What Are The Top-Rated Bluetooth Headsets For Motorcycle Helmet?

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As the world advances, we get such unique features, even for a helmet. Having Bluetooth compatible helmets is very exciting. The market is filled with heaps and heaps of Bluetooth headsets for your motorcycle helmet. Right from there, I’ve done some research and found some of the best Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets for you.

It’s not easy choosing a single piece from a dozen choices, but I’ve narrowed it down to a few. Starting from the best and narrowing it down to your last choice, some might be budget-friendly while others won’t be. You can make it easier why read through this list!

7 Top Best Bluetooth Headsets For Motorcycle Helmet Reviews


Sena Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Communication System

Sena Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Communication System

Cardo PTS00001-PACKTALK Slim Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System Headset Cardo PTS00001-PACKTALK Slim Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System Headset

Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Kit Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Kit


THOKWOK Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

THOKWOK Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

FOTUS T9S-V3 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom With Noise Cancellation FOTUS T9S-V3 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom With Noise Cancellation

LEXIN 1PC LX-FT4 1-4 Rider Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset LEXIN 1PC LX-FT4 1-4 Rider Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

AEKOMi HY-01S Helmet Intercom Motorbike 1000m Universal Communication System AEKOMi HY-01S Helmet Intercom Motorbike 1000m Universal Communication System


1. Sena Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Communication System

First up on my list is the Sena Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Communication System. Right of the bat, we are kick-starting with this incredible headset with some of the best-in-market features. This technology comes at a range of eight thousand meters while we know the average rate is thirteen hundred. These Bluetooth headsets have a voice control system.

This Bluetooth headset can control these features for assistant without typing but through your voice, so when you’re on the road riding and don’t have the time to stop, these come in handy. You can easily connect this one and enjoy music, listen to call, or even use the navigation system on the road. These are also waterproof.

These are also completely wireless, which is honestly the first thing any buyer looks at; no one wants wires stretching down hanging when tour riding the motorcycle, hence another great feature of these headsets.

If you’re trying to install these on a new helmet, then don’t worry about the fit at all. They install perfectly, giving you an amazing experience. Moreover, the sound quality of this Bluetooth headset is amazing.

The voice feature allows an enhanced balance between the ride and the rider. When riding on the road, these will completely block out the surrounding noises.

If you’re listening to music or even talking to someone, the noise-canceling feature also gives this headset a boost in the market. These headsets are also super affordable. You can look for a long-term investment when buying these.

The only drawback is that the battery life lasts for only 14 hours, so if you’re on a long-term road trip then these would need to be charged in intervals.
  • Has a voice assistant feature
  • Sound canceling
  • Waterproof
  • Battery life is limited to the short term

A great first pick and super popular in the market for its remarkable specs would be highly recommended to all motorcycle helmets.

2. Cardo PTS00001-PACKTALK Slim Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System Headset

The Cardo PTS00001-PACKTALK Slim Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System Headset is the next pick. This mesh technology also offers the long-range communication feature as the last one did.

All good Bluetooth headsets offer a range to their compatibility. These provide a very easy-to-use, user-friendly communication feature and also have a way of canceling out the surrounding noises, so you can enjoy a comfortable and easy ride, the wind at high speed can be ear-wrenching so this one is perfect for avoiding just that.

Another amazing spec is the quality of this Bluetooth headset is unmatched, and they work at a good pace with a good speed. They can easily be connected to your phone, and you can enjoy music, audiobook, podcast, listen to phone calls and even talk to your phone’s assistant. Such easy-to-use technology is much preferred now; hence they are indeed very popular in the market right now.

If you get lost on the road and need a quick instruction system, then worry not because this headset also comes with GPS navigation system, you can connect them to your phone and connect to the GPS, without having to glance a second look at your phone your Bluetooth headset will do the job for you.

This Bluetooth headset for the motorcycle helmet is designed in a fun way, coming in at all-black specs and coloring with a thin, streamlined design with a millimeter of only 6.5, which is the thinnest communicator in the market right now.

It also has the same voice assistant feature as the last one, so you can enjoy an amazing stop-free ride, as you can control everything with just your voice. These headsets are also wireless, which is another attractive feature.

They come in a single piece with so much to offer hence why they are so popular. You can get a hand-free ride but replace it with your voiceless motion but more action. The battery life is up to 13 hours maximum, so perfect for a quick trip.

A drawback worth mentioning is that as much as they claim that the headset is noise-canceling, the wind gets the better of that; hence could be annoying.
  • Amazing audio
  • Thinnest mesh in the market
  • Dust and waterproof
  • Do not cancel out the surrounding noises properly

Moreover, a great pick if you have a little extra to spend. Looking at all the features and specs, one might even say the price is worth every penny.

3. Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Kit

If you’re on a budget, then I have just the perfect pick for you, this Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Kit as all the good quality ones out in the market have a connection through Bluetooth, of course.

So if you’re on the road, you can use all your voicing features via Bluetooth, listening to music, an audiobook or even listening to calls everything is possible, the opportunities are endless. These headsets come with a screen, which is a unique feature as not all Bluetooth headsets have that.

All the intercom systems will be displayed on the screen, which is not only convenient but also a fun feature. This Bluetooth intercom kit has a radio system as well. You don’t need to connect to any device to get the full worth of the headset. You can listen to music and any other audio show while on-road riding your motorcycle in full power.

The installation process is also very easy, and you can get an out-of-the-box experience with these. These are also waterproof, so when it suddenly starts to rain and you’re in a helpless situation, you can easily drive to safety without worry. The connection process is also very easy and user-friendly, and no matter what weather you decide to drive in, these headsets are compatible.

Now a unique feature about these that gets you going is there are different packs to choose from, six-packs to be specific, each one is different in pricing. You can choose which one fits you the best. They are also DOT certified in terms of safety which is also a very eye-catching factor.

These Bluetooth headsets are not compatible with modular helmets. Moreover they have a low range for intercom so you might have you to check on that.
  • Unique display screen
  • Easy to install
  • Very affordable
  • Has great audio features
  • The low range for intercom
  • Not compatible with modular helmets

If you’re looking for a change, then these are perfect. When people are looking to buy such high-tech devices, it’s better to stick with a cheaper option at first to test it out would highly recommend it.

4. THOKWOK Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

The THOKWOK Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset has a long-range intercom coming in at the furthest distance of 1000m. These headsets are very high-tech friendly can easily be connected with your device.

After that, you can easily listen to music and any other choice of audio to keep you entertained on the road or during a long trip. This one can answer calls, and even when you mid-way listen to your audio and after the call ends, it can divert you back to your last activity, making it super convenient for the rider.

While on-road driving, the wind through the vents can be ear wrenching, to avoid that having a good headset system to keep you entertained is important, this one specifically is amazing it has a surrounding noise-canceling feature, this not only cancels the annoying sound of the wind but also makes your headset work perfectly even at high speed, quality won’t be compromised even at high speed.

Furthermore, these headsets are wireless, providing a wire-free riding experience. All your phone’s content can be customized and switched on these Bluetooth headsets and provide you with a very high-tech experience. The audio is transferred from your device to the headset using a 2-3.5mm cable.

These are a plug-and-play action, can easily be installed, and can easily disassemble on command by hand on the road. Even when wearing motorcycle gloves, you can easily control the headsets to your liking.

Finally, these are also waterproof, the headset is coated with a waterproof silica gel, and you can easily ride in rainy weather, dusty weather, or even in snowy weather. Weighing in at 11.2 ounces and with a dimension of 6.7×4.3×2.2 inches in total, the battery power is pre-included in the kit that is a lithium polymer.

When on a high road, the sound system decrease to a minimum, and you can hear the rough and tough of the road; hence listening to anything is very hard, especially calls.
  • It can be easily driven in any weather
  • Budget friendly
  • Plug and play experience
  • The sound system is poor

I would highly recommend these wireless Bluetooth headsets to anyone looking for a long-term plug-and-play replacement.

5. FOTUS T9S-V3 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom With Noise Cancellation

The FOTUS T9S-V3 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom With Noise Cancellation comes at an intercom range of 120m, which is not bad for an attachable headset.

It has amazing specs for surrounding noise canceling, the speaker system installed in these is also of great quality with a forty-mile meter impedance rate. The quality of this speaker exceeds most in its range making them very user friendly and popular in the market.

You can easily enjoy on-road music and listen to call experience with ease. Another great modification of this headset is that it also uses a lithium battery for its power life.

The most common range of the battery life is 10-14 hours, but with this one, it’s different. It can last a full day when charged fully, exceeding all the other headsets in this aspect, you can use them for 20 hours straight. These are also waterproof, so driving in rainy weather will never be a problem.

They are also dustproof along with that, so when the wind blows a little too much, don’t worry about the Bluetooth headset as it’s proof from both of those aspects.

There are two included mic systems in this headset, soft and hard, this is very convenient for all sorts of helmets, whether full face, open face or half face, the soft microphone is suitable for full-face helmets due to its compact effect and the hard microphone is for open face helmets.

Moreover, the intercom range of these helmets is 1400m, and you can easily communicate with up to 3 riders at a time which is very rare and a great feature.

You can easily communicate with your comrades through this headset system, and the quality will be worth every penny you pay. It has an automatic call accepting system, if you’re expecting to receive a call; this Bluetooth headset will automatically answer the calls for you after 8 seconds.

Although the company claims that three riders can communicate at a time, complaints about such false accusations have come up, and only two can communicate comfortably, not the 3rd party.
  • Good quality audio system
  • It can be driven in any weather
  • Automatic call accepting system
  • False claim of 3 party communication

Moreover, if you’re looking for good quality, compatible headset, then this one will not fail you in that aspect at all would highly recommend it.

6. LEXIN 1PC LX-FT4 1-4 Rider Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

If you’re looking for safety with a good Bluetooth headset system installed for convenience, then I have just the pick for you. The LEXIN 1PC LX-FT4 1-4 Rider Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset comes in at a very reasonable price with all the necessary tools needed to fit any helmet type, whether it is full face, open, or half face. The audio system of this Bluetooth headset is divine.

You can easily listen to music, call, and navigate GPS through voice audio anytime you like, this wireless Bluetooth headset has an intercom of 2000m, and you can easily communicate with a bunch of riders at the same time, which makes it an amazing communication device.

This Bluetooth headset is also compatible with all phone assistants, whether IOS or android. You can easy audibly ask Siri or galaxy to do a certain task.

This makes the riding experience very convenient, and this Bluetooth head is worth every penny. It has a great speaker system with amazing voice-canceling features.

When you’re on road, this Bluetooth headset cancels out all the surrounding noises making it an amazing experience for all riders. The microphone installed in this Bluetooth headset is of great quality and can last you a long time.

These are super affordable with amazing modifications, so if you’re on a budget or are just looking for a cheap option, this one would fit your preference the best. The battery life of this one will last around 10-15 hours while using all these features.

This is more than enough for time to time use. You can also easily drive your motorcycle with this system installed on a cold or rainy day. This headset can easily adjust to any temperature.

The control system of this Bluetooth headset is a bit hard to get used to. It uses advanced technology. Hence it’s not easy to adjust to.
  • Good quality sound system
  • Easy installation process
  • Battery life is worth the money
  • The control system is hard to get around

Moreover, this is a great pick for anyone looking for a quick and cheap replacement with high-quality features, a must recommend.

7. AEKOMi HY-01S Helmet Intercom Motorbike 1000m Universal Communication System

Last but not least, I have the AEKOMi HY-01S Helmet Intercom Motorbike 1000m Universal Communication System, this wireless Bluetooth headset system comes at an affordable price with amazing modification, and the working is outclassed.

On-road, you can easily communicate with your comrades. Two users can communicate at a time, providing a very easy communication gap.

Moreover, you can easily listen to music or another audio of your choice. Answering calls has never been more easy and convenient, you can easily connect your Bluetooth wireless headset system to your mobile phone and enjoy amazing features.

And you can also use the GPS with ease and comfort. It has an intercom of 1000m, so two riders can easily communicate from that distance, and the sound system will be crystal clear.

The only thing both parties need to keep in touch with is the area and signals; wireless connectors work in areas with signals. It also has noise-canceling features. Whether that’s the wind or another disturbing sound, the engine can also be very annoying.

This Bluetooth headset system easily cancels out all those factors providing you with a crystal clear experience. The battery life lasts up to 18 hours which is the 2nd most high power usage in this list.

These headsets are also waterproof, they are not affected by the rain and in case of dust weather, and you can wash these off without having to worry about messing up the Bluetooth system.

Although that is an option, it’s not recommended to drive them in heavy rain with continuous water dropping on the headset. You can easily control this one, as all the controls are easy to use and super user-friendly.

The intercom range isn’t that long, and the microphone used is also too big, which might be uncomfortable for both the rider and the comrade.
  • Compatible in rainy weather
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • User friendly
  • Easy control system
  • Short intercom range
  • Microphones are too big

For the last pick, I would say they offer more than any average headset, super affordable and user-friendly perfect for beginners would high recommend.


Are Bluetooth Helmets Illegal?

No, Bluetooth helmets are not illegal if you install the Bluetooth system through a plug and play system and by not drilling any holes in the helmet that might cause an issue in its protection aspect. The priority of any helmet is to protect the rider, so no comprising on that, which would make anything illegal.

Can I Use Bluetooth Headphones On A Motorcycle?

It’s very important to have a Bluetooth system in your motorcycle or helmet. Sometimes you’re on-road and have to answer a very important call. In such situations stopping your ride and answering a call can be very time taking and annoying, so having a Bluetooth system installed is very much needed.

How Do I Add A Bluetooth Headset To My Helmet?

You can easily buy one separately. You can even choose from the above list and add that to your helmet via plug and play system. It’s very easy as all helmets already come with a compartment for such issues. No drilling is allowed as it’s illegal.

Can I Use A Bluetooth Headset With A Half Helmet?

Yes, you indeed can. All helmets, whether half face, full face, or open face, all can be easily installed with a Bluetooth headset if needed. There are different headsets for every helmet type and different microphone mics as well.


All the above-mentioned products are worth every penny you pay, with great specs, amazing modification, eye-catching designs, and an all-over spectacular feature factor, for anyone just starting or is in the long run. Either way, all these are super easy to use and get by. I saved you all that research and listed out some of the best Bluetooth headsets for motorcycle helmets.

I would highly recommend the Sena Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Communication System, super affordable and popular in the market due to its high-quality features, don’t waste your time and start investing now for a better riding experience.