Reviews On 7 Top-Rated 2-Into-1 Exhausts For Harley Davidson Touring & Bagger

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Having a heavy bike is not enough. You need to take good care of your motorcycle to function properly.

This is why it is necessary to buy the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley Bagger. Choosing the best one can be difficult if you are unsure what an exhaust does and how it will enhance your motorcycle’s performance.

With the detailed information I will provide in this article, you will be proficient in learning everything you need to know before buying.

So keep on reading to find out more, and read until the end as there will be a buying guide to answer some of your mysterious questions.

7 Top Best Harley Bagger Exhausts Comparisons


Vance & Hines 16763 Twin Slash 4 Rounds Chrome Slip On Mufflers

Vance & Hines 16763 Twin Slash 4 Rounds Chrome Slip On Mufflers

Cobra Neighbor Haters Chrome 4.5 Cobra Neighbor Haters Chrome 4.5″ Mufflers

SHARKROAD 2 Into 1 Exhaust SHARKROAD 2 Into 1 Exhaust

Handmo 2 Into 1 Exhaust Handmo 2 Into 1 Exhaust

Bagger Brothers BB-EX1001 Muffler Bagger Brothers BB-EX1001 Muffler

Vance & Hines 2 Into 1 Pro Pipe Exhaust System Vance & Hines 2 Into 1 Pro Pipe Exhaust System


SHARKROAD Aggressive Roaring Tone 4.5

SHARKROAD Aggressive Roaring Tone 4.5″ Matte Black Slip On Mufflers


1. Vance & Hines 16763 Twin Slash 4 Rounds Chrome Slip On Mufflers

One of the best products you can buy is this Vance & Hines 16763 Twin Slash 4 Rounds Chrome Slip On Mufflers, as it has reasonable usefulness touring slip-on.

Remember that this product has a large 4 inches bulky muffler body. This will help you determine whether it is suitable for your motorcycle or not as there can be some fitment issues.

Another important aspect you want to look into before buying this product is to look into the state or local rules and regulations. This is to confirm the noise and emission obedience.

Since it can be illegal in some places, in addition to that, this product cannot be shipped to California. If you reside in California, it is best to look for a different product.

The great thing about this product is that the slash-cut pipes that pass through the louvered baffle will provide extra power to the engine and make sure to also give a strong sound. You will be happy to know that this product comes in pairs so you can have equal power on your motorcycle.

Besides that, another great thing about this product is that these pipes are built with a full coverage internal heat shield, ensuring that this product does not get blue over time. Do keep in mind that if your Harley bike has electronic fuel injection, then various manufacturers recommend using Vance & Hines Fuelpak.

However, if you own a 2010 Road Glide or Street Glide model, installing this product will require you to use head pipes mainly manufactured for dual mufflers.

Other than that, this product will most certainly increase the power of your Harley bike and make sure to give a throaty thunder which will attract people attracted to your product.

Various people said that the quality of this product is not promising. Some even received a defective product.
  • Loud and deep sound
  • Boosts power
  • It comes with a pair
  • Great value
  • Defective
  • Poor quality
  • Missing parts

Overall, a considerable product that is manufactured specifically for your Harley Bagger. It is worth spending your money on it at a reasonable price and comes in a pair. However, the complaints by users should be taken seriously, and they should fix the quality of their product immediately.

2. Cobra Neighbor Haters Chrome 4.5″ Mufflers

Coming to this Cobra Neighbor Haters Chrome 4.5″ Mufflers, this product is best suitable for 2017 up to 2018 touring models.

This product is mainly designed for people who love to hear extra loud, but you want to make sure that the state you live in actually allows you to have your bike extra loud, or else you will end up getting stopped by cops and pay fines.

So make sure that you are buying the right product for your Harley Bagger as it might not make any difference on your bike, and it will not fit either. Nonetheless, if you want to go loud and have a deep rumble with this product, it is perfect for you as it will attract people around you.

Furthermore, this product is a 4 inches round body bell and about 4.5 inches from the rear, where the body at the end is round. Make sure to note these measurements before and match them with your motorcycle before buying as you want to make sure it fits perfectly.

The great aspect of this product is that the perforated core escapes in a trumpet bell shape which will enable the V Twin soundtrack to stream in full swing. This way, you will be able to enjoy a deep rumbling sound that will not be annoying or harsh at all.

The great thing about this product is that they have a lifetime warranty, so you do not have to worry about it wearing out too early like other products out there.

Many users have tested this product, and some do not like the sound it makes. Some even said that it is not loud enough.
  • Increases the horsepower
  • Loud and deep sound
  • Great price
  • Easy to install
  • Weird sound
  • Not too loud

The Cobra Neighbor hater is a reasonable choice for those who want to increase the sound as you ride on your motorcycle. However, some people complain that the sound is not too loud, making it less appealing. This is something the company should work on.

3. SHARKROAD 2 Into 1 Exhaust

If you want a loud and aggressive sound and improve your Harley Motorcycle’s performance, then the SHARKROAD 2 Into 1 Exhaust is the right choice for you.

The great thing is that this product will give you a louder sound than stock. It will also give you a rumbling sound which will attract people as you drive by.

Besides that, the 1.75 inches – 2.5 inches – 3.0 inches Tripe steps exhaust system will certainly provide you with high and efficient performance, enabling you to have a smooth ride every time.

Furthermore, another great feature of this product is that it works with full coverage heat, which will reduce 70% of the heat generated while you are riding on the motorcycle.

You will most certainly notice a change as soon as you push the acceleration of your bike. Other than that, you will be glad to know that these 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley comes packed with a muffler, headers, heat shield, as mentioned earlier, and hardware.

You do not have to pay extra money as these products can be quite pricey if bought separately. You will have a great and enjoyable experience on your bike every time you ride.

It comes as a whole package that will most certainly make a huge change on the performance, the deep sound you desire and make your motorcycle look even more appealing.

Some people had issues placing it on their motorcycle. Make sure that you are not spending your money on something that does not fit your bike.
  • Easy to install
  • Improves performance
  • Loud, strong, and aggressive sound
  • Reasonable price
  • It might not fit every bike
  • The instruction manual is hard to understand
  • Defective product

Overall, you have a great product that will make your motorcycle look great and increase the performance and the sound you desire. Check the measurements before buying as it does not fit some Harley Motorcycles.

4. Handmo 2 Into 1 Exhaust

Another great product on this list is this Handmo 2 Into 1 Exhaust for your Harley Bagger. This is a great product to make your exhaust sound louder and aggressive that will not be obnoxious with a louvered baffle.

The great thing about this product is that the 1.75 inches – 2.5 inches – 3.0 inches Triple steps will increase low-end torque and the horsepower of your motorcycle.

Another way it will improve the performance is by utilizing a stepped header and a huge quantity merge collector. Furthermore, you will be saving a lot of money with this product because it will be providing full coverage blue proof heat shield, which is cost-effective as you will be upgrading the sound with a ⅓ budget.

It will make a noticeable difference on your motorcycle as you ride. On an important note, though, keep in mind that tuning with an exhaust system is highly recommended to use this product.

You might be wondering why so. The accurate tuning will make sure the fuel management system is working appropriately and has better air intake, which will make the performance of your motorcycle so much better.

You will not only be getting the 2 in 1 exhaust but also every essential hardware that is required for installing. You will be happy to know that they will provide outstanding after-sale services and make sure to provide the right product to their customer.

It is said that this product can make an extremely loud sound which can be disturbing for some people. On an important note, make sure the state laws allow you to have a loud exhaust system since it can be illegal in some places.
  • High-quality product
  • Easy installation
  • Unbaffled loud sound
  • Fits perfectly
  • Extremely loud
  • Might cause disturbance
  • It might be illegal in some states

If it is illegal where you live, you can choose other products that will give you a moderately loud sound but increase the performance.

There you have it, a great choice for you if you wish to make the motorcycle look incredible and increase the sound as it assures to provide desired results. However, it is also important to respect people around you and follow the rules.

5. Bagger Brothers BB-EX1001 Muffler

This Bagger Brothers BB-EX1001 Muffler is mainly designed for and will fit only 1996 up to 2016 Harley Davidson FLH Touring models.

If you are someone who owns any of the models that are from these years, then you are already on the right page.

The great thing about this product is that these mufflers have end caps that are CNC machined billet aluminum. You will not have to reject the carburetor or even reprogram your ECM 4 inches muffler body. This product guarantees you to provide an aggressive, loud sound that will be better than stock pipes.

Another great thing is that you will surely hear a loud and deep rumbling sound, but it will not be as loud as to bother your neighbors or anyone around you since it is designed to be extremely neighbor-friendly. Furthermore, you will be happy to know that this product is quite easy to install on your motorcycle.

It is so easy because you can use the stock mounting brackets, which are sold in pairs, so you do not have to spend your money on buying them separately. You can get over the installation process in a couple of minutes.

There are multiple complaints about this product, saying that it arrived rustic. Ensure that you are buying from the manufacturers or buying in person at a store.
  • Deep rumble sound
  • Neighbor friendly
  • Reasonable price
  • Adjustable product
  • Defective
  • It might arrive used if bought online
  • Poor quality

It is another substantial choice for those who wish to increase the sound but want to keep it neighbor-friendly. This product most positively has a lot to offer, and it will enhance the performance and the appearance of your motorcycle. However, it is best to buy it in person to be safe, so you do not end up with a defective or used product.

6. Vance & Hines 2 Into 1 Pro Pipe Exhaust System

Another amazing product by Vance & Hines is this Vance & Hines 2 Into 1 Pro Pipe Exhaust System for your Harley Bagger that will most definitely provide great sound and performance that you are looking forward to.

This newly made design will guarantee to work perfectly or even better than their previous remarkable products for your bike.

You do not want to miss out. This new pro pipe has tuned length stepped headers and includes a highly efficient merge collector that will nourish into the strode megaphone structure. This unique feature makes it stand out even more and differentiates it from its rivals out there.

Furthermore, this exhaust system also completed heat shields on the header and the collector and, most importantly, shield on the megaphone so it will not turn blue or wear out or even let out too much heat as you ride your motorcycle.

Another great feature of this product is that the pro pile includes the CNC machine’s chrome-plated billet end cap.

Besides that, if you do not want a too loud or deep sound coming out as your ride, there is an optional quiet insert included with this product to have a mellow tone and a calming ride.

On an important note, if you have a carbureted motorcycle, it is highly suggested that you use new exhaust gaskets and an accurate jet kit installed while changing the exhaust system.

On the other hand, if you have a fuel injection motorcycle, you should use new exhaust gaskets and a digital fuel processor during the process of changing the exhaust system.

Besides all that, you need to check the local laws and the manufacturer’s information regarding this product to determine whether you can use this product where you live or not since, in some places, these products are illegal.

Other than that, it is stated that if you notice any bluing on the product, the causes may be because of tuning, cam timing, carb jetting, etc. The company stated that this problem has nothing to do with defective manufacturing.
  • Simple to use
  • Easy installation
  • Sounds incredible
  • Increase horsepower
  • Illegal in some states
  • It might start blueing due to tuning

Another amazing option for you is to increase the sound of your Harley motorcycle. In some cases, this product also increases horsepower, which will give a better and smooth ride every time, so this product is a must-have.

However, make sure that you check the local rules and regulations of the place you reside since it is not legal in some places, and you might be stopped by cops and end up paying fines.

7. SHARKROAD Aggressive Roaring Tone 4.5″ Matte Black Slip On Mufflers

The last product on this list is the SHARKROAD Aggressive Roaring Tone 4.5″ Matte Black Slip On Mufflers.

This product is highly efficient because it is designed to make the sound of your Harley loud and aggressive, just like you want it to be.

This product also guarantees excellent performance with the 3 step structure that includes the 1.75 inches – 2.5 inches – 3.0 inches of Three Steps Pipe inside the mufflers.

This way, you will have a quick flow and enhanced performance that will be so much better than the stock baffled slip one, which you most certainly do not want to miss out on.

Furthermore, keep in mind that this product is best suitable for and will fit perfectly on 1995 up to 2016 Harley Touring models, which includes the Street Glide, Electra Glide, Road Glide, Road King, and Ultra Classic.

However, it does not fit well with Tri-Glide, so if you own this model, you should look into other products that will most certainly work best.

Other than that, if you own any of the ones that qualify for this product, you are on the right track and keep reading more. Moreover, you will be happy to know that you can install this product all by yourself effortlessly without any extra effort.

In addition to that, this product includes all the necessary hardware required for installation, so you do not have to spend your hard-earned money buying each part separately.

The installation process can be done within 30 minutes or so but just make sure to read the instruction manual of your motorcycle and the product instruction manual so you have a better understanding and can finish up quickly.

Keep in mind that this product only fits stick headers and is sold in pairs. Lastly, they will offer you 100% 24/7 customer service so you can ask them any questions. They also said that their product is 100% refundable, so if you wish to return it because you were unsatisfied, you can do it without any hesitations.

Various people had issues with the pipe. It does not fit well with the motorcycle. Some even said that it does not fit well with aftermarket head pipes. Make sure to contact them and get the details regarding this matter.
  • Reasonable price
  • 100% 24/7 customer service
  • Easy to install
  • 100% refundable if not satisfied
  • Pipe fitment issue
  • It does not fit with Tri Glide
  • It might not fit some motorcycle

To conclude, it is an outstanding option for those who want to increase the sound and horsepower of their motorcycle. The majority of the people had a great experience with this product since it was easy to install and could give a loud and deep rumble sound.

However, the company must consider the problems their customers had with the fitment of the pipe. This needs to be fixed immediately.


Do I Need To Tune My Harley After The Exhaust?

It depends on which Harley model you own. For the Stock motorcycle, it is stated that you do not have to tune them directly at all. However, it is suggested to tune your motorcycle after making some changes to it.

If you have changed the air filter system or the muffler, or an exhaust header, it is suggested to get it to tune. In some cases, tuning characteristics can cause the muffler to start turning blueish.

What If I Ride My Harley Bagger Without The Mufflers?

If you prefer riding your Harley Bagger without the mufflers, it is not exactly a big deal. It is stated that some touring motorcycles can work incredibly without the mufflers.

Another thing is that if you wish to hear a loud and deep sound coming as you ride, then removing the mufflers will get the job done. However, it is illegal in some states since it composes airborne pollution.

Why Should I Get 2 In 1 Exhaust For My Harley Bagger?

The main reason you should consider getting a 2 in 1 exhaust for your Harley Bagger is that once the exhaust system stretches through the muffler, it will most certainly increase the performance of your motorcycle.

It will improve the power of the engine and RPMs. It will also increase horsepower. And most importantly will give you the loud, aggressive, and deep rumble sound that you desire as you ride.

How Does 2 In 1 Exhaust Improve The Engine System?

Well, the two pipes are designed to enhance the engine performance. The cylinder or muffler will pass fumes through the pipe, which will pull oxygen into the other pipe.

While one pipe pulls oxygen, the other pipe passes the exhaust. This will ensure your motorcycle has better airflow, which improves the engine system.


I hope now you can choose the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley Bagger. I have listed down all the best ones that various users and experts recommend.

However, I would highly recommend the Vance & Hines 16763 Twin Slash 4 Rounds Chrome Slip On Mufflers since it is considered the number one choice of many people and guarantees excellent noticeable results.

Make sure to look into all the features and the measurements before buying since some of these products do not fit well with certain Harley motorcycle models.