What Is The Top-Rated Air Ride System For Harley Touring?

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People looking to spice up their driving experience or just make it smoother overall should look into getting an air suspension system. This system is unique as it can be filled with air till the person is content with the level of air inside the shocks, adjusting the height and the smoothness of driving in the process.

However, figuring out which air suspension system to get can be a bit of a hassle. In this article, I will be listing the best air ride for Harley Touring and give reasons why you should consider these products.

7 Top Best Harley Touring Air Ride Suspensions Reviews


Legends Aero A Adjustable Air Suspension

Legends Aero A Adjustable Air Suspension

SLMOTO Air Ride Suspension Kit SLMOTO Air Ride Suspension Kit

XFMT Rear Air Ride Suspension Kit XFMT Rear Air Ride Suspension Kit


TCT-MT Rear Air Ride Suspension Set

TCT-MT Rear Air Ride Suspension Set

Arnott MC-2904 Fox Series FLH/FLT Air Suspension Arnott MC-2904 Fox Series FLH/FLT Air Suspension

XMT-MOTO Rear Air Ride Suspension XMT-MOTO Rear Air Ride Suspension

XFMT Electric Center Stand & Rear Air Suspensions XFMT Electric Center Stand & Rear Air Suspensions


1. Legends Aero A Adjustable Air Suspension

Legends were created back in 1998 when the company’s creator introduced the first air ride suspension system for the Harley Davidson. Since then, the company has been making quality products and improving its suspension systems.

They strive to become a dominant figure in the suspension industry which can only be done if they continue to achieve the quality they have set for themselves.

The product in question is the Legends Aero A Adjustable Air Suspension which has set a high mark in riding quality by providing air springs that maximize wheel travel and can easily adjust to any height they want to provide the user with a comfortable height and a smooth driving experience.

The system uses high flow pistons, which immediately react to provide the user with improved fluid flow management. Being a Legend’s product, it has little to no friction.

The system includes an air compressor that is pre-wired and features model-specific mounting. The system is also made up of hard-anodized aluminum bodies for lightweight durability.

This suspension system is unique because it also includes an OEM handlebar-mounted control which allows for easy adjustability, which you can do on the fly. The handlebar control is black, but you can also buy an optional chrome handlebar sold separately.

You can buy optional fairing-mounted gauges as well. The product’s fitment accommodated 12 and 13 inch needs and used spherical mount bearings. The air springs are made with Kevlar technology, allowing spring rate adjustability.

The product is also under a lifetime warranty, showing how much the company has committed to this product and how much they believe in its quality.

The product has received the P65 warning from the state of California. This warning signifies cancer and reproductive harm. This does not mean that the product will cause these issues; however, it just says that it may expose you to materials that have a slightly higher chance of causing these issues.
  • Handlebar controls
  • Kevlar technology
  • Smooth driving experience
  • P65 warning labeled

This product is one of the best air suspension systems out in the market with few problems except for the slightly concerning P65 warning. Other than that, it may just be a perfect product.

2. SLMOTO Air Ride Suspension Kit

SLMOTO is another great and well-regarded company making air suspension systems for quite a while, so we can rest well knowing that they have experience in their craft.

They provide quality air suspension systems and are committed to customer satisfaction and support. I’ll be looking at the SLMOTO Air Ride Suspension Kit, which is an overall great product as it is compatible with most Harley Touring models.

The compatibility has its limitations where models from 1994 up to 2018 are compatible, so if you have a different model outside this range, this product is not for you.

The shocks have a length of 9.64 inches exactly when it is fully collapsed and they allow for a very respectable height of 14.17 inches when it is fully extended.

Since this is an air ride, you can easily remove and replace the base shock and set the height to the base shocks or whatever height you want, which offers a smooth and enjoyable ride.

The product that they offer comes in the form of an entire kit that has been assembled to perfectly replace the base shocks of your touring. This is great as you don’t have to buy parts individually.

Moreover, the kit includes the new shocks, the compressor, the toggle switch, solenoid, and various wires and bolts to help you set up the system.

A great feature about this kit is the upgraded gas nozzle which has a 360 degrees’ rotation and can connect directly. This prevents leaking air.

The system also uses nickel-plated brass and high pressure, high flow fitting throughout the system to offer an optimized performance with all heights, which you can set up according to your preference.

Customers have complained that certain items inside the kit do not fit or work as intended. Other customers have complained that the kit is not waterproof, meaning that it can easily get damaged and stop working in the rain. Lack of waterproofing is simply disappointing.
  • Optimized system
  • Adjustable height
  • 360 Degrees’ rotation gas nozzle
  • Not waterproof
  • Parts do not fit or work properly

An overall solid product; however, the lack of waterproofing is sad as it limits the product’s capabilities. All of that doesn’t matter if the product cannot be properly installed since the parts are not optimized for each other.

3. XFMT Rear Air Ride Suspension Kit

XFMT is a well-known moto parts company making bike-related products for quite a while and has many good quality products under its belt.

These products range from various bike accessories to air ride suspensions which I’ll be focusing on. The air ride I’ll be observing is the XFMT Rear Air Ride Suspension Kit, which can fully replace your stock touring shocks.

The brand offers a complete kit with air shocks that are height-adjustable and can purchase with just the shocks, the air tank, the whole kit, and add-ons that have the air tank and a center stand.

The kit allows you to lower the bike by 2 to 3 inches with all the released air and then fill it back up to the original height so that you may have a smooth ride.

Furthermore, the shocks themselves are 9.64 inches in length and can fully extend to around 14.7 inches which are 36cm; you can adjust the height according to your preference by filling it with air.

These shocks are available for various motorbikes, so it is not limited to Harley Touring. Compatibility-wise, it can easily fit all the models of the Harley touring, and if for some reason it does not fit your preferred model, then you can easily fix that using a bush kit.

Lastly, the entire system uses nickel-plated brass with a manifold-style dump valve and high flow and high-pressure push to connect fittings, all of which optimize performance.

This allows you to adjust the height according to your needs, meaning you can drive your bike slammed or with full height, and if you ever lose air pressure, you can still ride without the tire rubbing against the fender.

Customers have complained that the air leaks out of the system and that the setup was poorly designed. Other complaints have claimed that they give the bike deaths wobble, making rides unstable and dangerous. Shocks have received complaints as well.
  • Entire kit
  • Optimized performance
  • Adjustable height
  • Poorly designed shocks
  • Death wobbles

The XFMT rear air ride suspension sounds like a good product on paper but has a few kinks that need to be ironed out before getting a higher spot on this list.

4. TCT-MT Rear Air Ride Suspension Set

Right now, I will be talking about a product that belongs to the last category. The MT in the name TCT-MT is an abbreviation for moto parts.

This company produces all sorts of motorcycle-related products. These include helmets, replacement seats, and even upgrades like suspension shocks. The TCT-MT Rear Air Ride Suspension comes with the full kit for installation.

Moreover, it provides a better replacement for the stock suspension shocks for Harley Touring Motorcycles. It is compatible with a very large range of models from 1994 to 2020.

The amount of diversity in terms of compatibility is really good. This suspension is a rear air ride that is fully adjustable. This means that, based on your perception, you can set it to the most comfortable position.

It can even be as low as possible because this air ride provides a smooth ride regardless of the position it has been adjusted to. This is because the system is sturdy enough to absorb any shocks and bumps at any height.

Along with a styled manifold valve, which is to help provide optimal performance, this system also features a nickel-plated high flow/high-pressure push.

This is to provide the best connectivity throughout the entire system. Also, the design is such that it can be used with no pressure at all. This is because the motorcycle drops flat from the backside.

It allows for a wide range of extensions in the aforementioned adjustable heights. When the suspension is fully collapsed, it is approximately 9.64 inches. When it is fully extended, the size is about 14.17 inches.

However, there is one problem with this system. It is not that long-lasting. This is because of the rather mediocre build quality. Although this suspension system’s design and concept are really good, that alone is not enough to allow it to last as long as it should. It is still better than the stock shocks, though.
  • The diverse range for compatibility
  • Fully adjustable
  • Works even with no pressure
  • Not too long-lasting

I would only recommend this air ride to those who regularly update their shocks. Otherwise, you might want to consider alternatives that last longer.

5. Arnott MC-2904 Fox Series FLH/FLT Air Suspension

Arnott has been an innovator in the air suspension industry for over 30 years and is a leader in the global market of quality air suspension products and accessories.

Designed and manufactured right here in the United States, the company has a great brand with high-quality products and components that last a long time.

The Arnott MC-2904 Fox Series FLH/FLT Air Suspension is no different from what the company advertises. Part of the Fox series, it is an air suspension system that has been custom-designed for the Harley Davidson Touring, so much so that it can easily fit into most Harley Davidson models from 2009 to 2018.

Still, some models may differ, so make sure that this product will be compatible with your model of Harley Davidson. Being part of the fox series means that it comes with Fox shocks custom valving, designed for motorcycles, and provides the user with a safe and comfortable ride.

The air suspension itself also does this as users can easily adjust the height of the shocks to whatever they feel is best in providing a smooth drive.

The suspension system offers TruAIR technology which comes with an air spring bladder that is rugged in design and uses a shock dampening design to increase efficiency and a smoother experience.

It avoids an air cylinder or air-assisted units. All of this provides superior controls to the rider and various comfort settings. Comfort seems to be a huge part of the idea of this system, as the suspension system also includes adjustable rebound control dials, which can easily and efficiently adjust the shocks and internal dampening characteristics.

This feature is not found anywhere else in the market and is exclusive to the Arnotts Fox series suspension systems.

The product is slightly heavy, weighing in at 21 pounds, which you will feel when driving the bike. This can harm the fuel economy and change the feel of the bike you are already used to.
  • Exclusive features
  • TruAIR technology
  • Large Compatibility range
  • Heavy

Another great contender for first place but losing out barely due to a lack of features compared to the first product, this suspension system is top-tier, despite the weight.

6. XMT-MOTO Rear Air Ride Suspension

Another well-known air suspension brand, XMT-MOTO, is an experienced manufacturer of air suspension kits and has a wide array of products. Their products generally receive great ratings and cover various types, ranging from seat accessories to air suspensions.

The air suspension I’ll be looking at is the XMT-MOTO Rear Air Ride Suspension, a complete kit assembled to completely replace your stock shock with new, height-adjustable shocks that can be filled with air within a matter of seconds. The kit includes all the parts you need to have a proper air suspension system.

Parts included in the kit include the two shocks, the solenoid, the toggle switch, compressor, and a stand where you can place most of the items that will be supplying air to your shocks.

This is very convenient as most kits do not have the center stand or have it sold separately, which contains all the items you need for a perfectly functioning kit.

The entire system uses nickel-plated brass and high-pressure fittings, high flow, and push to connect. It also has a manifold dump valve for optimum performance.

This makes sure that the suspension system is durable and well-made to easily provide the best experience to the user. As mentioned above, the height of the air suspensions can easily be adjusted with a minimum height of 9.64 inches and can fully extend to 14.17 inches.

With the fast time to add air, you can easily increase and decrease the height of the suspensions to whatever you think is best and comfortable and provides a nice driving experience.

This product is quite similar to one of the other products on this list and can suffer from the same defects such as low quality and air leakage; however, this is merely speculation. Many of the feedbacks the product has received are generally in its favor.
  • Optimized performance
  • Adjustable height
  • Full kit with a center stand
  • May suffer from poor quality

A solid product overall with many great feedbacks which far outweigh the bad ones, it is worth considering if you have a compatible Harley Davidson.

7. XFMT Electric Center Stand & Rear Air Suspensions

XFMT makes another appearance on this list, showing how committed they are to making good quality products and air suspension systems for bikes across the globe, especially the Harley Davidson.

This product is quite different from the last XFMT product we saw, so let’s take a look and see how the two differ. This product is the XXFMT Electric Center Stand & Rear Air Suspensions, which comes in a fully completed kit with a high-quality center stand.

The installation guide is also provided if you want to try and install it yourself, which I would not recommend unless you are confident in your mechanical abilities.

The kit is fully assembled and includes all the basic components needed by an air suspension system to work. This includes the solenoid, the shocks, toggle switch, and various wires, pipes, and bolts needed to make the system run perfectly.

The product comes with an electric stand which the other products on this list do not. The product is compatible with all models of the Harley Touring from 2009 to the latest models up to 2020.

However, the product has divided itself into two different versions, which cater to two specific year ranges to properly support the Harley Touring. One version supports models from 2009 to 2016 and the other from 2017-2020. Make sure you are purchasing the correct version to avoid confusion.

The center stand is made of a blend of aluminum, steel, and metal. Two aluminum legs provide a well-supported base and allow the bike to sit while parked. This stand can be bolted onto the bikes in minutes and uses linear actuators to lower and raise the electronic legs.

Customers have complained that the compressor is very slow and the dump switch does not work. It is not high performance and could have better wiring.
  • Includes electronic stand
  • Large compatibility range
  • Optimized performance
  • Slow compressor
  • Poor wiring scheme

This product is also very nice and contains a unique electric stand which other products do not. However, it suffers from a poor compressor and wiring.


How Much Does It Cost To Put An Air Ride On Harley Touring?

A few aspects need to be considered when it comes to the prices of an air ride for a Harley Touring. Firstly, the complex air rides cost than simpler ones. These complex ones have installation parts included, while simpler ones do not.

The place where you buy it from is also a factor that needs to be considered. Depending on these things, these can cost anywhere from $150 to even more than $1000.

Is An Air Ride Worth The Money?

An Air ride allows for an overall better experience when driving any vehicle. This is no different when it comes to motorcycles. It provides a smoother ride and decreases the effects of shocks on the suspension system because it can absorb them.

They also allow for some interchangeability between the heights that the bike can be set to. Hence, air rides are a pretty good investment for bikes.

How Do I Install A Dirty Air Ride?

Installing a Dirty Air suspension system is surprisingly easy depending on the vehicle you are installing on; however, novices recommend visiting a mechanic. Firstly, you have to remove the stock shocks and replace them with new ones.

Then you must install the compressor in the correct area. Sometimes this requires trimming the battery compartment. Mount the solenoid and then attach the airlines on both sides to the shock and tighten them perfectly.

Finally, complete the air ride plumbing and attach the toggle switch to finish the procedure.

How Much Air Should Be In Harley Rear Shocks?

There are a few rules of thumb that you should follow. For the rear shocks, you can start by setting it to about half of the rider’s weight. From there, you can adjust it to move up or down preference-wise.

Be careful that you do not go higher than the maximum air pressure of the shocks. This can vary from model to model. You should do some research before you start working on it.


Air rides and suspension systems are a fun and interesting way to tune your Harley Touring to how you want, providing a quality suspension system that can easily be adjusted, usually by a push of a button.

The height of the shocks can be adjusted as per the user’s needs and is done automatically by the compressor, which is provided by the kit you use for installing the system.

The best air ride for Harley Touring is undoubtedly the Legends Aero A Adjustable Air Suspension, which offers top-of-the-line kits and components, a wide array of features, and an overall premium feel.