends the life of the oil in your engine
  • Prevents corrosion damage from ethanol deposits
  • Lubricates the engine for smoother performance
  • Reduces wear and tear
  • Over dosage may harm your engine

The Lucas engine treatment provides essential benefits and performance enhancements to improve your motorcycle’s functionality by providing direct upgrades with barely any drawbacks in return. It is also quite cheap and comes in various sizes to cater to different vehicles and their engine sizes.

4. STAR BRITE Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment

Another great option for a fuel stabilizer is the STAR BRITE Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment that contains a concentrated formula built with improving the life of your motorcycle’s engine and fuel system as its primary goal.

It is also among the well-known brand of fuel stabilizers, particularly owing to its multifunctional fuel additive characteristics. This fuel treatment formula is especially efficient for starting the engines of old motorcycles or ones that have been idle for a season, thanks to the highly active enzyme it contains.

In addition to that, it is also quite a wonderful product for keeping your motorcycle’s engine running smoothly and strongly for a longer period and essentially making it a lot easier to maintain your vehicle’s overall functionality and full-fledged performance without requiring any special expertise or knowledge.

It is particularly beneficial in the modern-day because most fuel is blended with ethanol, which leads to several different problems, including water build-ups and rust and corrosion produced from it.

Furthermore, the formula allows for a safe method of burning off excess water content in the fuel during fuel combustion while the engine is running. It effectively breaks down the water molecules into sub-micron sizes, thus being an ideal solution for countering phase separation.

Not only that but among the many benefits of this product is that it is a great formula in the sense that it successfully maximizes fuel economy by a cleaner burning of fuel through a purifying process in which all the rust and varnish accumulated in the fuel system is broken down and eliminated.

Another great advantage of this fuel stabilizer is that when the formula is in the engine system, you will notice a reduction in the emissions and a more even combustion that allows for a better operating engine and better fuel economy.

Subsequently, it can be used for engines of all types and not just motorcycles. It is compatible and safe to use. You don’t need to worry about overdosing as it is very unlikely to harm your vehicle’s engine.

As for all products mentioned above, I must discuss the potential negatives. And as for this fuel stabilizer, the only drawback it holds is that it may not be widely sold in most markets; thus, you may need to preorder it and wait for some time for it to be delivered.
  • It is fuel economical
  • It is well suited for all engines
  • It improves the engine’s performance
  • It reduces emissions and improves combustion
  • It may be limitedly sold in the market

Overall, the Star Tron enzyme fuel treatment formula is a great option for any motorcyclist looking to improve and maintain their motorcycle’s performance for a longer period.

5. Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment

Among the many other well-known fuel stabilizer brands is the Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment that provides users with several different benefits and uses.

Like the majority of other fuel stabilizers, Sea Foam can also be used in all types of engines, from lawnmowers to cars and motorcycles; it is a well-equipped product that you can use, especially if you own a set of different vehicles.

Like any other stabilizer, it is quite efficient in preventing and eliminating any build-up of moisture produced from water-absorbing ethanol present in the fuel, ultimately countering and staving off any corrosion and varnish in the entire engine and fuel system.

This is an especially important feature as the quality of the fuel in the storage tank depends on the impurities such as rust and corrosion, which hinders the overall performance of your motorcycle and prevents you from enjoying your machine’s peak performance.

In addition to all that, this particular product offers a wide range of beneficial features: the formula’s ability to act as parts cleaner and a lubricating agent that allows for a much smoother and cleaner running engine that may increase the overall fuel economy. Combining such important features with an affordable price makes this product a hard one to pass on.

Furthermore, yet another great thing about this fuel stabilizer is that it can be used to preserve both gasoline and diesel fuel and operates for engines regardless of whether it is fuel injected or carbureted.

And last but not least, it is a product that is widely available and accessible to most people, and you can even find it in most gas stations and auto workshops.

Although you may be able to find a more fuel stabilizing-oriented product, this being a multifunctional one is a pretty solid option.
  • Works for diesel and gasoline fuel tanks
  • Used for cleaning the fuel
  • Used as a lubricant for better performance
  • The multifunctional factor may compromise some features

Nevertheless, suppose you want a reliable product that offers a range of benefits, whether to clean and stabilize the fuel or the engine system or improve fuel economy and combustion. In that case, Sea Foam is a product that is worth considering.

6. Briggs & Stratton 100119 Fuel Treatment

Up next on my list is the Briggs & Stratton 100119 Fuel Treatment. It is worth mentioning that this brand name is for the manufacturers of gasoline engines commonly found in motorcycles, lawnmowers, and other machines, which means that their fuel stabilizer product must be manufactured with special expertise and knowledge about such engines.

Furthermore, this fuel stabilizer can be used for motorcycles and other machines that operate with small gas engines such as snow blowers and small pumps.

The formula for this fuel stabilizer is engineered with advanced technology that helps treat fuel and provides thrice the protection again antioxidants that will ensure that the fuel is clean, fresh, and free of water content.

In addition to that, another great benefit of this product that gives it a competitive edge is that its small 16 oz bottle alone can manage to treat around 80 gallons of fuel. It keeps the fuel fresh for as long as 36 months, which is 12 more months than most other fuel stabilizer products.

During this period, the formula effectively protects all the metallic parts of the motorcycle from the harmfulness of oxidation while also simultaneously cleaning the fuel systems.

Therefore, if you are looking to safeguard your motorcycle’s engine from ethanol fuel-related problems, then considering this fuel stabilizer is what you need to do. It is a great fuel treatment product to fully maximize your machine’s potential while providing it with the utmost protection.

From cleaning any deposits of impurities caused by the ethanol in the fuel to keeping the existing fuel fresher when you plan to put your motorcycle in storage, it provides long-term benefits for such an affordable price.

The drawback I was able to find is that this fuel stabilizer may not be ideal for diesel fuel, so you might keep that in mind.
  • Provides triple antioxidant protection
  • Stabilizes fuel for up to 36 months
  • It contains enzyme inhibitors to prevent corrosion
  • Not ideal for diesel fuel

The Briggs and Stratton fuel stabilizer is a comparatively more efficient fuel treatment product despite its only disadvantage. It can keep the fuel stabilized for three years, a year more than the standard two years shelf life of other fuel treatment products.

7. Royal Purple 11722 Max Clean Fuel System Stabilizer

This Royal Purple 11722 Max Clean Fuel System Stabilizer has managed to remain the designated best fuel treatment product for motorcycles, particularly owing to its robust triple action formula that is highly effective and efficient at stabilizing the fuel of motorcycles of all types.

To discuss the details of this 3 in 1 formula, the first step is to identify what the 3 means. Essentially, the three features include recovering and maximizing the fuel economy of your motorcycle at estimates of roughly 3 percent, followed by a boost in horsepower by approximately 2.5 percent.

And as for the third, a significant improvement in the overall emissions of hydrocarbons, among other harmful emissions that prevent uniform combustion in the engine.

To extend the benefits this fuel stabilizer offers, I wanted to mention that it is compatible and safe to be used with engines of types, whether that is diesel, gasoline, or ethanol mixed fuels.

In addition to that, it can also pair well with 2 to 4 stroke engines. Thus, allowing it to be another ideal option that can be used for all types of engines available on the market.

Furthermore, it is a great option to treat old motorcycles that have trouble with starting their engine and can prevent stalling and untimely sparking in the plug, which can be harmful to engines.

On the contrary, it may not hold up as well as other fuel stabilizer products when it comes to the gallons dilution ratio; a 20 oz bottle can only treat fuel of roughly the volume of 20 gallons. But given the low price, it is still an efficient ratio, especially if you intend to use the stabilizer for motorcycles.
  • Optimal for motorcycles
  • Reduces the emissions of harmful gases
  • Compatible with diesel and gasoline engines
  • Maximizes the engine’s performance
  • The small dilution ratio of 1 oz per gallon of fuel

In conclusion, the Royal Purple fuel stabilizer holds the title for best motorcycles fuel treatment product, and I have mentioned those factors above. It is a great option if you are looking for good quality and reliable product that will help you maintain and improve your motorcycle’s life.


Are All Fuel Stabilizers The Same?

In simple words, yes. Although made from differing ingredients, all fuel stabilizers have been manufactured for the same primary goal. Those separate ingredients may have been used to formulate a product that is particularly efficient in cleaning and protecting a certain vehicle area.

Still, all fuel stabilizers are mainly used to help maintain the freshness of the fuel in storage tanks for long periods while the vehicle will remain idle.

Does Fuel Stabilizer Affect Engine Performance?

Yes, but relatively. If you own an old vehicle that has trouble starting, then using a fuel stabilizer will make the task a lot easy and smooth, and this will particularly be more noticeable for old and rusty vehicles.

As for newer motorcycles, the fuel stabilizer can be merely considered a means to maintain its engine’s performance and freshness of the fuel.

What Is The Shelf Life Of A Good Quality Fuel Stabilizer?

On average, a good quality fuel stabilizer will be viable for usage for up to approximately two years before there is a need to check for sediment or flakes in the contents of the stabilizer. As long as there are none, you can continue to use it.

Can I Use Too Much Fuel Stabilizer?

It may depend on the particular brand of fuel stabilizer we are looking at, but there are generally minimal risks. However, there is a reason for a recommended dosage, so following the guidelines is always safe.


If you have made it this far in the article and are still uncertain about which the best fuel stabilizer for motorcycles to use is and how beneficial it can be for your vehicle, then I would advise you to read it again.

Moreover, choosing the right engine treatment and fuel stabilizer is not difficult, especially if you have thoroughly read through my article and if you ask me about the best one then I’d definitely recommend the STA-BIL 360 Marine Ethanol Treatment & Fuel Stabilizer.

Lastly, you are always advised to carefully read the label and all the details and instructions given on the product itself. I hope the critical factors discussed above helped you choose the fuel stabilizer for you.