What Are The Top-Rated Final Drive Belts For Harley Davidson?

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Belt drives are a good alternative to standard chain systems because they are lower maintenance and smoother in their task.

Chain systems are cheap and require regular lubrication to function properly. Being linked with sprockets, they are prone to snapping, which can directly injure the rider and cause an accident.

All of this is avoided by drive belts, just two pulleys connected by a rubber belt with various grooves. They last a long time, are pretty efficient, make little to no noise, and do not require lubrication.

In this article, I will discuss the best final drive belt for Harley Davidson motorbikes and go into great detail about the belts.

7 Top Best Harley Davidson Final Drive Belts Reviews


AOLIDA BLD SPC 137-1 Final Drive Belt

AOLIDA BLD SPC 137-1 Final Drive Belt

Goodyear Falcon SPC Rear Drive Belt Goodyear Falcon SPC Rear Drive Belt

Gates Polychain Final Drive Replacement Drive Belt Gates Polychain Final Drive Replacement Drive Belt

Panther Drive Belts Rear Drive Belt Panther Drive Belts Rear Drive Belt

Youxmoto Rear Drive Belt Youxmoto Rear Drive Belt

S&S Gates High Strength Final Drive Belt S&S Gates High Strength Final Drive Belt

S&S Cycle/Gates High Strength Final Drive Belt S&S Cycle/Gates High Strength Final Drive Belt


1. AOLIDA BLD SPC 137-1 Final Drive Belt

AOLIDA is a Chinese company established in 2001 and offered its goods to both its home country and the world.

They produce all manner of drive belts for bikes and scooters, ranging from timing belts to coating belts; if it exists, there is a chance this company has manufactured it.

The product I am going to write is the AOLIDA BLD SPC 137-1 Final Drive Belt, a high-quality Kevlar belt designed for various models for the Harley Davidson.

Similar to the Youxmoto, it encompasses various models with different ranges, mostly starting between 2007 & 2008 and going onwards, being compatible with the latest models of 2020.

Once again, it is recommended to double-check the compatibility with your bike. This drive train has emulated OEM specifications and is a very good replacement for your old, worn-out drive belt.

Not only is it a great product for reasons I will explain further down the article, but it offers itself as a fully tested product that has gone through rigorous testing before being shipped out.

Furthermore, the drive train features excellent resistance to pressure from all directions. It also has great flexibility, which is well needed since flexibility goes hand in hand with speed tracking to provide the rider with smooth transmission.

The rubber used to manufacture the drive belt can withstand high temperatures and contribute to flexibility while providing the product with long life and durability.

As mentioned earlier, the drive belt is fully tested, so the company believes that it deserves an unconditional refund or a free replacement if the user happens to find any problems with the quality of the product.

The company also provides direct product support to the belt train while keeping it at factory prices.

While generally creating a positive experience for the customer, the product is available to many models. It ranges them with little consistency, so it becomes confusing to assess whether it is compatible with the customer’s bike.
  • Fully tested before release
  • High durability
  • Large compatibility range
  • Not consistent with model compatibility

A solid overall product that is durable and provides all the great qualities a drive belt needs to succeed.

2. Goodyear Falcon SPC Rear Drive Belt

Goodyear Tire and Rubber company an American-based tire manufacturing company that was founded in the year 1898. Since then, Goodyear has become one of the four biggest tire manufacturers in the world.

With over a century of experience in making the products that this company offers, they are ensured to have the highest quality that can be found on the market.

This Goodyear Falcon SPC Rear Drive Belt for Harley is comparable to, if not better than, the original drive belt that comes factory installed with the motorcycle.

The belt is crafted from the finest material available on the market. This makes it quite durable and long-lasting. This belt has also been through the process of reinforcement with carbon fiber.

This also adds to the strength of this belt, making it extra protected against tearing. This also helps that this belt makes very little to no noise when it is being used.

This belt has a large variety in compatibility with Harley-Davidsons. This belt can easily fit and work well with pretty much any model of Harley Davidson manufactured between the years 1991 and 2008.

Specifically speaking, this belt is made for the cruiser and touring models, but it does work well with the street bike models. This drive belt is a good replacement for a chain or a shaft driver.

The reason for this is that, although chains and shaft drivers may be a lot more long-lasting and cheaper to install than drive belts, in the long run, this belt requires a lot less maintenance than them.

However, that is pretty much all to say when it comes to the pros of this drive belt, as it does not necessarily provide anything too great that a lot of other competitors or alternatives do not. This, along with the fact that I found that this belt’s ruggedness tends to put pressure on nuts, bolts, bearings, etcetera, really puts it between a rock and a hard place.
  • Carbon fiber reinforced
  • Low maintenance is required
  • Less noise when in use
  • It does not offer anything too spectacular, despite being a major brand product
  • Puts pressure on the nuts, bearings, and bolts

So, for this one, I can say that if you are one for trusted brands, this is a good purchase. The pros do outweigh the cons for the price.

3. Gates Polychain Final Drive Replacement Drive Belt

Polychain is an offshoot of the company named Gates. As the name suggests, they make some high-end drive belts using synthetic polymers and other materials as replacements for older drive belts or chains.

They have a very large catalog of drive belts available for purchase. One of their products is the Gates Polychain Final Drive Replacement Drive Belt for Harley Davidson.

This drive belt is made with Neoprene rubber backing. This material is known for its ability to reject abrasion. Neoprene is the first ever created synthetic rubber. It has gone through a lot of research over the years.

This makes it so this belt is very durable. It has the strength and rigidity to easily handle long-term usage. This also allows the drive belt to absorb vibrations as much as possible.

Hence, this drive belt provides a very smooth ride when installed onto your Harley Davidson. It is specifically designed for touring and the cruising variants of the Harley Davidsons.

However, this drive belt also works perfectly when installed on street bikes. This means that this drive belt has some really good diversity in terms of compatibility.

A unique feature about this belt is that it has a tooth profile configured in a very different way than you would usually see in a drive belt.

This configuration helps in reducing the amount of air being trapped between the drive belt and the pulley. This allows for added safety as it reduces its chances of slipping off.

The four year-models from 2009 to 2013 are not very impressive. However, despite being able to fit on all variants of a certain year model, it only has a short time frame of models compatible with. This means that it will not fit the latest or older models.
  • Made using the synthetic rubber called Neoprene
  • Unique tooth configuration
  • Safer to use
  • Lower noise when the engine is running
  • Very Limited demographic
  • A small range of supported year models

Given how great this drive belt is and that you have the model of Harley that it fits on to, I would recommend that you go for it.

4. Panther Drive Belts Rear Drive Belt

Panther is Carlisle Companies Incorporated’s subsidiary company that produces drive belts.

RPP Panther is their line of “Synchronous Drive Belts”. This company manufactures all of its goods in America. The Panther Drive Belts Rear Drive Belt is the next installment of the RPP Panther Drive Belts line.

What sets this one apart from all the rest on the market is made from the Ultra-chord. This meant that, unlike other belts, this one would not stretch out and become loose as time passed.

This works oppositely as well. If it does not become loose, you might think it might become too tight on the driveshaft and the bearings. However, that is not the case here.

This drive belt does not shrink, so that means that whatever the tightness it is at the time of installation will remain until the end.

The material used to make this drive belt is an advanced polymer. This, coupled with the unique tooth configuration, and the design, allows for increased tensile strength.

This means that the teeth will be more resistant to shearing, allowing the belt to be more reliable and more stable for a longer amount of time.

This drive belt has a large range of compatibility with models of Harley Davidson. It can fit most of the Harley Davidson bikes made between the years 1997 to 2003. This includes touring and cruising variants as well as street bike variants.

  • Made from Ultra-cord
  • Manufactured from an advanced polymer
  • It does not loosen or shrink over time
  • It is not compatible with newer models, only the older ones

If you are looking for a replacement for your chain or drive belt on an older model, I would recommend that you pay attention to this drive belt.

5. Youxmoto Rear Drive Belt

Youxmoto is another well-known company making parts and accessories for vehicles and is committed to making quality products while also striving for innovation and greatness.

Their rear-drive belt that I will be talking about is also well received and aims towards the standards they have set. The product they have manufactured is the Youxmoto Rear Drive Belt, an extremely compatible drive train that can be fitted onto almost any Harley Davidson.

The compatible models started back in 1985 and vary depending on the model. This means that you should take care when purchasing the product to be compatible with your bike. The product has been manufactured using high-grade carbon fiber and is Goodyear engineered.

This means that the product has a very high tensile strength that fits your Harley Davidson, almost 50 percent more than its competitors and conventional reinforced belts. This makes it a good choice when considering different drive belts for your bike.

The rubber used in creating this product offers outstanding flexibility and can easily withstand high temperatures. This prevents the drive train from melting in extreme temperatures when left outside in the sun.

The teeth of the belt are also reinforced with fabric to have increased resistance against wear and tear. The construction is also made to avoid debris from getting stuck inside the drive train.

The company has committed itself to provide its customers with superior products, which are why to double down on this, they have provided an entire year’s duration of warrant in which they offer an unconditional refund or a free replacement if there are any problems with the quality of the drive belt.

Customers have complained about the drive belts’ unclear and confusing compatibility scheme and how it is compatible with many different models but does a poor job of conveying this. This is coupled with the fact that the drive belt is not compatible with the latest products.
  • Debris resistant
  • High durability
  • 1-year warranty with quality assurance refunds
  • Not available for the latest Harley Davidson Models

Youxmoto has manufactured a stellar product that stays true to its ideas and beliefs. If only it was available for a modern-day Harley Davidson.

6. S&S Gates High Strength Final Drive Belt

As mentioned for one of the earlier drive belts in this article, Gates is a major company and a leading manufacturer of power transmission belts.

They have teamed up with S&S, another large manufacturer, to produce a line of secondary drive belts for motorcycles. Among this line of products is the S&S Gates High Strength Final Drive Belt.

This drive belt has been produced specifically for Harley Davidson motorcycles. It has been labeled as one of the best drive belts currently available on the market.

This drive belt has been made with Gates’ exclusive material called the X3N carbon cord. This makes this belt much more robust than most of the other belts that you may find. Robust, however, does not mean that this belt is not flexible.

The rigidity of this belt works in combination with its flexibility, which helps in getting a good fit on the bike. Along with this, the drive belt can also absorb most of the vibrations made when the engine is running.

This allows for a smoother drive, and it also helps produce much less noise than what you would expect from a chain or even a conventional drive belt.

Lastly, the wide design allows this drive belt to stay put on the pulley. This also helps in preventing the belt from slipping off.

The 139 tooth configuration of this belt also adds to this and helps in reducing problems like abrasion, which are quite common among secondary drive belts.

The only problem with this belt is that it is not very easy to install. The wide design makes it quite difficult to fit without proper tools. So, unless you have a dedicated garage of tools ready, you will have to take your Harley to the mechanic’s shop to have this drive belt installed. Other than that, there is no information on which models this belt is compatible with.
  • Made by two reputable brands
  • X3N carbon cord featured
  • Reduces noise when the engine is running
  • Do not slip off too easily
  • Difficult to install

Despite being quite enticing in terms of all the features and the material, I suggest you talk with the seller about compatibility. You do not want to but something that would not even fit.

7. S&S Cycle/Gates High Strength Final Drive Belt

Finally in the last spot, the leading manufacturers S&S and Gates teamed up to produce a line of different drive belts for motorcycles.

These belts were to support a large variety of bikes, specifically the models of Harley Davidson. The S&S Cycle/Gates High Strength Final Drive Belt is another one from this production line.

The fact that many variants of these drive belts were made shows that both the brands wanted them to be available to a large demographic of bike riders.

This belt is also made with the exclusive material produced by Gates. This is the X3N carbon cord. This material a much more reliable than Aramid, which is found to be used for most other drive belts that can be found on the market.

This allows this belt to be significantly stronger. The wide design of this belt shows that it is not prone to slipping off the pulley that it has been attached to. This drive belt also has a smaller number of teeth.

It has a 136 tooth configuration, unlike the other one mentioned in this article. This means that this belt is supposed to fit different models of the Harley Davidson than that one.

Moreover, this drive belt is available in 1 and 1.5-inch variants. This is to allow more options for those who require their drive belts to hold more pressure and power.

Specifically, I believe the 1.5 inches one would work well for the touring models, while the street bike models would work with just the 1-inch ones as well.

There is one problem with this belt, though, and it is a major one. It tends to be completely unpredictable about how long it will last. Along with that, this belt is also prone to snapping. There are also reports that this belt had not even lasted 500 miles which is shocking considering the other belts in this same production line.
  • Made with X2N carbon cord
  • Low noise when used
  • Strong and rigid
  • Available in 1 and 1.5-inch variants
  • Not long-lasting
  • Prone to snapping

If you plan to get this one, I would suggest you get it replaced on time because the snapping of a drive belt can be very dangerous on the road.


How Long Does A Drive Belt Last On A Harley Davidson?

The average drive belt for a Harley Davidson should easily last you 100,000 miles or more, but more often than not, it depends on your place of driving and your regular maintenance.

If you drive on rugged terrain, then there is a high chance that rocks may get stuck in the drive train, causing it damage and forcing you to replace it. Make sure to check the drive train every 5,000 miles or whenever you go for an oil change.

When Should A Harley Drive Belt Be Replaced?

Harley drive belts are built to last and can easily take you across 100,000 miles, but they will have to be replaced at some point. If your drive train is showing cracks or missing teeth, it is a good idea to consider replacing it.

Sometimes rocks may get jammed between the belt and pulley, which can also cause a lot of damage and can ruin a drive train. Make sure to monitor its condition to decide on a replacement.

How Tight Should The Drive Belt Be On A Harley Davidson?

The drive belt should be installed nicely and tight to the bike’s proper tension, especially if you are running it on an engine with high horsepower. Loose belts have a better chance of breaking apart at high speeds.

On the opposite end, having a drive belt that is too tight can easily cause excess stress to the bearings. This added stress can easily cause over-amperage, translating into potential motor failure. The heat buildup also causes breaking.

Can I Replace A Final Drive Belt On My Own?

If you are confident in your abilities to replace the drive train of your Harley Davidson, then, by all means, go for it. If you own special tools which are specifically made for replacing drive belts and have experience, then it should be a relatively easy process.

However, you must know that a lot goes into drive train replacement, and a lot of things can go wrong, which is why it is best to have a professional mechanic do the replacement.

How Can I Check The Wear And Tear Of The Final Drive Belt?

Identifying wear and tear in your drive train is very simple and something you should be doing regularly to avoid problems and get a replacement as soon as possible.

Ensure there are no cracks in the drive train and see if the teeth are all in place. Fewer teeth and cracks are a sign of wearing. Stones stuck inside the drive train can also cause a lot of wear and tear and should be removed.


A drive belt is an integral feature that your bike should have if it is not running the standard bike chain. It poses less risk of snapping and injury than the chain and requires less maintenance overall.

A good drive belt should be durable, flexible, and easily capable of withstanding the high speeds the bike can reach, which is why the AOLIDA BLD SPC 137-1 Final Drive Belt is, in my opinion.

The best final drive belt for Harley Davidson as it easily beast its competition and has been subjected to overall high praise from the customer which has purchased the product.