Reviews On 7 Top-Rated Air Cleaners For Harley 103

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When getting the best air cleaner for Harley 103, there are many important features to consider. Among these are high-quality performance, great design, reusability, flexibility, versatility, improved torque, and durability. In addition, whether it is machine or dirt bike-specific should also be kept in mind.

The best product will help you get premium performance out of your bike’s engine with all the features to consider. Not only this, the air cleaner will improve the airflow to an optimum level, after which you’ll get efficient combustion to help the engine run smoothly.

With the many products in the market, it might get hard to compare and choose, which is why I have a list of some of the best items you will not regret purchasing.

7 Top Best Harley 103 Air Cleaners Comparisons


K&N Engine Air Filter

K&N Engine Air Filter

Krator Chrome Aluminum Cone Spike Air Cleaner Kit Krator Chrome Aluminum Cone Spike Air Cleaner Kit

Vance & Hines VO2 Naked Air Cleaner Kit 71011 Vance & Hines VO2 Naked Air Cleaner Kit 71011

Arlen Ness 18-326 Black Big Sucker Stage Air Filter Kit Arlen Ness 18-326 Black Big Sucker Stage Air Filter Kit

Kuryakyn 9439 Alley Cat Air Cleaner Kuryakyn 9439 Alley Cat Air Cleaner

Arlen Ness 18-329 Black Big Sucker Stage Air Filter Kit Arlen Ness 18-329 Black Big Sucker Stage Air Filter Kit

HTTMT MT226-BK Black Air Cleaner Kits HTTMT MT226-BK Black Air Cleaner Kits


1. K&N Engine Air Filter

The K&N Engine Air Filter is one of the most popular air filters. Using this air filter will help give you a stronger filter than regular paper, which will help clean the air as efficiently as possible, therefore better combustion efficiency.

Much more air will be provided to the engine compartment; therefore, helping your engine perform much better, as performance will be greatly improved.

This product operates similarly to a standard air filter. The higher the RPM is, the better the power gains will be. It is a Powersport and Premium air filter which is very high quality.

Being a finely engineered tool, this product will give you better cleanliness than usual. Not only this, the K&N air filters are custom engineered to help fit your engine perfectly.

Therefore, there will be no issues with the fit of this air cleaner after you purchase it. However, it does come in vehicle-specific options; therefore, remember to get the one compatible with your vehicle.

The air filter is designed in a way to help give you increased performance as well as low resistance. Not only this, but it will also give your motorcycle’s engine some extra engine protection, to keep the engine safe.

Moreover, it functions well and helps improve torque and horsepower in your engine, therefore helping you go at higher speeds than usual. A pleated media will give you a large filtration area to get long service intervals. Also, there are multiple layers of woven cotton gauze media to help give you amazing filtration.

The base seal and sealing bed are application-specific. This is also pre-oiled, reusable, and washable to help you keep this product in your bike for as long as you prefer.

However, there might be a slight throttle when you unload this filter so you can check on this issue before buying.
  • Custom engineered to fit perfectly
  • Increases performance greatly
  • Lowers resistance
  • Large filtration area helps clean air
  • Improved horsepower and torque
  • Slight throttle when unloading

Overall, the performance improvements with this product are remarkable because of how efficiently it will clean the air, therefore making this on top of my list.

2. Krator Chrome Aluminum Cone Spike Air Cleaner Kit

Another great option to improve your bike’s performance is the Krator Chrome Aluminum Cone Spike Air Cleaner Kit. This product is very popular and has received a lot of positive feedback because of its style and design.

The ability of this product to improve the engine’s airflow is just amazing compared to the stock cleaner. This cleaner has the best aggressiveness, which helps to improve motor performance.

The result is a high-quality engine performance improving your experience when riding the bike. A bold design and style will make the engine look much better, and the high quality compliments the flashy look.

The performance gains, as well as the aggressive look, just make this product so much better. However, it is still recommended to get professional assistance to set this product up.

Not only this, but this product is also very easy to set up. The installer has to ensure that all of the fasteners, including the pre-assembled ones, are properly tightened before operating the motorcycle.

Aluminum construction helps this product last longer because of the durability it offers, as the cleaner will be protected from wear and tear over long periods. You will not have to purchase a new air cleaner now and then, which will save you money.

Besides, the filter is washable, so you can take it out whenever it gets dirty some time in a while, which will help keep everything tidy and clean, helping improve efficiency as well. It is recommended to clean it frequently to help improve the air flow.

Customers greatly enjoyed the performance gains, and it is possible to set this up by oneself if done correctly. The product will also keep itself looking fresh and shiny for long without peeling or pitting the chrome.

However, the installation is very complicated, and the company doesn’t offer any instruction manual to help ease the process. In addition, when the bike warms up, this might leak some oil from the piston-looking breathers.
  • Improves airflow greatly
  • The bold and aggressive design
  • Durable
  • Washable filter
  • Hard to install
  • No instruction manual

Not only looking good but also delivering outstanding performance, this air filter, once installed, will improve your riding experience greatly.

3. Vance & Hines VO2 Naked Air Cleaner Kit 71011

A great OEM replacement part is the Vance & Hines VO2 Naked Air Cleaner Kit 71011. This product is built for the 2015- 2018 models. Therefore remember to check the compatibility with your bike before purchasing.

This product is the same as the stock air cleaner and is built to maintain the same style and feel as the original ride. Moreover, it has dimensions that help you use the original filter cover for this product.

If you don’t like that, you can get yourself a designer version to upgrade with the aftermarket. The model is very smart and simple, which is about design and improving performance. Besides, you can get this product in a few different finishes to get the integration you like.

You have the freedom to choose whichever finishing you would want to add to your bike, along with the matte black attack. The High Flow Filter in this product is washable. Therefore you can take it out to clean it once in a while.

Cleaning it regularly will help keep the airflow constant—the higher the airflow, the better the performance. The aluminum build will help the air filter last really long. this is also very easy to install, and you can do so at home without needing any fancy tools.

The instruction manual that comes in the packaging will help you out, but it might be a bit complicated, in which case a tutorial will help you out.

The backing plate is larger in this air filter than usual, which is great as it will help get more air into the rider motor, which will help get more horsepower. This will help you get your bike at higher speeds if you prefer due to the performance gains.

Moreover, the Venturi is CNC machined. With this product, you must use the Hines and Vance VO2 air cleaner covers. This is a product which will give you a stock look, however, with better performance.

The instruction leaflet that comes with the product is not properly explained.
  • Improved performance
  • Washable High Flow Filter
  • Large backing plate
  • Instructions are complicated

This is the best product for those who prefer the stock design but want better performance.

4. Arlen Ness 18-326 Black Big Sucker Stage Air Filter Kit

The Arlen Ness 18-326 Black Big Sucker Stage Air Filter Kit is very well made. This product comes in high-quality packaging, which contains an instruction guide. This will help you install the product at home by yourself, as you won’t have to go to a professional to get it installed, which will help save you money.

Besides, the installation is also a fast process and will take you about 20 minutes, which is much less than the usual time taken to install vehicle parts. The installation does not need any fancy tools as well.

Only simple hand tools are needed. After the installation, you will get a stage one technology. An aluminum backing pate gives this air filter a very professional and pro look.

This product will work smoothly and perfectly with the standard cams, exhaust as well as additional points. The idle air cleaner is adjustable. Moreover, the filter is very high performance to help get the highest airflow possible while filtering as many dirt particles as possible.

This will improve combustion efficiency in the engine, which will perform much better. The one-piece aluminum carb support bracket has patented hidden breather technology as well as a radius air inlet.

You will not need any Hoses, Banjo Fittings, or filters after installing this product once along with it, as this product will make it so that they won’t be needed anymore.

The entire kit includes the high-performance filter, the steel outer cover, and the backing plate. The filter breather passages will exit at the mouth of the throttle body, which will help create a virtually closed-loop system for better performance.

Even though the company claims that all required hardware for installation is included in the packaging, there are several complaints about hardware pieces being missing.
  • High-quality packaging with an instruction guide
  • Easy and fast installation
  • High performance
  • Patented hidden breather technology
  • Hardware pieces might be missing

The high-quality manufacturing and design will help improve the performance greatly, making this another great option.

5. Kuryakyn 9439 Alley Cat Air Cleaner

An aftermarket air cleaner that you will love is the Kuryakyn 9439 Alley Cat Air Cleaner. This air cleaner will help add some style to your motorcycle in case you want to improve the design and look. As this comes in black or chrome finishing, you can choose the one you prefer most to compliment your bike in your style.

If your Harley has a visual theme that is black-based, then you can get the black one, and if it is chrome oriented, then the other one will do. This is definitely a much better option than having the stock air cleaner visually.

However, it is not only about looks. This air filter will help improve the airflow greatly while filtering out dust particles. The improved airflow in your vehicle’s engine will improve performance, as the combustion efficiency will be improved.

It is a universal fit; therefore, you don’t have to worry about compatibility. The stainless steel build ensures that this product is sturdy and will also last you long, without any wear and tear, so you have to wait pretty long until ever having to discard this one to upgrade to a new product.

The packaging includes a glossy black alley cat air cleaner cover. A stay ring, the hardware kit, a set of hex wrenches, a set of combination wrenches, a socket set, a Blue Thread Locker, and a torque wrench.

As the hardware kit is included, you will not need to purchase any of it for the installation, which is an extra hassle. This product has received mostly positive feedback, and customers are very satisfied. The product, even though it is a universal fit, will fit the Harley 103 perfectly without any problems.

However, there are some complaints about the design being poor quality, and the cleaner might fall off.
  • Stylish black and chrome finishing
  • Improved performance
  • Includes hardware kit
  • Mostly positive feedback from customers
  • Issues with design

This great-looking air cleaner has received great feedback, which makes it almost impossible not to include it on the list.

6. Arlen Ness 18-329 Black Big Sucker Stage Air Filter Kit

Another Arlen Ness product is the 18-329 Black Big Sucker Stage Air Filter Kit. This is for the Street cruiser-type motorcycles and is a product that will deliver the best possible performance for bike enthusiasts who wish to improve this greatly.

With this air cleaner, you will get a better throttle performance as well as improved power. Therefore, bike owners will enjoy a smoothly running engine while being able to take the bike at higher speeds after installing this air cleaner.

The horsepower will be increased instantly after installation. The overall performance, therefore, will be much better than what you would expect. A patented breather technology will help your motorcycle breathe much better, helping the motorcycle engine run smoothly.

Apart from the amazing performance, this product also offers convenience. The installation process is very easy and will not take more than half an hour to get this product installed.

This is much faster than the time taken for installation with most air cleaners. You will not face any technical difficulties; therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything even when installing this at home by yourself. However, you should make sure that you don’t overtight the bolts that are on the throttle body.

Lastly, this product doesn’t require any hoses, banjo fittings, or filters during installation which makes installing it much simpler and straightforward than usual; the design is very eye-catching, helping improve the look of your bike, regardless of what color your bike is.

This is a great value for the money, and this is best recommended for the Sportster model. The kit includes a high-performance filter, backing plate, and steel outer cover.

However, this product is a bit heavier than other models, which might weigh down the bike a little bit. This could affect the fuel efficiency a bit but is not too significant.
  • Better throttle performance and power
  • Patented breather technology
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Eye-catching look
  • A bit heavy

The easy installation means you can benefit from the improved power and torque right when the package is delivered, without any issues.

7. HTTMT MT226-BK Black Air Cleaner Kits

The last product on the list is the HTTMT MT226-BK Black Air Cleaner Kits. This product is made of many high-quality parts, and the installation is also proper, simple, and easy.

The carbon fiber brackets help to improve aggressiveness and handling. After installing this, you will not have to deal with any cracks in the engine airflow to help deliver the smoothest performance possible.

Furthermore, the air filter package can easily be converted directly to washable and universal brand filters. The installation, basically, is very simple and easy, which you can do at home without needing professional assistance.

The process is also simple and uncomplicated; therefore, it won’t take too much effort to put it together, even if you are inexperienced. Featuring a high-quality chrome billet aluminum cone spike air cleaner kit intake, this cleaner will help to improve the airflow as much as possible.

Due to the better airflow and cleaner air, combustion efficiency will be improved, therefore improving performance. The look is aggressive, which is great to compliment your Harley 103 perfectly. Besides, it also features a 360 Degree Slotted Spike Cover.

This is a vehicle-specific fit, therefore ensuring that the fit will be perfect, according to your model type. Also, the aluminum material means a sturdy and durable product that will last you long.

In addition, this air cleaner is also washable, and washing it regularly will help keep the airflow high and constant. According to customers, the performance gains with this air filter are satisfying.

This product will therefore help you run your bike smoothly at higher speeds than you would usually. Customers have also praised how well it fits into their vehicle, snugly and without any issues.

However, this does not come with an instruction manual, and professional assistance is recommended by the company, which might be expensive.
  • Aggressive
  • High-quality chrome billet cone spike air cleaner
  • 360 degree slotted spike cover
  • Perfect fit
  • Washable
  • No instruction manual

This is another product that has received a lot of positive feedback from customers because of how well it fits and improves performance.


What Does An Air Cleaner Do For A Harley?

Air cleaners are made to help filter air particulates out of the air before the air enters the motor with the fuel. A mixture of air and fuel is needed for combustion. Only pure and clean air will enter.

This will help improve combustion greatly, the efficiency improves, and the power delivery also becomes very smooth. This will result in a smoothly running engine and performance of your vehicle. As more power is provided, your vehicle will move much more easily.

What Is The Difference Between Stage 1 And Stage 2 Air Cleaner?

A stage 1 air cleaner replaces the filter, and it can also replace the box that it is mounted in. A stage 2 cleaner. However, for example, the # AR300 – 237 will replace all of this and also has some additional equipment.

This will usually be a hose or collar with a larger diameter. The stage number will affect the air flow, as with higher stage numbers, the air flow will become better. The two-stage air filter can be used when the contaminate content level is much higher.

How Do I Remove Stock Harley 103 Air Cleaner?

You can easily remove the stock air cleaner by yourself without assistance. First, you will find the air cleaner cover bolt behind the “103” insert hidden. This will be held on with heavy Velcro.

You can easily pull it off and set it aside. It is best to use a 5/16 Allen to help remove your air cleaner cover. The cleaner can also be cleaned using lukewarm water and a mild detergent if you wish to do so.


There are a few things to consider when choosing the best air cleaner. Among these are the CADR ratings, which will determine the level of purified air when the bike is at the highest speed achievable.

You should also make sure that the filter you purchase is a high-efficiency particulate filter. A common trick for that is aiming towards the bigger ones because the bigger they are, the more effective.

Similarly, the larger the surface area is, the more dirt particles will be kept, therefore a cleaner airflow. Another consideration is the temperature resistance because if you live in a hot climate area, then getting one with higher resistance to temperature is necessary.

With all the features and considerations in mind, the most recommended, popular, and best air cleaner for Harley 103 is the K&N Engine Air Filter, which delivers remarkable performance.