Reviews On 7 Top-Rated Ape Hangers For Harley Davidson Road King

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Ape Hangers are a personal choice for most bike drivers. Some may prefer to use them for their reasons, while others may avoid them entirely.

Some people just buy them for the aesthetic, the look and feel of the handles, while others buy them for the benefits they provide, such as the better body posture, they allow the user to ride in without hunching themselves.

They also help the user prevent strain on their wrists, shoulders, and arms if the type of hanger is adequate for the user, along with being installed in the proper position relative to the rider.

I will be explaining the best ape hangers for road king in this article.

7 Top Best Road King Age Hungers Comparisons


Dominator Industries 1 1/4 Inch Road King Ape Hangers

Dominator Industries 1 1/4 Inch Road King Ape Hangers

Hill Country Customs 1 1/4 Ape Hangers Kit Hill Country Customs 1 1/4 Ape Hangers Kit

TCMT Black 18 Rise Ape Hangers TCMT Black 18 Rise Ape Hangers

FMB MHBM10FMB 10 Custom Ape Hangers FMB MHBM10FMB 10 Custom Ape Hangers


XFMT Chrome 18 Rise Ape Custom Hangers

XFMT Chrome 18 Rise Ape Custom Hangers

Bagger Brothers HD HB 20 CH Ape Hangers Bagger Brothers HD HB 20 CH Ape Hangers

Mototeks FAT 1-1/2 Monster Ape Hangers Mototeks FAT 1-1/2 Monster Ape Hangers


1. Dominator Industries 1 1/4 Inch Road King Ape Hangers

Dominator Industries has set the bar pretty high for components for Harley Davidson motorcycles. This is because of their consistency with high-quality products that are mostly unrivaled.

Here specifically, I will be looking at one of their best handlebars. The Dominator Industries 1 1/4 Inch Road King Ape Hangers are compatible with all Harley Davidson Road King models from 2017 to 2020.

It is compatible with the stock controls and cables that come with these motorcycles. As the name suggests, this handlebar comes pre-wired. This allows for very easy installation without worrying about or having to spend extra time on the wiring. So you can spend less time installing this thing and more time riding with it on your bike.

Fast installations are always appreciated. The handlebar itself is made using laser cutting. This allows you to pull and move any of the wires easily without them getting stuck or scratched. Other than this, they are TIG welded, deburred, and beveled. The overall design of this thing looks great due to the polished finish.

Moreover, it has a rise of 16 inches which is pretty impressive and gives that perfect Harley Davidson looks that you are looking for. This makes it comfortable to use, allowing you to have the optimal pullback. Comfortability is a major aspect of purchasing ape hangars, and it is an aspect that this product nails perfectly.

However, with this thing being as pricey as it is, I had hoped that this handlebar would come with a heated grip. It also has a limited model range going on bikes from 2017 to 2020, lowering compatibility chances. However, it makes up more than for it in all the other aspects that I have discussed earlier in this article.
  • Pre-wired and properly plumbed
  • Very good looking design
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Comfortable to use
  • Does not come with heated grips
  • Compatible with a small range of models

The lack of heated grips may be a bummer, but if you are not bothered by that and have the bike to support this, then this product is a solid recommendation. Because, in winter, you are going to be wearing gloves anyway while driving.

2. Hill Country Customs 1 1/4 Ape Hangers Kit

Originally established in 2002, Hill Country Customs Cycles has become a household name in motorcycling.

Since the start, the company has manufactured custom components for Harley Davidson motorcycles with a high level of craftsmanship. Hill Country Customs’ Chrome is an Ape Hanger Handlebars Kit which is a testament to the company’s consistent high quality.

When you order this handlebar, you will be asked about the details of your Harley. This is so they can pre-wire and pre-assemble the kit for you. If you give the company the information, you have yourself a pre-wired handlebar coming your way. However, for all the purists out there who want to do the wiring themselves, there is an option for that.

You can choose not to send them information about your motorcycle, and you will get this ape hanger kit which you can assemble yourself. The brake lines and the clutch cables, which are braided, have chrome ends that they come with. Along with this, they are also coated with UV-resistant clear plastic coating and DOM tubing.

So you can rest assured that they will not be getting worn out too fast. The wire extensions which come along with the kit are color-coded. So if you have or plan on buying heated grips, you will know which grip extensions to go for. Other than that, the handlebar has a rise of 16 inches and also a 6-inchpullback which allows for maximum comfort.

This one does not come with any heated grips, so you should be aware of it. You can, however, buy some separately as this handlebar does allow you to add them. The chrome color might not be everyone’s favorite, so that is also something to look out for.
  • Pre-assembled Kit
  • Pre-Wired Kit
  • Break lines & clutch cables are UV resistant
  • Comfortable rise and pullback
  • Difficult to install when lacking bike details

I would suggest that you provide the company with the specs of your Harley so that they can do half of the stuff for you. Because trust me, it is a real hassle otherwise if you do not know what you are doing.

3. TCMT Black 18 Rise Ape Hangers

TCMT is one of the fan-favorite companies in the motorcycle customs market.

This company was established in 1995, and with over 25 years of experience, they have solidified their position in the market as one of the best producers of custom parts for motorcycles. The TCMT Black 18 Rise Ape Hangers are a thick handlebar and one of the most sleekly designed handlebars on this list.

It has a solid design made of iron which is built to last, and it also has a nice and polished black finish which is guaranteed to turn people’s heads to your Harley’s direction once you have this installed. Ape Hangers are all about showing off and aesthetics, so having one of these aesthetics makes a huge difference.

The handlebar has a very impressive rise of 18 inches. The design has the handles tilted backward as well. This allows for a very comfortable grip with this thing installed onto your motorcycle. It also has a very nice pullback that will add to the comfort for you when you ride with this installed on your motorcycle, which is the main concern for most buyers.

Speaking of looks, it comes in two distinct colors; Black and chrome. These are the main go-to colors of choice of most buyers, and it is a good thing that the product provides the choice between both colors.

The handlebar has carefully and precisely drilled holes to allow easy wiring through them. It might take you over 40 minutes if you follow the instructions to pull the cables. It also has a very large range of compatibility with Road King models from 1989 to 2020.

The fact that it does not come pre-wired is quite disappointing. They could have had the option like some of the other ape hangers mentioned in this article by allowing you to choose whether you want to share details to get it wired. But with the current state of the product, it cannot be helped.
  • Great sleek and polished design
  • Solid build; designed to last long
  • Comfortable pullback and grip
  • Does not come pre-wired

For this one, I suggest that you carefully read the user’s manual. This will help you easily wire and install the handlebar, as due to the lack of pre-wiring, this can be a bit of a hassle.

4. FMB MHBM10FMB 10 Custom Ape Hangers

FMB Choppers is a company that has a decade worth of experience when it comes to manufacturing custom motorcycle handlebars of the highest quality. Their products for Harley Davidsons Motorcycles are some of the best ones.

The FMB MHBM10FMB 10 Custom Ape Hangers come under the category of smaller handlebars. This is evident from the word “mini” in the name of the product itself.

Other than that, it is also because of its smaller form factor. The size of this handlebar is 10 inches, and that is also the length for which it allows as the rise. Hand-made and done so right here in the United States, these ape hangers have a very good build quality this is complemented by them being small and easy to manage. The build also helps to alleviate their style and durability.

This handlebar is very stylish in its design. The polished finish makes it look really cool when installed onto a Road King. It is quite solid, so you can rest assured that it will last long. So, there are no other worries when it comes to this stuff. There are also carefully drilled holes in the handlebar to allow you to easily get the wires through.

The smaller form factor makes it easy for beginners who find, the bigger handlebars a bit daunting. This can help them slowly start to get comfortable with the bigger ones. FMB also allows some extra modifications to be made in it based on your bike’s specifications with no extra cost.

The smaller size of this ape hanger makes it a bit difficult to use for taller people. It will be uncomfortable for you because you will be hunched over to drive, even with the pullback. One other thing I wish was available for this is pre-wiring.
  • Easy to use for people with smaller heights
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Solid construction and sleek design
  • It is uncomfortable to use for people who are tall
  • Not pre-wired

As mentioned before, this handlebar might be uncomfortable for those who have a height on the taller side. This, combined with a lack of pre-wiring, makes it a hard product to recommend to taller buyers as it will be difficult to install and uncomfortable to use.

5. XFMT Chrome 18 Rise Ape Custom Hangers

XMFT is the lead manufacture and exporter of all things bike-related, shipping out high-quality bike accessories such as parts, extensions, and protective gear, and has a commitment to their development and production for the customer.

Coming in a wide range of sizes; 10, 12, 16, 18, 20 inches, and having the choice between black and chrome-colored handles, there is a lot of variety to be had when considering the XFMT Chrome 18 Rise Ape Custom Hangers.

Buyers may not feel limited by the size of the product or its color and can see the various other specifications listed below. The product, much like many of the other products listed above, comes with drilled holes that aid the buyer in installing the wires in the ape hangers, leading to an easy installation.

This fact does not bode well with the fact that a user manual is not provided to the customer upon purchase which may reduce effectiveness.

Made with high class and durable iron, the product is very well built and provides the user with good quality and firm ape hanger which they will no doubt be satisfied with.

This is further aided by the fact that the product has a wide range of rise, width & pullback according to the size the customer purchases, which makes each size distinctly unique and personally made for its size and height.

The product is also very compatible with a variety of different bikes. The XMFT Rise provides a nice and seamless fit for most Harley-Davidson and includes the throttle-by-wire models. It is also compatible with any custom application making it a solid choice when you have your own custom applications, which not many other products on this list can provide.

Despite having a wide variety and range, the steps taken to provide the product are not good at all. A lack of an installation guide and the chance that the product may not fit your specific bike without proper warning makes it very anti-user friendly.
  • Good build quality
  • Drilled holes
  • Wide variety of sizes
  • No installation manual
  • Unclear about compatibility

An overall good product with the only issues being in the lack of transparency between the manufacturer and the user, making it a buy at your own risk type of deal.

6. Bagger Brothers HD HB 20 CH Ape Hangers

Offering anything and everything from custom fenders to custom machined floorboards, the Bagger Brothers strive to provide their customers with products of the highest quality and are always making new and innovative products. According to them, they also offer the best warranties and return policies in the industry.

Their product, the Bagger Brothers HD HB 20 CH Ape Hangers, is a very durable handlebar that is made from high-grade steel, coming in the two main color finishes repeated various times in this list; chrome or Black, giving the wide range of consumers exactly what they want and offering the slight variety every product should have.

This steel-formed handlebar is extremely satisfying to the user due to the cutting-edge technology used in its creation. Such a feeling is distinct and familiar to the touch.

You will know the difference between these and other handles you have used almost immediately, and it will make you never want to go back to stock handles again. This product also comes with all the internal wiring making sure that the user doesn’t need to exert themselves much when trying to install it.

The handlebars themselves also have a diamond knurled throttle. This helps in providing the buyer with a firm grip during the ride with their Road King. When talking about its dimensions, we must mention that it has a 12 inches rise, with a 1 and one-quarter-inch diameter.

The end rise is 15 inches and 34 inches long from one tip to another. These dimensions give it a sleek and attractive-looking appearance. People of average height will get a secure and enjoyable riding experience.

Customers have complained about the quality of the product despite it being made of steel, claiming that the product started to crack from the center. This is also an issue since the steel also makes the product heavy and bulky.
  • Made from Steel
  • Pre-Wired
  • Unique feel
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Quality may not be as advertised

The product seems to be a very good product overall, but questions concerning the quality of the product have me worried. This and the overall bulkiness of the product make it questionable to buy.

7. Mototeks FAT 1-1/2 Monster Ape Hangers

Mototekinc has been a dedicated motorcycle parts manufacturer and supplier since its creation, producing all types of motorcycle accessories such as handlebars, wheels, and equipment.

They have a devoted line of products to the Harley Davidson, which includes wheels, filters, and, you guessed it, ape hangers. They manufacture good and dependable products, which is why one of their products has made a spot on this list.

The product in question is their Mototeks FAT 1-1/2 Monster Ape Hangers which comes in a variety of sizes, 12,14,16,18 inches, and in the two colors we all know and love; Black and chrome.

This makes sure that there is enough variety and types of the product available to suit the requirements of most customers willing to buy the product, all while complimenting their bike. The design of the handles is cool, to say the least.

Even with the smaller sizes of 12 inches and 14 inches, the ape hangers generate an aggressive swagger which is not comparable to any other products on this list. If you decide to get the bigger sizes, then this swagger will only be amplified.

Unlike most other handlebars, the monster bar has a diameter of 1 and a half inches, which looks hardcore and feels hardcore, especially for riders who have large hands. The handles measure around 35 inches from one tip to another with 6 inches of comfortable pull back to sweeten the deal.

Lastly, the installation of the handlebar is very easy and simple. One can easily do it without any professional help. This is due to its lightweight form, which helps in simplifying the installation process. As for compatibility, of course, it supports the Road King, but customers can also install it on other bikes such as the Street Glide & the Road Glide.

One of the main downsides of this product is the fact that for extending the cables, the average customer may need professional help, especially if it is their first time using a product like this. Other customers have complained about the finishing being bad and wearing off to make the handles look unappealing.
  • Great design
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Simple Installation
  • Questionable finishing
  • Not easy to extend cables

Yet another solid product overall with a few hiccups that shouldn’t make it a deal-breaker but do still add slight inconveniences when considering this specific product for purchase.


Are Ape Hangars Comfortable?

The comfortability of your ape hangars depends entirely on your bike setup. The relationship between the bike’s seat, footrests, and ape hangars all factor in on how comfortable the ride will be.

Despite how cool they may look, if not positioned correctly, they may cause strain on the wrists and shoulders and sometimes will be too close to your chest such that it becomes difficult to drive. They are comfortable, but only if they are set specifically for you.

Are Ape Hangars Legal?

This answer depends on the state you live in. Some states have ape hangars banned, while most states regulate the height of the handles themselves. States like Iowa& Kansas don’t regulate handlebar height, while some limit it to shoulder height or lower. Wisconsin allows it to be30″ above the seat while most other states have this set to 15 inches.

Are Ape Hangars Hard To Ride?

Once again, it depends on the size of your handles and your own height and preferences. Depending on if you find it comfortable, you will not find it any more difficult to ride, but you may find it a bit stressful on longer rides and trips.

How Should I Install Ape Hangars?

Firstly, remove the front end, headlight, and everything attached to it, then head to the handlebar and remove screws that are holding it in place.

Depending on your handles, whether they are pre-wired or not, you must then feed the wiring through the bars, assemble everything in-stock position, and enjoy the ride with your new handlebar. If your ape hangars are not pre-wired, then get ready for a very tedious job.


Ape Hangars exist purely for cosmetic reasons. People usually buy them to customize their rides the way they see fit. Ape Hangars can easily, however, provide and cause ease or discomfort when not installed properly or when using an inconvenient size. This is why I would personally recommend the Dominator Industries 1 1/4 Inch Road King Ape Hangers.

It provides the user with a general amount of comfortability while being good-looking and attractive as well. It is easy to install and comes pre-wired, making installation a breeze. This, on top of no major negative features, makes it a solid product to buy for your compatible bike and one of the best Ape Hangers for Road King.